Olivia Robertson - Guided Journey for the Dark Time of the Year

Cave of the Mothers (Chapel of Earth), Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle. Photo, Minette Quick.

A Special Guided Journey for the Dark Time of the Year

By FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson

Received December 16, 2011

The lovely thing about the religion of the Mother as well as of the Father is that you are born of the Mother, you are part of Her, so you are divine, you contain within yourself a part of the Mother. It’s just one part, so it is unique to each individual, it is original. And that is a good thing. To acknowledge the good in others makes for happiness - not just oneself - but for all those whose life you may touch. There is a bit of the divine in everybody and that divinity is real. Sometimes we need to ‘rekindle’ our flame of divinity by returning to the Divine Source of All - to the Mother.

For some this is a dark time of the year. It all begins November 1 - the Gaelic New Year. Food was left out for the fairies, October 31st to November 3rd, it was the same for the ancient Egyptians. This same time of year they mourned the god Osiris, who was murdered - but Isis brought him to life again. The ancient Egyptians celebrated his death and resurrection at the same time of year, during Samhain.

This time of year is wonderful for meditation and reflection. I see people in dreams and visions. I love helping these people I meet in dreams. So many of you, Aset Shemsu, like those in my dreams, I may never meet. But you also can help. Or perhaps, you need help yourself. Perhaps you may be feeling a bit lonely or though you may be in a group, you may feel separated from the others for some reason - on your own, alone. I suggest you relax and take a magical journey with me to the stars. Absolutely relax. You can become very relaxed and very happy, and as you feel happiness come in, don’t lose consciousness and drift into sleep - it’s awfully easy to drop off to sleep. Just shut your eyes so you can see better and visualize.

And I want you now to realize how holy and beautiful our Mother Earth is. And you allow yourself to sink through the floor, sink, sink, sink. And the earth is insubstantial, it’s like a mist, it’s beautiful and you realize that in the centre of the earth is a sun. And that sun in it’s magical form is the hearth of the Goddesses. This is the home of the Goddesses. And as you approach you find yourself in the inner earth, the psychic earth. And it’s circular, beautiful like a rock cave. There’s a lovely fire, hearth fire like a globe of light. And round the fire are seated three figures, they are the earth goddesses. They appear, you can’t see them very clearly because they are robed. But they want you to honor your roots, do not be ashamed of having a physical earthly body, do not be afraid of the sort of evolution of animals, trees, earth, plants, you are a part of this earth. And you sit there and you allow any worries, or any torments that you have, guilt or fear, or unhappiness of any sort to come up, because in the presence of the Mothers, and in silence, you don’t share it with me or anyone else, you tell the Mothers about your sorrow. Maybe you were abused, maybe, worse, you abused, maybe you hurt, maybe you were hurt, maybe you killed, maybe you were killed, maybe you have been unhappy, or you have made others weep. All this tell the Mothers and they will take this from you and by alchemy transform it into an energy of growth. (So for a few moments we will be silent.)

Glows the holy fire of Brigid in the centre of the earth.

Softly glows the fire of Brigid in the womb that giveth birth.

And you know now that you may come to the Mothers at any time when you are unhappy. And especially before you go to sleep. And the Mothers give you a key. This key will bring you to the spheres, a key through all the spheres. When you think of this, it may be a flower, an emblem, a picture, something you like. You hold it in your hand. And you are told now you have been introduced to this lovely realm, the warm hearth, the circle, loving friends. You suddenly are aware that you can be in touch with those who have passed into the world of spirit. They love you still. These are the ones who haven’t moved on very, very much. They’ve just passed on recently. They are here.

Now you find yourself slowly rising up through the earth up and up, and you come into the earth’s atmosphere. And now it’s a completely different atmosphere. This is extraordinary. You see the pale faced moon in all her radiance and a lovely, lovely rainbow round it. The moon is Hathor's Mirror. For the moon not only reflects the light of the sun, in a gentler way it reflects the heavens, every star that it faces is reflected in the moon. And you draw near to the inner spiritual moon that which mirrors forth your dreams. The moon is the place of dreams, and you have dreams and there is nothing wrong with dreaming because they’re your hope of the future. Here you have visions of the future, the earth is your past, the mirror shows forth your wishes.

