Olivia Robertson - Stars of Valdis

FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson, FOI Convocation, Isis Oasis, Geyserville, California

Shaman Poem for the Goddess Valdís

of the World of Spirits as Her Veil Dissolves

By Olivia Robertson

Love shines as Gold in Holy Valdís’s Realm.

There grows the Tree of Life

Above the Veil of Truth.

Suns’ Apples gleam in Freya’s leafy Grove.

A Rainbow forms a Bridge

Uniting Heaven and Earth.

Birds’ Call their Song to Wandering Souls

To find the Source of Life

Within the Mother’s Home.

Shamanic Inner Teaching

The Goddess Valdís is Queen of the World of Spirits. The Valkyrie are Her Daughters who call forth the souls of the departed, chosen for Heaven - Valhalla, within Her Realm of Asgard. I love the Norse Tradition. I was brought up on Wagner’s Music, the Libretto of ‘The Ring‘. When Odin appears as The Wanderer with a black patch over his eye, which had been sacrificed for Truth - to the Norns - his theme music indicates his divinity. So Wagner’s Valhalla Theme is the background for the poem!”

The Wanderers, the Shaman Gods and Goddesses are disguised in long black cloaks and hoods. If they pass your way receive them with honour and offer them food and drink. You may be tempted to ignore them for some worldly concern. If you do, in that case they will never cross your path again! There are examples of cloaked Gods and Goddesses from various traditions: Jupiter, Mercury, Buddha, the Dagda, Cailleach, Angus Og, Odin, Taliesin, and Pele. The Goddess Pele appears as an Old Woman and asks for cigarettes and a glass of water. Cailleach visits young men in the guise of an ugly old hag and wish them to kiss her. If they do, she magically transforms into a beautiful young woman! We have Buddha as the Beggar, the beautiful Fairy Godmother who appears as an Old Hag with a humped back. When the Gods and Goddesses do this they are ‘testing hospitality’ they are measuring the receptiveness and worthiness of an individual. “It teaches you to be polite to everybody you meet - for one never knows!”

The Shaman tradition of teaching through stories to human beings by Travellers extends from the Americas, Siberia and the Celtic lands. The bearer of Truth, the teacher within our old faery stories is always concealed! The Gods and Goddesses who traveled within our world were cloaked; the Shamans who travel in the world of the spirit, the realm of Gods and Goddesses also wear the cloaks. The Shamans used singing, story and music to share Truth. They use rattles, drums, chants and dance, they used pictures and glyphs drawn on rocks and in caves. They had animals as guides. Shamanism was the earliest form of spirituality.

- From Olivia, Linda and deTraci as three Bards! Weaving as do the Hopi, weaving history as does Clotho! October 12, 2010, Nesu House, Isis Oasis, Geyserville, California.


The Stars of Valdis

To awaken the soul, we must enter the Land of Spirit – the realm of Valdis. Do not fear the world of the unseen! It is one of joy and kindness. Shadows form the Veil between Worlds, and fade in the light of love - for all existences are joined in communion within a great cosmic spiral; permeating all rainbow realms. This light brings the Gift of Valdis, the Sight of the Seer.

On earth all lives and dies – this is not the whole truth of existence – outside the physical all beings live forever. Do not fear the ‘dead’ – they are alive in other spheres! We do meet again, for the ‘living’ of this world may commune with the ‘dead’ of the other world, humans, animals, plants – even with those who do not know death – angelic beings – everything that exists – separation is ‘the’ illusion – in reality everything from deity to atom is joined, for all are born of the Mother. The Great Mother does not die, therefore they cannot.

True Inner Vision reveals within the earth a hidden sun, and like the earth, we each carry a star within. We are truly Her children, each contains a Divine Spark – a hidden, inner star – we are all from the stars! Every one is necessary and has purpose. We see our psychic centres joined by a current of light which glow like coloured jewels. We feel love, we are whole – holy. And the Mother tells us to continue to love, She tells us to believe in beauty. She fills us with deep peace; there is nothing to fear, neither dying or being born.

We gaze into the hidden fire within the center of the earth, and as we look, it changes – and it becomes the flame of one candle – only a candle. As we look we see a lot of people have candles, and to each of them, their one candle is the light of Divine Spirit. Honoring their Mother, and this Divine Spark within, many light a candle on their hearths or altars in Her Name. Candles shine the world over, flames both ancient and young, born of the Goddess. Shining in the dark, we send out light, healing and strength to all in need.

FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson, FOI Convocation, Isis Oasis, Geyserville, California

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Note: The “Stars of Valdis” has never before been published. "Shaman Poem for the Goddess Valdis" and "Shamanic Inner Teaching" were featured in the Samhain Isian News, issue no. 138, in 2010. Transcriptions by Linda Iles. Photos © by Timothy Laughrin. Used by permission. All rights reserved.