Olivia Robertson - Open Letters 2002

From Olivia Robertson

FOI Co-Founder

Isian News 106, Samhain 2002

Re: The Fates are Within Us

How pathetically we submit to fate! Whether we see fate as the inevitable suffering terminated by death of our brief earthly lives, or as the inexorable judge who punishes us for sundry sins, we never seek guidance from the fates themselves! We avoid them like the Athenians, who banished them from Athens to a provincial temple, hopefully designating them as the "Benevolent Ones."

Men might defy the Fates and be designated heroes: women, never. The ideal women not only submitted to father, husband and son, but also Fate. From China, where the three obediences were laid down for the "lesser ones", to Ben Bolt's "Alice", who rejoiced in his smile and trembled at his frown, women were most honoured for obeying the rules laid down by men, to whom they were possessions: laws vaingloriously attributed to God.

Now is the time for women to realise that within themselves are the Fates. Generously, we concede a like realisation for men! We are Clotho, Lachesis and Atropus. We are Urd, Vivandi and Skuld. We create our own Nemesis. But this hurts. It is so much easier for women to blame others: our parents, childhood abuse, lack of opportunity: and of course, men! Then there are the patriarchal establishments who have stunted our development. Yet we women are half the human race and we need to protect our children and bring them to their own potential.

How may this be done? Not by creating new regulations, new laws, new mind-born customs. Not by conformity, duplication. Truly we weave our part of the tapestry of life we need to be creative, to invent our own designs, not copy other patterns from times long gone. The myths we create in this dream called life will bring us the fulfilment our souls, our only contribution to that Greater Reality from which we all emanate.

But there is a warning. Let us contemplate that perfection of woman's art, the Spider's web. Its star within, its logarithmic spiral, forms a perfect pathway for the spider to glide on silken feet: but do not let us suffer the fate of her mates, and get entangled in a web of delusions. Let us weave legends, but not make them spin our shrouds. But if we are entrapped in self-created nightmares, only the fates show their compassion, and with their mysterious fingers, unravel the imprisoning threads.


From Olivia Robertson

FOI Co-Founder

Isian News 105, Lughnasad 2002

College of Isis

The Spirit of the College of Isis may well be presented under the auspices of the Goddess Pallas Athena. We women are starved of the inner sun and the spear of light. We are deluged with compliments about our lunar qualities, psychism, sensitivity and Romantic Love. The old adage goes: "Men rule by day, Women by night." Yes, and what happens when this was - and is - followed? Those who rule by day make all laws, all religious rules, and outlaw those of the night as being dangerous, superstitious and possibly immoral.

So we need the revived College of Isis, suppressed by the law-giving Emperor Justinian, fifteen hundred years ago. Generations of women all over the world were under male domination as homeworkers, childbearers, with little to say in government, this did not matter when there was hardly any government and tasks between men and women were fairly divided. But with the coming of universal suffrage - women totally lost out. For instance, in the USA in the 18th century, the cry was "no taxation without representation." Except that women had to pay taxes and had no vote. As the vote came to all men in Europe and America - Australia was the first to give women the suffrage.

Now it is the turn of modern women to help their subjugated sisters. We have patriarchal education, framed by male academics, and theological schools entirely dominated by patriarchal religion. But where are universities bringing in the Goddess wisdom?

Pallas Athena is the Goddess who has the helmet of light, the owl of Wisdom and the spear (meteor) of power, and bears the shield of the inner serpent power, the Medusa. But she is also the Athena who teaches us arts and crafts and the growth of plants and trees such as the olives of healing and peace. For the spiritual light of the Goddess does not blind one by flashing the torchlight of hard facts in ones face. The essence of the use of spiritual Light of Vesta is to bring clarity to objects, ideas, problems - not to worship the Light Bringer! This clear Light of Truth brings different revelation to each person relevant to their own individuality. Thus it brings the gifts of creation, wisdom and empathy. In the College we are just beginning to follow these ways. It is a glorious adventure into an unimaginably beautiful future.

Temple of Isis

One of my own dearest wishes is the opening of Temples of Isis. We have seen the opening of Michael Okoruwa’s Temple of Isis in Nigeria, possibly the first in the world for a thousand years since Philae was suppressed. It is true that the Rt. Rev. Loreon Vigne has created an exquisite small temple at Isis Oasis, with her own Egyptian-come-art nouveau style, that gives it both an ancient and modern distinction. But she wrote to me that she hopes to open the Oasis threatre as a Grand Temple of Isis in June.

