Olivia Robertson - Open Letters 2000

From Olivia Robertson

FOI Co-Founder

Isian News 98, Samhain 2000

Re: The Sun at Midnight

I wait eagerly to know what harvest our members have won during this extraordinary year 2000. The USA has been devastated by fires: a scientist watched with amazement a sheet of water at a melting polar ice cap: but those who were looking forward to some cataclysm have been disappointed. Have any of you noticed we only dwell on disasters when we have either money or personal problems? The world is our reflection.

I shall have the courage to describe my own millennium climax hoping it may inspire others to share. On the longest day of the year, June 22nd, I went to bed very early in broad daylight and fell asleep. I was awakened much later in complete darkness. What woke me up with a start was a white flash like a photographer's flashlight only stronger - it was like a silver star. It seemed as if the South-East wall of my room had dissolved and I was aware of Presences.

Then to my astonishment I saw a sun floating in the centre of my room! It shone with a brilliant gold colour, slightly flushed with orange, like the sun at dawn. It vanished and I fell into a heavy sleep with the thought: "I have seen the sun" in my mind, which recurred during my sleep: "I have seen the Sun." In the morning, meditating on this, I recollected the mysterious words of the Priest of Isis, Lucius Apuleius who, in describing his experience of the Holy Night of Isis wrote: "I saw the Sun at midnight."


From Olivia Robertson

FOI Co-Founder

Isian News 97, Lughnasad 2000

Re: Ending of the FOI Liturgy

Our Fellowship of Isis Liturgy offers a multi-religious network of rituals, rainbow bridges to connect our hundreds of courses created by our members. In 1976, during the founding of The Fellowship by Lawrence, Pamela and myself, I was spiritually inspired to produce the Liturgy with this intention bringing harmony to diverse paths. During 24 years our Liturgy has produced a kaleidoscope from world faiths and mythology, yet all in harmony with the religion of Isis of 10,000 Ways, in union with Her Consort Osiris.

I have now received guidance from the source of my inspiration, the Spiritual Isis Pantheon, to bring the Liturgy to an end. So the rites published in each issue of "Isian News" from "Tara: Rainbow Alchemy of the Goddess" will be the final rituals.

The culminating message from this starry Pantheon is that we may, through Isian Alchemy, awaken the Divine Spirit within all beings.

There is wonderful creativity in so many of our members! So when the Liturgy ends, I shall have the great pleasure of heading each issue of "Isian News" in place of the Liturgy with a contribution from a different FOI centre. I will chose these by divination - I trust Fortuna!

Structures for The Druid Clan of Dana & The Noble Order of Tara

The Druid Clan of Dana and the Order of Tara have up to the present been run mainly on the oral tradition, including Initiations and Designations. However, with the increase of Dana Groves and Tara Priories in many countries, written information and courses are required.

Too many members of the Fellowship of Isis have been put off joining the Clan and Order because they are not “Celts” nor follow the Celtic teachings. They do not realise that there are Dana Druidesses and Druids in Japan, and Tara Knights and Dames in Nigeria.

The Fellowship of Isis Liturgy has been designed to provide a bridge joining word traditions, including the Druid, Shaman and other paths. The Goddesses Tara and Dana are for everybody. No-one needs to feel left out.

The Druid Clan of Dana is both Shaman and mystical. The 4 Grades bring the designations: “Bards”, “Druidesses and Druids”, “Herenach” and “Archdruidesses and Archdruids”. The latter are Administrators of Groves. They compose their own postal and group courses, linking these with the F.O.I. Liturgy. They use the 12 mystical Rites from “Fortuna” and the Dana Initiation ceremony from the Dana booklet.

The Noble Order of Tara involves active work for the environment. The 4 Grades bring their designations of “Knights and Dames”, “Lords and Ladies of the Grael”, “Knights and Dames Commander”, and “Grand Knights and Dames Commander”. They compose their own group and postal courses, combining these with the F.O.I. Liturgy. These comprise the 12 psychic power Rites from “Melusina” and the Accolade ceremony from the “Gaea” booklet. Titles are only used within Clan and Order. There are those companions who enjoy unstructured gatherings in Groves and Priories. Some practice alone, and others follow the oral tradition. Each one of us is guided by an individual star.


From Olivia Robertson

FOI Co-Founder

Isian News 96, Beltaine 2000

Re: Cosmic Language of the New Aeon

The world is hypnotised by the all-prevading communications through the Internet. We think we have the knowledge of the ages presented through our nimble fingers. But without spiritual progress we face the dead end of technology, without finding Deity or our own souls. Heaven recedes and dullness envelops us.

However, we in the Fellowship of Isis are beginning to discover an incoming cosmic language! When we attune ourselves beyond our physical sense at dawn and dusk, we are learning to commune with the beautiful spheres of the Goddesses and Gods. By inducing a serene and kindly mind, wishing good to all, we receive transmissions from beyond our own Egos. Protected by an aura of Isian Light, we commune with each other, Spirit Guides, angels, and above all, ISIS of 10,000 Goddesses and Their Consorts. There is a cosmos out there awaiting us.

The language of the New Aeon transcends both space and time and reaches into our own eternal Essence. Not through intellectual argument but through associative symbols is our way. A flower, a bird, a tree, a star form octaves of reality that transmit the spiral of ever-widening spheres of eternity. A delightful expression of this cosmic language of mind-feeling is through the Arts. To give a lecture on the Goddess Hathor may promote ridicule. Why worship a Cow Goddess? But to dance or chant as Hathor brings Her immediate Presence. It is not for nothing that statues were banned by puritanical Patriarchy. Zealots even smashed the faces of statues, lest they should hear, see and speak.

And so they do, being now reborn by ourselves!


From Olivia Robertson

FOI Co-Founder

Isian News 95, Brigantia 2000

Re: Spiral of the Adepti for Iseums

So often I have been asked why there was no other path for F.O.I. students, other than that of their Magi Degree Course of the College of Isis. The College of Isis, though equal in status to Iseums, Hearths of the Goddess, has been generally believed to be of more importance than the more eclectic Iseums, which cater for a broad spectrum of beliefs.

Now, to redress this apparent inequality of status, the Spiral of the Adepti has been offered for Iseum Initiates. The role of Initiate has been a thread throughout all the various rites of our Liturgy, but not used signifying a level of spiritual progress. Already we have new Initiates, starting with those who had their ceremony of acceptance at Isis Oasis, and then in the Pillars of Light Iseum in Arizona. Of course many Lyceums also run an Iseum as well.

To balance the prefix of "Hierophant" in the College, Administrators of Iseums offering an Initiate course have the designation "Adept". The equivalent of rites used in Magi degrees comprise the first 7 rites in "Dea", the 12 rites each in "Panthea" and "Psyche", and the pageant "Isis of 10,000 Names" in "Gaea".

Of course there are always Iseums, Groves and Priories that do not wish to offer a graded course to members, and prefer group meetings. Groups who shun publicity, and solo workers who loyally follow the Way of the Goddess, are equally honoured. In this new Aquarian Millennium, individual rays of spiritual colour contributed by a single member form a vital part in the rainbow kaleidoscope emanating from the Divine Matrix.

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