Fellowship of Isis Central - Website Dedication

"The work of Fellowship of Isis Central has generated goodwill, loving cooperation and deepened friendship amongst members. The Circle of Isis web pages have served to further awareness of the Fellowship of Isis worldwide. I offer my heartfelt blessing as FOI Co-Founder to this dedication of the Fellowship of Isis Central Global Website.

Thanks to ISIS and BRIGID and DANA for the work of Fellowship of Isis Central."

- Olivia Robertson, Fellowship of Isis Co-Founder

Blessings in the Name of Isis

To this Central Hearth of the Fellowship of Isis! - Olivia Robertson

From FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson, dated November 22, 2010:

“I am so happy with the success of the Fellowship of Isis Central website! Your presence on the web is vital to our rapidly growing community. When our movement started - it was based on the inspiration and intuition of Isis. Then, when it expanded there came the Goddess Athena who brings Her underlying wisdom, truth and facts. The Fellowship of Isis Central website has blended these two aspects beautifully. We have on these website pages a true melding of the inspiration and idealism of our early history along with the later Fellowship of Isis guidelines and facts. It is all I hoped for in a central FOI website, it is all my brother would have wanted.

Isis of the Aquarian Age, as Isis-Athena pours forth the Waters of Wisdom! Fellowship of Isis Central is truly Our Worldwide Central Hearth as we progress into the twenty-first century!”

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