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FOI Members Websites:

All Things Sekhmet

The website of Priestess Lady Sekhmet, who has devoted her life to her patroness deity. Contains many insightful articles and journal entries based on her spiritual experiences.


Ancient Circles

This site features Celtic jewelry, textiles, scarves, sarongs and dresses fit for a priestess or even a Goddess! Want to feel beautiful and magical? Try wearing one of Annie's creations! A comprehensive and lovely site with lots of treasures to entice.


Ancient Egyptian Collection

A beautiful site featuring items brought back from Egypt by Helen McCrea. Helen also offers her own unique copyrighted designs on T-shirts, totebags, mugs, and jewelry. She goes to Egypt regularly searching for unique treasures to delight you .Helen has additional merchandise not shown in the catalog, inquiries are welcome. Olivia Robertson stayed with Helen many times when in the San Francisco bay area, and has worn several of Helens items. Scarves, tapestries and statues from Helens collection are also featured in the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle.


Ascension of Isis Mystery School

Dublin, Ireland

An Egyptian Mystery School website for correspondence courses in Ancient Egyptian Mysteries Healings and rituals. Personally chartered by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson. The Lyceum founder, Rev. David deRoeck writes: “We have initiated an online mystery school to help and guide all towards the journey to your divine self. To hold your hand and walk with you, to see the sign posts of your true being. To assist you in opening the Ark of your divine inner Sun and therefore recognising the divine in all things. The official launch was Saturday 12th of November, 2011, with Lady Olivia at Clonegal Castle Festival of Isis. You too can learn how to walk with the spirit of the living. There are many paths yet only one true direction.

Contact: Rev. David de Roeck, Wi nTraA

E-mail: Ascendi@ascensionofisis.com

Website: www.ascensionofisis.com

Facebook: Ascension of Isis http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/161179523978873/

Berengaria Order of Druids Website

The website of the Berengaria Order of Druids, founded by Druid Clan of Dana ArchDruidess Sarah Rooke. The website features rituals, healing work and many articles of interest.

Website: http://berengariaorder.co.nr/

Brighid's Academy of Healing Arts

A lovely website for a teaching center founded by an FOI Priestess and ArchDruidess. The coursework focuses on the history, spirituality, philosophy and herblore of the Celtic tradition. http://www.brighidsacadamy.com/

Crystal Lotus

This lovely website is described as "an index of women's spirituality." Within it's pages you will find poetry and articles of beautiful depth of insight.


Danu Forest

The website of a member of the FOI with over 20 years experience, who teaches workshops and online courses. Danu is the author many articles, her first book “Nature Spirits” was reviewed in the Mirror of Isis. Her second book is on the Ogham and Tree Magic. Website: www.danuforest.co.uk

Druidbone: Cast an Irish Circle

A resource for those who wish to perform ritual in the Irish language. It features information about a CD of recordings by a Druid in the Druid Clan of Dana.


Elizabeth Kelley's Mary Magdalene Page

The website of Elizabeth Kelley, who is a priestess in the Fellowship of Isis and the Temple of Isis. Elizabeth is also a consecrated priestess of Mary Magadene and authorized to perform Gnostic Mass.


The Goddess Study Center

The Goddess Study Centre has been set up to celebrate the return of the Goddess to human consciousness at the beginning of the 3rd millennium.


The Goddess Temple of Orange County

This lovely temple offers two Sunday Services and other regular weekly meetings, workshops and drum circles. When the Temple is not in use for temple sponsored events, the space is made available to other spiritual organizations who are in alignment with the principles of the Divine Sacred Feminine. This Goddess Temple has proven a wonderful venue, providing sacred space that is viable for public gatherings that feature many FOI priestesses. For more information please visit the website address below:



A votive work honoring the Goddess Isis created by M. Isidora Forrest. Including rituals, offerings and an update on the building of a temple (complete with lotus columns) in Oregon. A wonderful online offering.


Isis Astarte

Website of Ruth Bailey, an FOI member who lives in Hawaii. Ruth has written on online book about her spiritual awakening in 1979 entitled "The Ascending Goddess: aka Kundalini Shakti". There are many fascinating articles and useful links featured on this website. http://www.aloha.net/~ruth/Isis.html

Isis House Publishing

Isis-House Publishing, is dedicated in its quest of making available Manuscripts and other materials related to the Goddess Isis, and other Ancient Deities for the enjoyment of all. They publish books by ancient and modern authors in all traditions of the Goddess.


Isis Magic

The website of Isidora Forrest, author of "Isis Magic" and "Offering to Isis." An informative site that offers articles about Isis and other ancient Egyptian deities, rituals and other aspects of Isidora's work.


