Original Announcement of Adepti Degrees - Olivia Robertson

From Olivia Robertson

FOI Co-Founder

Isian News 95, Brigantia 2000

Re: Spiral of the Adepti for Iseums

So often I have been asked why there was no other path for F.O.I. students, other than that of their Magi Degree Course of the College of Isis. The College of Isis, though equal in status to Iseums, Hearths of the Goddess, has been generally believed to be of more importance than the more eclectic Iseums, which cater for a broad spectrum of beliefs.

Now, to redress this apparent inequality of status, the Spiral of the Adepti has been offered for Iseum Initiates. The role of Initiate has been a thread throughout all the various rites of our Liturgy, but not used signifying a level of spiritual progress. Already we have new Initiates, starting with those who had their ceremony of acceptance at Isis Oasis, and then in the Pillars of Light Iseum in Arizona. Of course many Lyceums also run an Iseum as well.

To balance the prefix of "Hierophant" in the College, Administrators of Iseums offering an Initiate course have the designation "Adept". The equivalent of rites used in Magi degrees comprise the first 7 rites in "Dea", the 12 rites each in "Panthea" and "Psyche", and the pageant "Isis of 10,000 Names" in "Gaea".

Of course there are always Iseums, Groves and Priories that do not wish to offer a graded course to members, and prefer group meetings. Groups who shun publicity, and solo workers who loyally follow the Way of the Goddess, are equally honoured. In this new Aquarian Millennium, individual rays of spiritual colour contributed by a single member form a vital part in the rainbow kaleidoscope emanating from the Divine Matrix.

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