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Olivia outside Atlantis Bookshop for Book Launch. Photo © Karl Duncan, 1993

Launch and Book Signing Parties for "The Call of Isis" by Neptune Press

Atlantis Bookshop and White Hall Hotel, London, 1993

"The Call of Isis" re-published by Caroline Wise and Karl Duncan of Neptune Press

Caroline remembers: “We had two launches in the same week, it was such a big occasion. There was a more intimate one in the shop for about 40 people, Olivia was signing books non-stop, each one with a personal drawing. I had to hire the ballroom of a local hotel for the second one, for 200 people. It was a huge success, a very happy event.”

Book Signing Party at Atlantis Bookshop

Photo © Caroline Wise

Olivia signs a copy of "The Call of Isis" to Karl Duncan, Pr.H., at Atlantis Bookshop. Neptune, the patron of Neptune Press, can be seen behind Olivia in a painting.

Photo © Caroline Wise

Fellowship of Isis Priestess Lillith Babelon is seen standing to the left in purple.

Book Signing Party at the White Hall Hotel

Author Lynn Picknett is pictured in the photo directly below, at the Book Launch Party at the White Hall Hotel. Lynn invited Caroline and Olivia to the lauch party of her book “The Turin Shroud: In Whose Image?” which she co-wrote with Clive Prince in 1994. She paid tribute to Olivia, Caroline, and the FOI in her speech at that event. She acknowledges Caroline Wise in this book, and both Caroline, Olivia and the FOI in “The Templar Revelation”, which she and Clive wrote in 1997. “The Templar Revelation” was a principle source for the novel “The DaVinci Code”, by Dan Brown, and was mentioned as such in evidence at the Royal Courts of Justice during the famous DaVinci Code case. Lynn appears in The DaVinci Code film, and actor Sir Ian McKellen is seen clutching her book “Mary Magdalene, Christianity's Hidden Goddess”, during his dramatic Goddess speech in the movie. Lynn and Caroline are working on a Goddess Day called 'The Rose Line', which will take a look at women who have carried the Isis current down to the present.

Author Lynn Picknett talks to Olivia Robertson at the White Hall Hotel book launch party for "The Call of Isis"

Photo © Caroline Wise

Olivia talks to Fellowship of Isis members at "The Call of Isis" book launch party, White Hall Hotel, London.

Photo © Caroline Wise

"The Call of Isis" Neptune Press Edition

This later edition of “The Call of Isis” was published by Neptune Press, London in December of 1993. It is listed as the "2nd revised edition, published for Cesara Publications through Neptune Press." The contents include previously unpublished contributions by AU members Olivia Robertson, Caroline Wise, Steve Wilson and Johnny Merron, and a history of Clonegal Castle by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson. There is also a description of the Temple of Isis (castle shrines and altars) by Vivienne O’Regan. The drawings by Olivia featured in earlier editions of the "The Call of Isis" are included along with many previously unpublished photos, some provided by Olivia Robertson, and many others taken by Johnny Merron, Karl Duncan and Boyd Lees. These depict scenes within the shrines at Clonegal Castle and features on the castle grounds. Special acknowledgements were extended to Sue Barrowclough, Ruth Bayer, Karl Duncan, Ingrid Fischer, Boyd Lees, John Merron, Judith Page, Chesca Potter and Elizabeth Taylor.

Ingrid Fischer, Lawrence and Olivia at High Altar. Photo © Karl Duncan and John MerronThe photograph was taken during the 1993 Ordination of Ingrid Fischer, who trained with Caroline Wise in the Lyceum of Isis of the Thames. This photograph was taken to illustrate Olivia's book “The Call of Isis” published by Neptune Press and is represented exactly as it appears in the book. Photo © Karl Duncan and John Merron. It is used here with permission.The front cover of this edition of "The Call of Isis" features a painting of the Goddess Isis by artist Judith Page. An excerpt about the painting reads: “Isis is shown on the cover walking forward through time, into the future. She is painted in a naturalistic way, and not in the stylised Ancient Egyptian manner because although we honour the Ancient Egyptian Gods, we live in a different time, and are bringing the ancient mysteries into the present and on to the twenty-first century.”This proved prophetic for not long after this, the Fellowship of Isis would experience a huge increase in membership, unprecedented in it’s entire history. This was due to increasing awareness of the Goddess generally, along with general access to the internet via home-based computers and websites offered by FOI members.

The back cover of this edition reads:

In the 1950s best-selling Irish novelist Olivia Robertson began exploring the esoteric sciences to put into practice psychic gifts gained as a child. As Orthodox religion failed to recognise or use these talents, she investigated the world of spiritualism, psychic healing and trance work. The Call of Isis gives the result of this work.

She outlines the threefold stage of initiation; that of the moon, the sun and the stars; that allow the individual to develop at a steady pace towards spiritual fulfillment. She mixes insight, humour and wisdom in recounting her experiences and offering guidance to all seekers.

Originally published in 1975, this new edition contains material on the Fellowship of Isis, which was founded shortly afterwards. With an international membership of over eleven thousand, the work that she and her family began has now influenced countless lives, and has culminated in the recognition of the FOI by the World Parliament of Religions, the first Goddess-based organization to achieve this.

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Notes: The Neptune Press edition of “The Call of Isis” is available new from Amazon.co.uk, ISBN-10 0950500178 and ISBN-13 978-0950500171

The White Hall Hotel is now known as The Grange White Hall Hotel.

Photo of Olivia outside Atlantis Bookshop courtesy of Karl Duncan, Priest of Sekhmet and Bride, Isis of the Thames Lyceum, London. Photo © Karl Duncan, 1993. Karl was at that time Managing Director of Psychic News who owned Atlantis Bookshop during this period. Black and White photo of ordination of Ingrid Fischer courtesy of Rt. Rev. John Merron, AU, Elen of the Greenways Lyceum, London. Photo © John Merron. All Book Launch Party photos of Olivia and guests at Atlantis Bookshop and The Grange White Hall Hotel © Caroline Wise,1993.