College of Isis - Coursework Guidelines for a Magi Degree Course

The guidelines presented on this page are taken from the original edition of the College of Isis Manual. The information in the College of Isis Manual was compiled by Olivia Robertson. It is based on a system of study both she and her brother, Lawrence Durdin-Robertson had designed prior to the creation of the College of Isis.

Guidelines for Forming

A Magi Degree Course

By Olivia Robertson

FOI Co-Founder of the Fellowship of Isis and the College of Isis

Although many Hierophants who have had long experience in the spiritual field choose to create their own course, based on the rituals of the F.O.I. Liturgy, there are others, both Hierophants and companions, who desire guide-lines for the forming of a course.

Stage I. Identification with the Divine Archetype

The candidate undergoes THE RITE OF REBIRTH and so experiences the descent and ascent of Goddess and God. Thus awareness of her/his own divinity may be attained. The five SACRED MYSTERIES IN “DEA” are experienced, through study, meditation, path-working or enactment. The candidate chooses a role with which to identify, thus choosing her/his own spiritual path. The Initiations and the Festivals presented in “Panthea” are helpful. The keynote is SPIRITUAL AND PSYCHIC RECEPTIVITY.

Stage II. The Development of Will-Power

The candidate achieves ORDINATION into the F.O.I. Priesthood or participates in the Ordination of another. THE TWELVE MAGICAL RITUALS in “URANIA” are used, the candidate choosing to be the neophyte in rites which she/he chooses. The essential task of the would-be Maga and Magus is to learn to develop individual creative Will.

In most human beings free-will needs to be gained through strength. Thus control is won by the Spirit over the elements of being: soul, mind, emotions and body. The development of the psychic centres given in “Melusina” are of use. The keynote is RESPONSIBILITY FOR ONE’S OWN DESTINY.

Stage III. Cosmic Consciousness

The Candidate participates in THE ISIS WEDDING RITE either as groom or bride or friend. THE TWELVE MYSTICAL AWAKENINGS OF THE STARS from “Sophia” are presented. Here the Spirit turns from the use of power, and instead becomes aware of the Deities. The true Maga and Magus receive inspiration, creativity and all good qualities through the Deities from Divine Source. Then they are able to share these qualities with others. The trance journeys to the stars in “Psyche” are of assistance. The keynote is HARMONY WITH ALL BEINGS.

The Hierophants may offer breathing exercises, Yoga, path-workings, study sources and group meditations to enhance each stage.

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