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"The Circle of Isis of the Fellowship of Isis is authorized to host an official Central Web Page of the Fellowship of Isis." - Fellowship of Isis co-founder and ArchPriestess Lady Olivia RobertsonPhoto left: Olivia Robertson at the FOI Convocation at Isis Oasis, Geyserville, California, 2010. Update February 21, 2013: FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson referred to this web site as the Central Hearth of the Fellowship of Isis on the web several times by letter, now it is included in our new charter. It is available for view on Olivia Robertson's Online Log and on the About This Website page. Thank you Olivia! Olivia writes: "As Fellowship of Isis Central is the Central Global site for the FOI it is not affiliated with one single venue - although it operates under the aegis of Temple of Isis, Geyserville, it serves the FOI worldwide."

The information below is included for historic archive purposes:

2004 - The Founding

The Circle of Isis is an Advisory Board that hosts a central website within the Fellowship of Isis, chartered by Fellowship of Isis co-founder and ArchPriestess Olivia Robertson on October 10, 2004. The Circle of Isis was authorized and personally chartered at that time by FOI co-founder, Lady Olivia Robertson, AU to create an official central global website for the Fellowship of Isis. Our website has been authorized to present the FOI liturgy online and in printed form, information and policies of the Fellowship, to create an Historical Archive for the FOI, to enroll new members and listings of centers and titles. The purpose of our website and our online magazine, the Circle of Isis Mirror, is to further the principles outlined in the Fellowship of Isis Manifesto - Love, Beauty and Truth.

In the official announcement of the founding of the Circle of Isis Olivia wrote: "As with present and future global websites consisting of a plurality of centers, each such website will have authority to publish the Liturgy free online and to present lists of centers, new members of the Priesthood and other such information. In the future a British, Irish, German, Japanese and Nigerian global websites would assist hundreds of members and centers who require local information."

2007 - International Scope

Lady Olivia Robertson, ArchPriestess and Fellowship of Isis co-founder wrote the following announcement, dated October 8, 2007:

I am pleased to announce the Circle of Isis is now international, forming a Rainbow Bridge world-wide to members of the Fellowship of Isis. We welcome new members Rt. Rev. Caroline Wise, AU of London; Rt. Rev. John Merron, AU of London; Rev. Dietlinde Brueckner, Prs. H. of Germany; and Rev. Ronald T. Cwetna, Pr. H., of Germany.

(signed) Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson, FOI co-founder

Circle of Isis Global Advisor

Current Circle of Isis members are Rt. Rev. Roxanna deTraci Regula, AU (USA); Caroline Wise, (UK); Rt. Rev. John Merron, AU (UK); Rev. Dietlinda Brueckner, Prs. H.(USA & Germany); Rev. Ronald Cwetna, Pr. H. (USA & Germany); Rev. Elizabeth Kelly, Order of Mary Magdalene (USA); Rt. Rev. Linda Iles, (USA); Rev. Arisa Victor (USA); Rt. Rev. Claudia Wehmeyer and Rt. Rev. Thomas Wehmeyer (Germany); Rt. Rev. Michael A. Starsheen (USA); Rt. Rev. Kasey Conder (USA); Rt. Rev. Carolina A. Amor (USA); Rt. Rev. Anniitra Ravenmoon (USA); Rev. H. Tina Georgitsis / Setjataset (Australia) and special places reserved in memory of Rt. Rev. Loreon Vigne, founder of the Temple of Isis in Geyserville (USA); and Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson, AU (Ireland), who served as Global Advisor, and whose works still offer us guidance.

Assisting in the Southern Hemisphere, Rev. H. Setjataset of the Lyceum of Heka, Victoria, Australia, contact for the Spanish speaking community is Rev. Carolina Amor-Boggs of the Circulo de Isis Iseum, Bay Area, USA. Druid Clan of Dana contact is ArchDruid Kasey Conder, Druid Grove of Isis and Uta-ha, San Francisco, California and Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Circle of Isis board members head various centres within the Fellowship of Isis including iseums, lyceums, groves, priories and solar iseums of alchemy. Several of them actively teach within the Fellowship of Isis and have done so for many years.

On the day of the founding of the Circle of Isis, Rt. Rev. Linda Iles was appointed Honorary Secretary of the board by Rt. Rev. Lady Olivia Robertson. You may contact the Circle of Isis care of:

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Photo provided by Le'ema Kathleen Graham, taken during the FOI Convocation 2011, Isis Oasis, Geyserville, California. Photo is copyrighted, used by permission, all rights reserved.