College of Isis - Consecration of a Priest/Priestess Solar Alchemist

Fellowship of Isis Liturgy

By Olivia Robertson

FOI Priesthood Spiral of Alchemy

Consecration of a Priestess/Priest Alchemist

On a gold covered altar let there be eight lighted candles, a bowl of water, a rough stone and a crystal, between them a sun disk. Priesthood Alchemists wear gold robes, Priestesses wear the crown of Isis-Hathor, sun disk mounted within silver horns of moon; Priests, Mitres of Osiris with gold and green cobra heads at front, Egyptian style. All hold gold and silver Caduceus of Hermes - a single disc surmounting a white rod, entwined by two snakes, gold and silver.

Candidate is led before door of temple by Sponsor who is dressed in regalia of Mercury - winged headdress and holding caduceus. Sponsor knocks three times on door.

1st Priest Alchemist: Who seeks admittance to this Iseum of Solar Alchemy?

Sponsor: A Candidate who seeks consecration as Alchemist of the Solar Priesthood.

1st Priest Alchemist: Who serves as Sponsor?

Sponsor: I sponsor this dedicated member of our Priesthood.

1st Priestess Alchemist (to Candidate): What is the Intention of your work as Priestess/Priest Alchemist?

Candidate states intention.

1st Priest Alchemist (to Sponsor): Has the Candidate accomplished the task of acquiring self knowledge? Has the Candidate transmuted the Shadow Self within? Is the Candidate whole - ’holy’ - in soul and spirit?

Sponsor: The task of Alchemical transmutation has been understood, it has been attained, and it is continuing.

1st Priestess Alchemist: Let us now invoke the Goddesses of Transformation, Isis, Devi and Brigid for divine inspiration.

The following are inspired by Deity:

3rd Priestess Alchemist: Invocation of Isis, Devi and Brigid.

3rd Priest Alchemist: Invocation of Osiris.

1st Priestess Alchemist: Oracle from Isis, Mother of the Sun.

1st Priestess Alchemist (to Candidate): Put your left hand on the rough stone on this altar and your right hand on the crystal.

1st Priest Alchemist: In the Name of the God Osiris, Who is also Serapis and Horus, I accept this Candidate as Alchemist.

1st Priestess Alchemist (anoints Candidate’s brow with holy oil): With this holy oil that holds all the five elements, earth, air, fire, water and ether, I consecrate you as Priestess/Priest Alchemist.

2nd Priestess Alchemist (puts purple mantle about Candidate): With this mantle I encompass you with the bounty of dark space.

If Candidate is male:

2nd Priest Alchemist (places Mitre of Osiris on (male) Candidate’s head): With this mitre I bestow on you the Solar and Lunar Mitre of Osiris.

If Candidate is female:

2nd Priestess Alchemist (places Isis-Hathor Crown on (female) Candidate’s head): With this crown I bestow on you the Solar and Lunar Crown of Isis-Hathor.

3rd Priestess Alchemist (places gold ring on 1st forefinger of right hand): With this ring I honour in you the ever renewing Circle of Eternal Life.

1st Priest Alchemist (presents caduceus): Behold the Wand of Hermes Trismegistus! Use the power of the two Divine Forces of Light and Darkness in balance, entwined upon the Tree of Life.

New Priestess/Priest Alchemist gives first address on the inner meaning of alchemy and inner transformation that affects not only humans but all that is - all that emanates from divinity.


Reports are shared.

Good wishes, ideas and encouragement are given to the new Solar Alchemist of the FOI Priesthood.

The new Solar Alchemist offers a blessing.

Rays of Harmony is sent forth to all beings in celebration.

Thanks are given to Isis, Devi and Brigid and to all Deities.

An FOI Priesthood Solar Alchemist certificate and charter for Solar Alchemy Iseum are presented.

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