College of Isis - Consecration of an Adept

Fellowship of Isis Liturgy

By Olivia Robertson

Spiral of the Adepti

Consecration of an Adept

Invocation: Divine Isis of myriad forms and all enfolding wings, we pray for Your Blessing. May our little earthly spiral of Companions be blessed by Your Love and Wisdom.


Oracle: Do not belittle even the smallest effort. The shortest prayer to the deathless Deities magnify every brave effort towards goodness. The humblest gift offered with a loving heart to Me is sent forth a thousand fold; the light of one small candle can reflect itself through mirrors to infinity. One little seed may create a mighty life cycle on a great planet; the light of a long dead sun can enrapture the souls of those who can still see it through the cycles of time and space. The secret of the spiral is that you may extend your spirit through the law of octaves. As one note of music can repeat itself higher and higher, so can your own soul travel through the spheres, by understanding this cosmic key.

Do not believe a teacher who knows everything! In verity this is ignorance. Rather believe a teacher who tells you that you are both at the beginning! For this is truth. At first humanity was given the ladder of authority - with Deities on the topmost rung, then Masters, followed by a hierarchy of descent and ending with what was called “the lower orders.” And this sufficed for those learning the ways of the intellect. But now you are given the spiral, which extends into infinity, yet can be worn on your finger as a ring. For the ring itself has its psychic, spiritual and divine being.

So travel the spiral path of the Adepti which goes both inward and outward, spiraling greater and smaller - great as the Cosmic Goddess - and small as your own Divine Spark.

On an orange draped altar let there be eight lighted candles, burning incense, a bowl of water and a ring with appropriate stone for the Candidate. Procession of Adepti, Sponsor Adept and Iseum Companions. Candidate is led before the Adepti wearing a white robe.

Adept: Who stands to Sponsor this Candidate for Adepthood?

Sponsor Adept: I am sponsor of this loyal Companion of our Iseum.

Adept: Is the Candidate suitably qualified?

Sponsor Adept: Truly. Under my direction this Candidate has made good progress.

Sponsor reads qualifications of Candidate to the Company.

Adept (to Candidate): Knowledge and hard work are necessary, but true Vocation from the Goddess is essential. Have you received your Vocation within the Adepthood? If so, have courage and tell us of your experiences.

Candidate gives full account of spiritual experiences related to his/her course of study; along with an outline of knowledge and training within chosen specialty.

Adept: This is good. An Iseum is a Hearth of the Goddess around which the members draw strength, love and inspiration from one they accept as Mother. They are a family. The God is also given due honour. Each Iseum has its own magic, its own Divinity, and is dedicated to the Goddess, or the Goddess and God. The Goddess takes precedence in order to bring balance. Are you fully committed to the founding of a Fellowship of Isis Iseum as an Adept?

Candidate replies.

Adept: The Goddess takes precedence in order to bring balance to our endangered earth. In the name of the Goddess whose attributes are Love, Beauty and Truth, will you offer loving care to the Sidhe and humans, animals, birds, reptiles, fishes, insects, trees, plants, this earth and all the elements?

Candidate replies.

Adept: Goddess as Mother Earth links us directly to the Many Coloured Land of Dreams and Desire - where past, present and future merge. She provides the bridge - so our visions, our dreams can bring us strength and hope in everyday living. To lose a dream or a vision of that which is hopeful and beautiful is painful. Will you work to inspire hope and beauty in others?

Candidate replies.

Adept: There is one last essential virtue, which is the mark of a true Adept. Do you recognise the good in All Beings?

Candidate replies.

Adept: The Candidate has proven to be of Unconditional Goodwill towards all. It is good to give, it is also necessary to receive. Take this ring in the Name of (Patroness or Patroness & Patron Deity) as insignia of the Adepti.

Adept places ring on 1st finger of Candidate.

Adept: In the name of (Patroness Deity or Patroness & Patron Deity) I declare the Candidate (Name) as Adept within the Fellowship of Isis.

Adept presents cloak with hood, drapes it over new Adept’s shoulders and fastens it at throat. Adept presents Egyptian style headdress - the nemes - with colours to suit new Adept’s aura. All present bear witness. The new Adept gives blessing.


Reports are shared.

Thanks are given to the Deity/Deities.

If the new Adept has not already founded their own Iseum, a Charter is provided.

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