Order of Signs, Sigils and Seals Path III.

"Isis and Osiris" painting by Olivia Robertson


by Olivia Robertson

Path III. Psychic Journey. We Experience Divine Love

Which Illumines All Spheres

I used to play the piano. To strike two notes adjoining each other produced discord. Every alternative note brought harmony. The eighth note was totally in resonance with the first. The octave achieved perfection – same but different, on a higher or lower key. Here was the spiral of transcendence through all spheres.

Now for colours. Light emerged from a black tunnel of space. The sudden emergence of Light has been compared to “a big bang.” But this also occurs, not “horizontally” in the material cosmos, but with our tree of Life, ascending and descending through the spheres of being. The colours of the rainbow emerged from White Light, each with their own sound. Every colour has an octave “up” and “down” – infrared – ultraviolet. So sound and colour ascend and descend the spheres of consciousness,from a crystal to a Buddha. These powers play through our chakra system in our bodies, as a violinist plays on the strings of a violin. Colours affect our very being. There is no inherent duality in the cosmos. Life and consciousness play through the spiral of creation.

Ritual is just such an attempt to mark the flow of transient existence with spiritual symbolism that evokes other spheres. Strike one note, for instance “C” of an octave and you receive an echo both below and above from higher and lower notes “C”. It is the same with the spectrum, with echoing rainbows: with violet and ultra-violet.And so it is with each one of us. Only a thirtieth part of us exists through our physical bodies. Our greater Selves stem from the Divine matrix of eternal reality. For Eternity is not infinite length nor even infinite shortness: it is All Time and All Space and All Consciousness. There is no beginning and no end for the Deities. … when the soul enters a new spiral of life through the Matrix. This is symbolised by the Key to all spheres, the Ankh.

To attain cosmic consciousness, various mystical states are experienced. Omnipotence - power -deals with the practical use of occult forces through the planets. Omniscience- all science - deals with the universal language of symbols, emblems,hieroglyphs - that are the keys to linking the spheres of ascent and descent.

Ritual: Magical Journey to the Star of Isis, Sirius Ray IV (Psyche: Magical Journeys of the Goddess)

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