Fellowship of Isis Manifesto - Version 1

The earliest version of the Manifesto of the Fellowship of Isis, in use from 1976 through 1989. It appears in "The Isis Wedding Rite" (1976 - 1983) "Ordination of a Priestess" (1977) "Ordination of Priestesses and Priests" (1983), "Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess" (1989).

Growing numbers of people are rediscovering their love for the Goddess. At first, this love may seem to be no more than an inner feeling. But soon it develops; it becomes a longing to help the Goddess actively in the manifestation of Her divine plan. Thus, one hears such enquiries as, “How can I get initiated into the Mysteries of the Goddess? How can I experience a closer communion with her? Where are her nearest temples and devotees? How can I join the priesthood of the Goddess?”, and many other such questions.

The Fellowship of Isis has been founded to answer these needs. Membership provides means of promoting a closer communion between the Goddess and each member, both singly and as part of a larger group.

The Fellowship is organized on a democratic basis. All members have equal privileges within it.

The Fellowship respects the freedom of conscience of each member. There are no vows required or commitments to secrecy. All Fellowship activities are optional: and members are free to resign or rejoin at their own choice.

The Fellowship reverences all manifestations of Life. The Rites exclude any form of sacrifice, whether actual or symbolic.

The Fellowship believes in the promotion of Love, Beauty and Abundance. No encouragement is given to asceticism.

The Fellowship seeks to develop knowledge and wisdom.

The Fellowship also aims at informing the public about the Religion of the Goddess; presenting the views of Her followers on current social affairs; working for a fair representation of the religion of the Goddess at local and national levels; communicating with members of the Press and other media, and with our political representatives and others.

The Magazine of the Fellowship, “Isian News”, is published quarterly. This includes news of members, Fellowship and other events of interest to members, lists of new members, centres, temples and shrines associated with the Goddess. It also includes articles on subjects of general interest to members such as the formation of a temple and the hallowing of temples, shrines and ritual objects. The Fellowship of Isis Directories give the Festival Calendar and full lists of Centres, priestesses and priests, members, etc.

Membership of the Fellowship of Isis is open to all, of every religion, tradition and race. Children are welcome as members, subject to the consent of parents and guardians. Animals are honored in the Animal Family of Isis. There is no fee or subscription. Those applying for admission are asked to complete and sign the attached form. After enrollment in the list of members, which is kept in the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle, a certificate will be sent to the new member. Unless instructions are given to the contrary, the names and addresses of members are printed in “Isian News” and the Directory.

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