Fellowship of Isis - Muses Symposium

Fellowship of Isis

Muses Symposium

Founded in 2007 by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson

"Honoring the Arts"

"The Muses Inspire" by Olivia Robertson. © Copyrighted, all rights reserved.

During the FOI Convocation at Isis Oasis, 2007, Lady Olivia drew up the following charter which reads: "Art is a Rainbow Bridge between humanity and the Deities. 1000's of our members, especially in Africa do not access computers. We in FOI have formed the Muses Symposium to create a Rainbow Web by postal correspondence for the exchange of inspirational concepts especially related to writing, poetry, painting, sculpture, etc. which bridge cultural, religious and racial differences in the Spirit of Isian Fellowship."

This oracle from Urania was received by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson as she sought to bring clarity to members concerning the Muses Symposium and the Magical Arcadian Realm.

From: Urania, Muse of All Magic

Received October 18, 2010


Our Muses Symposium exists already in the inner planes. We are now extending it to the material world, through the Fellowship of ISIS.Therefore, our Magical Arcadian Realm is not subject to any existing structures. It is a telepathic extension of our divine web of the arts. So, in the Muses Symposium, there are no levels, degrees or rules.


We Muses inspire that perfect freedom of expression, without which, the Arts cannot exist. Be Free, Be Joyful, Be Loving and So Create Your Individual Art, through the Divine Rainbow Network of All Arts.


Note: Any FOI Member who wishes to join may do so through the existing global websites. They are preparing the necessary navigation on these sites now.

From Olivia Robertson

The Muses Symposium

Updated October 12, 2010

"We explore the mystical realms of the Arts, creating Rainbow Bridges through our Fellowship of Isis network." - Olivia Robertson

If you study textbook history of humanity, it consists of political warfare. Study religious history, and you have the same: duality resulting in violence and cruelty. The good has to be rescued from persecution, tribalism and territorial conflicts.

But when I did my university course in Art History – harmony prevailed! Artists did not murder each other – impressionists versus academicians – oil painters versus sculptors! Nowhere did I find intolerance resulting in violence. Disputes, yes.

Therefore The Muses Symposium was inspired by the Muses, Goddesses of Arts and Crafts, for members who wish to write, not using email, who paint, and sculpt, and do gardening, who write poetry and tell stories and draw. Whenever I write and paint and act and dance – I was very cheerful Hula Dancing – I am happy NOW. Not yesterday – tomorrow, but NOW. Now is forever.

So members in any country who wish to contact other artists and writers – who wish to avoid disputes, rivalry – they may wish to contact like-minded people through the Muses Symposium by correspondence.

We artists and writers and musicians create a Rainbow Bridge of Harmony from earth to heaven, and from heaven to earth, from brightest White to deepest Indigo.

From Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

On The Muses

Another open cult of the goddess which reappeared towards the end of the Middle Ages is the invocation of the Muses - the nine goddesses of Literature and the Arts and Sciences. Thus Calliope presides over epic song, Melpomene over tragedy, Urania over astrology and astronomy. I should like to take an example from the work of Edmund Spenser, who though living in the Renaissance era is often regarded as strongly influenced by medieval chivalry. He is of particular interest to us here, having been connected with Enniscorthy and having written “The Fairie Queene” in Ireland.


Any FOI member who is involved with the arts is cordially invited to write to the e-mail address below. Your work can be listed in the Muses Symposium section of Isian News. We also offer participation in a Muses Symposium Directory for members. Please write to:

Honorary Secretary of the Circle of Isis: isiscircleonline@yahoo.com

Place "Muses Symposium" in the subject line.

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