I took part in the presentation of our FOI Liturgical “Awakening of Osiris” by Isis in the theatre in 1995. Already it had the appearance of a Temple with statuary and paintings. I wonder what it looks like now! We can all see if we come to the Isis Oasis Convocation 11/14 October.

Someone once said to me: “You work with network and postal courses. Aren’t you interested in bricks and mortar?” Answer. “Yes I am!” Who, following the traditions of ancient Egypt does not relate to pyramids, giant temples, paintings, colossal statues? True, our modern humble little shrines with tiny figures we buy as tourists in Egypt are but a feeble representation of mighty Sekhmet in Karnak. But great trees grow from one nut!

This temple created by artistry of Loreon, helped by many of the priesthood including Zarita and Warren, deTraci Regula - presages a new age when the Deities and the Arts are in harmony, through divine and mundane nature.


From Olivia Robertson

FOI Co-Founder

Isian News 104, Beltaine 2002

Hope for the Future of our Fellowship of Isis

The vision that Isis gives me of Her - our Shemsu - is one of joyful expansion! This will not be - nor ever was - at the expense of other religious or spiritual ways. The divine freedom which Isis brings is that perfect confidence which comes when one knows that one is loved and guided. Not for us Isians is fear of "everlasting damnation." A teaching that religious people have meted out in their minds to those whom they disagree. No, the Fellowship of Isis will continue to stand for love for all those beings, toleration of differences and a determined effort to help those who are in any sort of trouble. Yes, and that includes those who do evil. We detest evil - cruelty - intolerance - selfishness - but help those who make mistakes, which can lurk even within ourselves.

The expansion will take place, as it always has within the Fellowship of Isis, by natural growth and not to any form of hysterical crusades. Nonetheless, three great movements will predominate. These are: Conserving our earth, and other planets including the moon. Bringing spiritual balance between the masculine energy and feminine flow. Patriarchy will be balanced not by women pretending to be men - or men trying to be women, but be inner harmony of the two forces ourselves. We shall recognise Isians by their happiness. And this generosity, friendliness, and creativity will be shared with all. The most attractive change, however, will be the thinning of the veil which separates the living and those we call "dead." We shall have the pleasure of seeing a communing with angels and nature spirits; and experience the enigmatic revelation of other beings beyond our earth. The wings of Isis shall ever enfold us, protect us: awaken reality.


From Olivia Robertson

FOI Co-Founder

Isian News 103, Brigantia 2002

Vocation to the Fellowship of Isis

All living things are born of the cosmic Mother goddess: so each creature, great or small, partake of her divinity. All of us are daughters and sons of the goddess, not by creation from an outside Deity, but through birth. However, to become a Priestess or Priest in the Fellowship of Isis involves agreeing to work with Isis in Her divine Plan for this earth, This may take myriad forms - Isis has 10,000 manifestations through as many Goddesses, and Osiris manifests through Gods.

Who are these deities? As Hesiod wrote, "The gods and men are of the same race." Translating this liberally, we may regard ourselves as essentially equal with deities - but need not get arrogant! We share this distinction with leopards and rabbits and hawks...

The Egyptians recognised this innate animism in their deification of the ungainly hippo and the elegant crocodile. Thus, devoid of self-pride and arrogance, we can learn to listen to the Deities as their priesthood - and in turn listen to those who come to us! A true member of the priesthood of Isis follows "She Who Listens." So understanding and loving with wisdom, we can truly heal, help, counsel and create.

We Her Priesthood claim no power over others. When we are called, we come; where there is suffering, we are there. When help is needed, whether for human animal or plant, we give it. So we show forth Isis and Osiris in our unique way. We bring heaven down to earth.

Brigid and the Cosmic Sound & Rainbow

Too often the religion of the Goddess is restricted to Moon Magic. But what of New Aeon science, the emergence of the new humanity, chaos physics and the bridging of consciousness between this world and other spheres? Since the onset of the second millennium, the Goddess Brigid has been giving teachings as to how we both men and women, may centre ourselves in eternal reality, which includes all-time, all-space.

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