Vision of Rainbow Tara - Noble Order of Tara

Vision of The Rainbow Tara

By Hamsa Devi

Tara Hedge Kollege, FOI Germany

I slipped into a vision - a Goddess manifested, her shape all of white light, surrounded by glittering sparks, each one in all colours of the rainbow, all dancing in a spindle-like shape around Her appearance. Her face was beautiful, uniting the most beautiful characteristis of each existing race in the human family: Her eyes like almonds, as often seen in faces of an Asiatic origin, her nose small and a bit of a snub nose, as sometimes seen in the statues and pictures from Western antique. Her mouth was sensuous, and of some size, full lips, as may be seen in the faces of African beauties. Her profile resembles that of an American Indian woman. As jewellry She wears earrings and a necklace, all resembling wonderful torques, woven from fine threads of an unearthly metal. And each thread was somehow living and all together made a living and lively interweaving pattern.

Her body was of strong and fragile appearance in the same moment. She has long flowing hair, hanging in loose curls nearly down to Her bare feet.

She was crowned with a circlet, in the middle the eight-rayed star.

Her garments were strange, not to be attributed to any of the cultures known to me. She wore beautifully embroidered trousers, the embroidery all spiral borders and stars and very much alive. The spiral borders performed a kind of eternal dance of light. The stars were glittering in the rythm of a kind of astral music, happy and melancholic in the same tune. Around Her upper half She wore a cloth, fixed with a brooch above Her left shoulder. The cloth had the same embroidery as the trousers. The pattern of the brooch was a turning spiral, glistening and spinning and releasing colours into the surrounding space.

Above her hips she wore a girdle, the belt buckle a spiral as the brooch on her shoulder.

After She had shown Herself to me in that appearance She started dancing. Her feet first stamping a lively rythm, while arms weaving as the wings of Isis; and in one moment She made the boon giving and fear dissolving mudras (hand gestures) as these are pictured in many images of The Goddess in Asiaīs iconography. The next moment She juggled with harp and shield and a sword and a spear. Her dance became more fast and ecstatic and she turned around Her own axes faster and faster.

I heard a melodious laughter and She started to spin faster and faster until She herself was the axis of a kind of cosmic spindle, the threads of energy became visible, spreading between far off stars as well as between each single individual, human, animal, plant and stone. As Her dance became faster and faster I saw only the spindle. The whole creation is alive through Her dance; and I dare to say that I saw the dance of life, and perhaps even a Goddess reborn, manifested through your Great Work for Her, the appearance of The Goddess, as She may appear in the New Aeon to others on Her Spiral Path.

Her dance was the dance of the molecules of life itself, as happening in each atom and in each cell of the body as the electricity through which cells communicate with each other.

I asked for a name, but I didn’t get one in that moment. What I got was a stream of thoughts: Goddess of Fire, Sun, Moon, Stars and earth and all the space between, Goddess of space and cyberspace, creatress and manifestation of the morphogenetical network, which connects all living beings with each other, Goddess of evolution, which in deed is inner transmutation.

My deeper emotions during and after the vision are hard to describe. Anyway I will try... When I have visions of Isis I am filled with comfort and spiritual strength, Isis-energy is always subtle and powerful in the same moment. When I have visions of Dana, it is always a feeling of coming home, of a deep familiarity, as coming home after a long exile in strange and unknown places.

But that Goddess was different from all I have ever experienced. She is just overwhelming, Her appearance rising all those above described feelings in an instant only to change it all to a moment far from any feeling - something beyond emotion of any kind, but that does not mean any inner coldness. It is a feeling of being part of Her dance as well as being part of Her, the dancer Herself!

The whole vision resembled nothing I experienced ever before. I went to bed under that still strong impression.

When I woke up, I knew the name of the Goddess, Who had appeared in my vison the evening before:

"Tara of the Rainbow".

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