Druid Clan of Dana - Oracles

Olivia as the Oracle, Iseum of Pelagia, Los Angeles

Oracles for Druid Clan of Dana Rituals

Olivia Robertson

These six oracles are provided by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson specifically for use in Druid Clan of Dana. While these oracles have been provided, Olivia has stated that oracles from other liturgy rites may be used. Druidesses and Druids who possess the oracular gift may use their own oracles if desired.

1. Oracle of the Goddess Dana

Invocation: Divine Dana, our hearts long for happiness which we seek for yet which ever eludes our grasp, like buried treasure and dreams that disperse at daybreak. Through your Druid Clan of Dana bring us the riches of past ages and hope for the time to come.

Oracle: You will never find the happiness you crave through the endless treadmill of passing time. The greatest Masters become lost when they fall into the delusion of believing that endless time is eternity. Even authority over boundless space brings no greater treasures than one small back garden!

The greatness of any spirit is manifested not through power over others - adoring disciples and admirers - but through appreciation of the innate worth of every creature, whether an Archangel or a termite. The worse sin is not to destroy another’s life by killing the earthly body, but by despising the person’s soul. Cruel contempt, diminishing a person’s self-confidence, may destroy the Divine Work. For Deity does not pick and choose, but works through the ugly, the maimed, the ridiculous, the unimportant. The ability to recognise the Divine image in repellant humans and apparently repulsive animals and reptiles is to reveal the buried treasure that is within oneself.

The aim of any noble clan or society is to augment, not to diminish, the essential originality in every member. Otherwise a society or order can create a continuum of shared gifts that at first produce remarkable feats of the “paranormal”, but in the end imprison souls into a never-ending circuit of stale beliefs, outworn practices and the tyranny of once good relationships.

Conceive of any clan or society in which I would participate and inspire as an open-ended circle, the Spiral of Life. Perfect freedom brings the joy of co-creating with the Goddesses and Gods, Divine Parents of us all.

2. Oracle of the Goddess Morrigan

Invocation: Holy Goddess Morrigan, Divine Maiden of the source of life, wife of the God Dagda, Goddess of full rivers, the Black Crow when the rivers divide, help us to face this initiation!

Oracle: Dark and forbidding are the three mighty portals of the Underworld which you call earth! The maiden sheds her blood to give birth. The Great Queen rules with severity and compassion. The Ancient One, the Black Crow, gives her life that Her Daughter, the tributary, may share with Her the onrush of life into the oceans of starry space.

So many of you in these days of luxury wish to enjoy ease and comfort, from youth to old age. You seek to cure all ills, provide yourself with food and shelter with little work, and above all, to escape from suffering.

But every stage in your life’s journey entails suffering. When you are young you are tortured by unrequited love! When you are at the height of your powers, you are bitter at lack of success. What can be more dreadful, as you grow old, as the prospect of relegation to some easeful but boring institution, deprived of creativity, health and hope!

But if you submit to My rule, that of the Fates you will have the benefit of My own experiences when I incarnate on earth. Your love will never be unrequited - because you love all. Your success is assured, because the only satisfaction you seek will be to enjoy the Divine reality all round you. As for old age - it will not exist for you. For with Me you shall live joyfully in Tir na Nog, the Land of Everlasting Youth.

3. Oracle of the Goddess Dana

Invocation: Divine Dana, we cannot live happily without hope. Be present with us, during our arduous pilgrimage through life’s labyrinth, smoothing our way with joy, laughter and love.

Oracle: You need to return to your roots in order to grow! It is through love of those living with you that you attain a wider love, and not through spurning your family! It is from your children that you may again learn the language of birds and trees, and through your grandparents that you may hear the music of the spheres!

As you develop the magical language of the Angels, you will find your own spiritual family. It comprises humans, Deities, the Sidhe, Nature Spirits, animals, trees and stones - not only on this planet - but from the stars! Such families are as constellations in the great galaxy. My Tuatha Dé Danann came from the sky, yet also dwell within the Hidden Sun at Earth’s matrix. The Golden Age shines about you, resplendent in the matriarchal darkness. Naught is alien when all is known and loved. You are kin to all beings in the cosmos and all are kin to Me.

