Fellowship of Isis History Archive - Isis Day, Covent Garden

The Goddess Isis from a painted relief in the Chapel of Osiris, Abydos

Isis Day

Isis of the Thames Lyceum

November 13, 2005

Covent Garden, London

Caroline Wise and 'Isis of the Thames Lyceum' members ran an 'Isis Day' for those interested in the Fellowship and Isis. We were joined by Helene Hodge, who spoke on Incense and Isis. The day also acknowledged the lineage of Isis, and a candle was lit as each name was spoken, including Mary Magdalene, Anna Kingsford, Helena Blavatsky, Moina Mathers, Dion Fortune, Olivia Robertson, Loreon Vigne, deTraci Regula, Isidora Forrest, Laura Janesdaughter, Linda Iles and many others. Caroline remembers: "I spoke of our sister Lyceums in the USA, and there were many other women mentioned, both past and present."

Lynn Picknett, author of "Mary Magdalene: Christianity’s Hidden Goddess" writes of her participation in 'Isis Day': "I loved Caroline Wise’s Isis Workshop, which was an outstanding event. She is warm, wise and very welcoming even to those for whom this was a new experience. Her knowledge is impressively both wide and deep, but it is her love and devotion to the Goddess that shines through and makes it so memorable. The rituals were moving and emotionally utterly genuine, leaving a real spiritual awakening to draw on, yet at no point was there a sense of being patronised, talked down to or, most importantly, bored… It was also fun! Actually, now I realise what was the best thing about the workshop – Caroline reminds me of what I know about all true Goddesses, and of course Isis Herself… Feisty and caring Lady."

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The Goddess Isis from a painted relief in the Chapel of Osiris, Abydos from "Abydos, Holy City of Ancient Egypt", by Omm Sety and Hanny El Zeini