Olivia Robertson - Oracle of Airmed

Olivia selects a bottle of infused water in the Healing Chapel or Chapel of Air

Photo courtesy of P. McCarthy © Fellowship of Isis Central Website

Oracle by Olivia Robertson, transcribed from notes taken at Isis Oasis, October, 2007.

Invocation, Vision and Oracle of the Goddess Airmed


Holy Goddess, Airmed, Lady of the Green Cloak, Who treads the bright fields of the Summerland and the dark plains of Earth, come to us now! Bring us a vision from Your sacred spring, restore us to health and harmony.


I see the Goddess Airmed. She stands in the horizon at dawn, a path of light spreads from beneath Her feet, rainbow rays stream out around Her and into the rose of dawn. Upon Her head, a shining wreath of golden flowers, within Her hands, a web of coloured starry lights. They flash and wash colours across the blossoms and leaves of field and meadow, wayside and by-way.

Hear the words of the Goddess:


"I am Airmed, the ever-renewing and the ever-renewed. I stand in the Gateway between this world and the Land of Heart’s Desire. When the earth was shrouded, lifeless, cold, I knelt and tended it, and wept, nourishing the hard ground with My warm tears. I wiped frost from budding leaves with My hair and sheltered tender buds with My cloak. The scent of flowers holds My Healing Power, so does every field and forest, garden and orchard. I bring the gift of healing water from river, well and spring. I bring the gift of healing earth from blossom, leaf and thorn.

Every tree, every leaf, every flower is perfect, all have virtue. Every being, all that lives upon this earth has virtue. Harmony is the foundation of all life, and harmony is the wellspring of health. Harmony molds the path of the ever encircling stars; the changing seasons dance to the same music of the spheres - a symphony of creation. Center yourself and allow the joy, harmony and virtue of Life to bring restoration, and thus, balance, within you. Let it spread from you to the earth and to all beings.

Within you is the pathway to the Land of Heart’s Delight. My starry web comes from the same source that lights and colours the energy centers of your own bodies. Bring forth this light, for you possess within you the key to My Gateway of Coloured Lights!"

This is one of a planned series of posts to honor the anniversary of the passing of FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson. During her stays at Isis Oasis for the FOI Convocation, Olivia would offer guided journeys and rituals in the Main Temple, in the Isis Chapel and sometimes even in the sitting room at the Nesu House. I (Linda Iles) took notes when possible, and Olivia and I would go over them afterward. Oracle by Olivia Robertson, transcribed from notes taken at Isis Oasis, October, 2007.

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