4. Oracle of the Goddess Brighid

Invocation: White-veiled Bride, Inspirer of all who work in the crafts, Warrior Queen, bestower of the Eternal Flame, inspire us in our work for our Druid Clan!

Oracle: You cannot do well by the Clan if you do not do well for your own self! You do not help your people and your own particular land by ignoring the rest of the world. When you seek inspiration, you need clear aim and dedication, yet must bear in mind the welfare of those who follow differing paths.

The misfortune of this unhappy planet is division. You divide obedient sheep from wild goats: sinners from the righteous: those who agree with you from those who disagree, and therefore deemed wrong. And this is the heavy burden of humanity, for each has a spark from My eternal flame which you guard passionately, jealously, adoringly. Some call this Ego - but Ego is good: it is a see, an egg! But this divine gift of individuality, creates the mad scientist, the eccentric idealist, the dissident, the warrior. For in verity I am the soul of eccentricity! When you receive a wild idea, a heresy, a sudden inspiration, follow this with all your heart, mind and would. But balance this with the knowledge that your enemies, the establishment, the opposition, the tyrants, the power hungry, are also inspired by Me!

The time has come for you to awaken your psychic gifts, especially telepathy. Then you will realise other people’s point of view. You will rejoice in the diversity of the cosmos. For although the Divine Archetypes, the Cosmic Rays you call Deities are specialists and so have their reverse aspects, we the Helpers are the Rainbow Ones like yourselves.

5. Oracle of the Goddess Dana

(For ArchDruidess / ArchDruid Consecration)

ArchDruidess invokes: Blue-robed Dana with hair of the sun, Queen of Heaven, Protector of Earth, come to us now, that your Divine Love may bless our Consecration of a new Archdruid/ess within your Druid Clan.

Oracle: How lovely it is for Me to welcome you all to My hearth! My hearth is the inner sun not only of the earth but of every planet encased in rock and earth. This inner sun comes from the mighty stars inconceivable in their magnitude. Yet this flame enlightens the ladybird, My emblem, and courses through the many-hued plumaged birds, My harbingers.

The aim of My clan in this present era is clear. I wish you to come to Me through the portals of sleep. For sleep is the veil that mercifully protects you from the often terrifying memories of past lives. But when you invoke Me before you sleep, My veil shall protect you. My veil does not conceal evil, but its multicolor gives you the power to transform evil into good. For what you fear can only be transformed through love.

When you confront those who follow evil ways, do not blame them, and do not torture your self with speculations: rather recognise the hidden sun within them and bring it forth. This is the source of all miracles. And I am the Goddess of miracles. I call upon those who long for divine beauty to veil themselves in My blue mantle of celestial seas, and rise to My domain in the stars.

6. Oracle of the God Manannan

(for ArchDruidess / ArchDruid Consecration)

ArchDruid invokes: God of Wisdom of the deeps, Arbiter of destiny through the spirals of Your Wheel of Time, inspire us with Your Vision.

Oracle: My dear friends, the last gift most of you pray for is wisdom! You supplicate for love, abundance, success. But no gift of the Deities is of any value, without wisdom. You ask, what is this wisdom? In your minds, I perceive a vision of some white-bearded sage, a man in long robes, somewhat in the fashion in which you externalize the word ‘God.’ but wisdom is not ancient. It is ever renewing. The mistake well-meaning philosophers and teachers are apt to make is that wisdom is conveyed in ancient texts, almost worshipped in scriptural idolatry. But who would drink sour milk? Milk may be a more apt description of wisdom than written words because it is during the night that divine inspiration is conveyed to the soul while the body sleeps.

The oral tradition of Druidry and pre-Druidic shamanic world teachings has been deemed a failure because the written word has superseded it. But in truth no reality can be conveyed through obedience to commandments of ancient writers, without the inner understanding of the seeker! Know the might Truth that the fount of wisdom is within each one of you - and lest you are proud of being unique as human, this same wisdom is in the sagacious wolf and the flight of the heron. For wisdom is the transcendental alchemy of descending light of heavenly illumination blending with everyday actual experience. Sublime utterances, celestial visitations, spiritual and psychic revelations, are not only meaningless, but often dangerous, when starved of actual personal experience.

My injunction to those of you who follow the Clan of Dana is to fly with the swans, but also return safely to your nests! Thus you will stay sane. Sanity is the hard-won fruit of wisdom.

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