Star of Ishtar - Fortuna

Some of the Fellowship of Isis liturgy books feature one of a kind correspondences for the Star of Ishtar diagram. These were all created by Olivia Robertson as she worked on the rites for these books. The diagrams have been scanned directly from the books. Text included on the same page is provided directly below the diagram. Whenever possible any accompanying text has been included in the scan. The diagram included in Fortuna isn't the usual portrayal of the Star of Ishtar, but it is included here because it is a ritual key - a very unusual one - similar to one found in "Isis of Alchemy."

Fortuna, Creation Through the Goddess


Explanatory Note from Olivia:

"Inner Circle: Four Kerubs of the Zodiac represent the elements surrounded by the Zodiac. The four Kerubs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. In Taurus life on earth manifests in material form; in Leo, use of the passions is activated; in Scorpio is found the fire of Kundalini; in Aquarius, the down-pouring of the waters of spirit, the Higher Sophia, is brought to all beings. These Kerubs are surrounded by zodiac portals to the starry realms; guarded by Twin Souls, Isis and Osiris, as starry sphinxes. Left, Osiris is yesterday, our true divinity concealed; center - today - our true nature brought to life again through contemplation and ritual. Right, Isis our future, the work complete."

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