Isis of the Stars - Rt. Rev. Michael A. Starsheen

Lyceum of Isis of the Stars

Isis of the Stars Storefront at Lulu.com

His two books "Mythic Voices" and "Universal Alchemy" are offered through the publisher lulu.com, as well as his personal blog. His online storefront page at lulu is www.lulu.com/Starsheen

John Michael Capaldi

JohnMichael Capaldi is a professional and world renowned psychic as well as a noted local philanthropist who serves on the Board of the Arts & Business Council of Greater Phoenix and is the former Chairman of the Board of the Phoenix Opera. He is currently on the board of Directors of Namastera.


JPC Artworks

Johanna Powell Colbert is an FOI Priestess and founder of Iseum of Stella Maris Star of the Sea in the Pacific Northwest. A professional artist and illustrator, this website and blog feature samples of her beautiful art and personal insights.

Website: www.GaianTarot.com

Blog: Gaian Tarot Artist's Journal

Karen Tate, Author, Lecturer, Sacred Tour Director

The site of FOI Priestess Karen Tate which features her work and spiritual experiences based on her world wide travel to sacred sites, her interest in comparative religions, ancient cultures, and Goddess Spirituality.


Karen Tate's The Isis Ancient Cultures Society

A very active group that regularly that has hosted workshops, rituals and other events in the Los Angeles area for many years. For more information please visit:


Knot of Isis

Created by Laura Janesdaughter of TOI/LA; Circle of Pelagia and Star of Elen. Dedicated to the healing power of Isis through use of the Knot of Isis prayer. Beautifully researched and presented.


Le'ema Kathleen Graham's SnakePriestess Page

Le'ema is an accomplished dancer. The beautiful choreography of her performances is augmented by her spiritual awareness, so that her dance becomes a channel for sacred energies. She is a regular presenter at Goddess oriented events, including the annual Convocation at Isis Oasis every October. She offers workshops, priestess parties and retreats.


Le'ema's Snake Yoga Website: http://www.snakeyoga.com/

Long Beach WomanSpirit

Founded in 1987, this group of priestesses has regularly offered workshops, rituals, gatherings and other opportunities for the FOI and Goddess based community in the Los Angeles area.


Loyal Arthurian Warband

Headed by King Arthur Pendragon, Grand Knight Commander of the Noble Order of Tara of the Fellowship of Isis. His group has worked closely with Druid Clan of Dana members and other druidic groups in the Council of British Druid Orders. They have championed many causes concerning issues of religious freedom and the environment.


Lyceum of Heka

Official/Registered Lyceum through the Fellowship of Isis. Dedicated ot the Goddess Isis, Aset, Sekhmet and Hekate. The purpose of this center is to be a contact for fellow seekers, students and masters alike and to share the wisdom as well as partake in the path of the God/dess. To keep striving for knowledge and its useful application for the betterment and benefit of manking, the earth and its creatures and spirit. I will speak truth with humility and deliver messages of insight when I am asked by my akhu and Gods in good faith. Priestess Hierophant, Setjataset, Lyceum of Heka. On Facebook:


Magdalene Mystery School

Dedicated to the 're-weaving' of the Sisterhood of the Magdalene. The founder of this Mystery School was a Priestess and Hierophant in the Fellowship of Isis.


Mara Freeman's Websites

These three websites feature the work of an ArchDruidess in the Druid Clan of Dana.

Celtic Spirit: http://www.celticspirit.org

Avalon Mystery School: http://www.avalonmysteryschool.net

Celtic Spirit Journeys and Retreats: http://www.celticspiritjourneys.com

Mary K. Greer's Websites

Mary K. Greer Homepage for Tools and Rites of Transformation (TAROT)

A new website for author and taroist Mary K. Greer. More information will be added to this site shortly. There is a wonderful account of her tarot tour of Italy.


Mary K. Greer's Tarot School

Dedicated to Mary's teaching of the Tarot and to her published works.


Morgraine's Mab Magic

Website of an FOI Hierophant, ArchDruidess and Grand Dame Commander. Features her work as a poet and channel; illustrates her committment to the work of the Druid Clan of Dana, to the Mysteries and to the beings of Faery.


The Mysteries of Isis/Isiscraft Catalog

We hope deTraci will create or 'resurrect' her Mysteries of Isis website soon! Meanwhile you can contact her to order some lovely devotional items, including a variety of sistrums! deTraci truly walks her path of priestesshood with loving devotion daily.

