Lawrence Durdin-Robertson - Cult of the Goddess

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, photo from the dust wrapper of "Juno Covella", 1982

The Cult of the Goddess

A lecture given in the Assembly Room,

Wexford, on October 26th 1974.

At the Opening of the Wexford Arts Centre,


The Wexford Festival


Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

and introduced by

Nicola Gordon Bowe

With two illustrations shown during the lecture

by Anna Durdin-Robertson

Cover, first edition, Cesara Publications, February 1975, with the title "The Cult of the Goddess"

Published by Cesara Publications in 1982 with a new title, "The Religion of the Goddess"


Lecture (with illustrations scanned from the first edition)


The First and Second Editions

The first edition (1975) and second edition (1978), both issued with the title "The Cult of the Goddess" were issued with the same cover. The first edition is slightly larger. The first edition is printed with brown ink on tan paper. The second on off-white paper with black ink.

The Third Edition

The third edition (1982), under the title "The Religion of the Goddess" has a dark gold cover featuring a drawing by Olivia Robertson. The interior is white paper printed with black ink.

On the inside of the front cover is the following description of Olivia's design:

"The Cover design, by Olivia Robertson, represents the Goddess sitting on the Holy Table. It is based on the High Altar of the Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle."

Below, title pages from the second and third editions with dedications by the author, FOI Co-Founder Lawrence Durdin-Robertson.

Title page, Cult of the Goddess, with handwritten dedication by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

Title page, Religion of the Goddess with handwritten dedication by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

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