Lawrence Durdin-Robertson - Cult of the Goddess Epilogue


Apart from expressing my great appreciation of the evocative words we have just heard - may I just add that Mr. Durdin-Robertson has been instrumental in the creation and gradual development of a shrine and centre for creativity - of a musical, poetic and artistic nature where the magical Bardic tradition of our forefathers can be continued in the harmonies of Music and Song, where things of Beauty may be carved, painted and depicted and ritual festivals celebrated.

Each Goddess would have had local festivals in her honour and indeed, topically, from October 31st to November 2nd was the Festival of the very ancient Irish Goddess, Samhain.

By participating in this Wexford Festival, a time-honored tradition is being kept alive. Enchantment and inspiration are fostered and so - perhaps - the Goddess is still with us.

The speakers were then thanked by Mr. Mark Feenan.

The lecture was organized by Mrs. Craig, a director of the Wexford Arts Centre.

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