Isiscraft Catalog: http://www.isiscraft.com/

Mystical Voyages

Facilitates sacred journeys/pilgrimages to Egypt. Headed by Melissa Riley, an ordained Priestess of Isis who uses “sekhem” of ancient Egypt to bring about balance and healing. She has dedicated a part of her work towards keeping alive the profound wisdom and life story of Omm Sety who was deeply connected to Abydos. (Omm Sety joined the Fellowship of Isis in the latter part of her life.) Currently, Melissa is co-authoring a new book about the 'Osirion' with Dr. Hanny El Zeini who was a close friend and former confidant of Omm Sety.


Native British Spirituality

Features beautifully written and informative pages on earth, air, fire, water, spirit, and the seasons. The creator of the site, Sheila Broun would welcome contact with people who would like to write articles for this e-zine.


Obsidian Magazine

Online publication that features the work of Normandi Ellis. Normandi was ordained into the Fellowship of Isis as a Priestess during the FOI Convocation at the Temple of Isis by Lady Olivia Robertson in October of 1999.


Santuario de Bast

A wonderful blog about the Goddess Bast of ancient Egypt. The blog was created and is maintained by Smeholeth, an FOI member who lives in Granada, Spain.


Shamanic Journeys Ltd., Nicki Scully's Alchemical Healing and Spiritual Travel: Nicki's website contains information about classes, sacred travel, a schedule of events, articles on healing and alchemical transformation, products, Nicki;s books, DVD and CDs, and the Shamanic Journeys excellent staff of teachers, called 'the lineage of Thoth." http://www.shamanicjourneys.com/

Spirit of Albion

A new interactive site for all those interested in folklore, earth mysteries, psychic questing created by long time FOI member and author, Alex Langstone. 'Lucifer Bridge', Alex's online poetry project; 'Spirit Chaser', the psychic questing blog; and the ASH Magazine archive can all be accessed from the website too. You may contact Alex at alex.langstone@yahoo.co.uk and visit the site at: http://alexlangstone.blogspot.com/

Symphony of the Goddess Photo Gallery

Wonderful photos of Olivia Robertson and others can be viewed and ordered from Rev. Barbara Stiller of Bastet and Tefnut Iseum. She can be reached at felusina@aol.com


Temple of Isis Los Angeles (TOI/LA) offers Rituals, Faires, (through our connection with Long Beach WomanSpirit) Workshops and Classes in the greater Los Angeles/Long Beach area in Southern California. In early October TOI/LA offers a special Ritual in honor of Olivia Robertson's visit to southern California. http://www.toila.org/TOILAintro.html

Temple of Isis Michigan

Treasures of Isis Jewelry Designs

This temple works to further awareness of Kemetic/ancient Egyptian earth spirituality and a safe haven for those who wish to learn more about the Deities and spiritual practices of ancient Egypt. The temple offers gatherings and arranges events for those local to the area. The temple founder, Merit Aset Una Nefer, is also the creator of Treasures of Isis Jewelry Designs. A very gracious and dedicated devotee of the Goddess Isis. Her e-mail: belovedofisis@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.templeofisismich-treasuresofisisjewelry.com/home

Temple of Isis, Nevada - Par Auwsat, Philae

The cyber home of the Temple of Isis, Nevada, founded by Priestess Hierophant Zarita Zook. This is temple is dedicated to the Divine Mother. The temple founder offers teachings, rituals and every day practices based on many years of research and psychic attunement to the spiritual legacy of ancient Egypt. The temple is a legal non-profit organization based in Nevada. This website offers a directory of all Temple of Isis chapters. Other services are a free page for your Temple, free blog, connection with other temple chapters, and a searchable data base to locate a temple in your area.

Contact: Zarita Zook, Prs. H.

Website: http://www.templeofisis.com

Temple of Isis Star of Sirius

The website of a modern day mystery school that offers home study courses. The founder is a priestess within the Fellowship of Isis and the Temple of Isis.


Temple of Isis/Utah

The Temple of Isis Utah offers public rituals on a monthly basis based on a modern calendar relating to ancient festivals surrounding the Goddess Isis. The Temple of Isis Utah is part of the Temple of Isis based out of Geyserville, California and is very much a part of the International Fellowship of Isis.

Contact: kaseyconder@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.templeofisis.com/SaltLakeCityUT

Temple of Nuit

The website of an online temple of the Goddess. The founder is a Priestess ordained into both the Fellowship of Isis and the Temple of Isis. Correspondence courses are offered.


Weavings! A Healing Journey

The musings of a talented wordsmith who is also a priestess within the Fellowship of Isis and the Temple of Isis. The site is ever changing, ever growing with each word written from the heart.


Willow's Grove

The website of author and Druid Clan of Dana Druidess Ellen Evert Hopman. http://www.celticheritage.co.uk/EllenEvertHopman/ellen_evert_hopman.cfm

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