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Circle of Pelagia members during a ritual at Dockweiler's Beach, California

The Circle of Pelagia

by Laura Janesdaughter

Temple of Isis Los Angeles, Iseum of Isis Pelagia

It has taken a while but the Circle of Pelagia is now officially formed! It was chartered by Olivia Robertson in October 2006 with the statement that "The dedication is to the free flow of friendship celebrating the Love of The Goddess for all that is." On Sunday, 26 July 2009, the Dedication of the Circle of Pelagia took place as part of the Iseum of Isis Pelagia’s annual Isis’ Birthday/Sisters of the Sea Beach Ritual at Isidore Dockweiler State Beach in Los Angeles, California.

The eight Members are Letecia Layson, Catherine Wright, Callista! Lee, Glory Vernon, Anniitra Ravenmoon, Kat Robb, InannaMoon Sarocco, and Laura Janesdaughter. In addition, there are several Honourary/Sisters Members ~ Olivia Robertson, Caroline Wise, Linda Iles, M. Isidora Forrest, Denise Allen, Misha Ma’heo, Cathleen Peterson, Kris Fawcett, Joanne Astraea, Mary DeWitt, and Pat Taylor.

At the Dedication, which took place at the Pacific Ocean’s edge, each Member was asked to repeat the dedicatory phrase “I dedicate myself to the free flow of friendship celebrating the Love of the Goddess for all that is” while being showered with rose petals! After this, they were sprinkled with a special blend of Sacred Waters from around the world. A cheerful chorus of trilling and such followed each Dedication. The Members who were not present were represented by guests at the Ritual – Chris Lorenz stood in for Caroline Wise, Sylvia Lawrence stood in for all the local women not present, and the brave Peter Duffy stood in for Olivia, Linda, and Isidora!

We were all “happy, renewed, refreshed” as the “Hymn to Isis” that is recited at each Sisters of the Sea Ritual says.


About the Author: Laura is a Poet, Editor, Cat Mother and Priestess of Isis in the Fellowship of Isis and Temple of Isis and Long Beach WomanSpirit in Los Angeles where she is the "Hiero-Mum". She has a special interest in the Goddess Nebhet (Nepthys). She is a Flame Keeper of Brighid through Ord Brighideach, a Brighidine order engaging in devotional work to Brighid. Over the years she has produced the wonderful "Isis Papers" - which contains Poems, Stories and Meditation about the Goddess, heads several annual FOI related events in the Los Angeles area that take place every year, acts as hostess for Olivia Robertson during Olivia's annual Fall Tour of the USA in Los Angeles, and facilitated the Nephthys Work: Say My Name That I May Live in 2001 after 9/11. Laura is also a founding member of the Star of Elen and Circle of Pelagia.

Nephthys Work:

Say My Name That I May Live

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