And as you come you enter into the Temple of the Moon. And it’s beautiful, it’s circular and very big and shining and lovely. So beautiful, the colors, they keep shifting, you get the idea of rather angelic looking beings like faeries. And here is a pool, in the centre, the Well of the World’s End. And beyond it you see three figures. Have you seen them before? They’re wearing veils. These are the Moon Goddesses. They are those who are and will be, and no one lifts their veil. But you may look into the pool and this is the Pool of The Heart’s Desire. Here you can imagine what you hardly dare hope for as you look into the still waters. Do this. That which is impossible can happen here. A lovely face. The edges filled amethyst and gold is once more the old blue flower of the moon there where the ether like a diamond glows, the soul knows itself in beauty. This is the place of your soul. You may see glimpses of past lives, glimpses of hope. Now you may imagine what you want, look in this pool, and project what you want. You don’t get what you want, you get what you need. What the Goddess of Dreams will give you. Which will not harm anyone else. Yours is no selfish wish, so you see it in it’s truth. (pause)

You feel a feeling of hope, it’s as if some Spiritual Being is helping you, helping you to make a good dream. This is the realm of the Faery Folk if you know Faery Lore, Nature Spirits. You feel lovely people are helping you to create what you’d like, lovely woodland scenes are here shimmering in the light, distant mountain peaks that you long to climb, wonderful colored skies, all like a mirage, and yet you are told that this is more real than earth because what is imagined here becomes on earth. We are such stuff indeed as dreams are made of. And yet just when we are really happy and we would like to settle in here in this world of dreams, we are told we must move on. God, Goddess expects us to be active. So rather reluctantly we go away and we are told to approach to the sovereign sun.

Ah, our sun, part of the Milky Way and we are told to approach the Great Temple of the Sun in the etheric realm. So we rise towards the sun. And we see this temple from outside cause it is flanked by mighty sphinxes and golden steps. We’ve seen this in our dreams - it’s majesty. We climb up the steps and pass the sphinxes. And we enter into the hall of the sun which is octagonal and mighty, great pillars and yet there are gardens all around it. This is the place of the sacred beasts, the lions, the bulls and cows, the eagles, the place of angels. And we need energy and vitality, there’s a fountain of life pouring itself out in golden rays. But we do need help again. This isn’t a place of so much of faeries but of our totem animal. In nature we have a totem animal or more, or a bird. And this being helps us to relate to nature and bring us the fire of life. So now in silence we allow our own totem animal to manifest to us. (pause)

There’s an old friend indeed. This animal will protect us on our souls journeys. When we take these journeys we need protection. This is good. Wonderful. And we think we’d like to stay here, this is beautiful, strong, and we feel now a glow in our solar plexus. We have the shining brow of the moon and now we feel strong in heart and plexus, we are strong, we have the power of the sun within us, we can hold the golden spear of the goddess Brigid and the wonderful solar shield of the goddess Minerva with a Medusa in it, that which is the sun with it’s rising rays. We are strong, we are powerful what do we need? We need something else, we are human. We need spirituality, something in us that longs for purest spirit. We must go further. Place of our longings.

And we face the wonderful stars of the Summerland. Orion, Sirius of our Milky Way, body of the Goddess Nut, it’s holy darkness scattered with stars. And we begin to rise up and now we know the music of the spheres. As we approach Sirius we hear the sound that every star, every planet lets forth a sound. We hear this. The Heart Beat of the Universe. It gets stronger, it’s like an angelic choir as we approach the Temple of the Heavenly Twins, the Divine Goddess and God. And we see before us a shining temple reaching to the stars. The Temple of Isis and of Osiris, we enter. This is the place of Isis and of Osiris, of Freya and Freyr, Magdalena and Christ, Radha and Krishna, Vishnu and Lakhsmi, Sarasvati and Brahma, Quetzacoatl and Coatlique, this is the place of the goddess and god in perfect harmony. Because only in the harmony of the Goddess and God can the Holy Spirit appear with it’s two beautiful wings. And we see the forms of the God and Goddess, we cannot, they are so dazzingly brilliant we can’t see very much. But we see above them a Spiritual Being with great, mighty wings. The Divine Spirit. And we enter that state of bliss some call ecstasy. It’s like fire and lightening comes through us. We are at one. We do not war with ourselves. We are at one. We are at peace. And we are told we still have the key of the spheres - we‘ve always had it - but we had forgotten our true identity and origin. We must remember this to better continue and complete our earthly work.

So we find ourselves in the center of the galaxy which we have been told by scientists is a mighty black hole, but we don’t see that. We just see earth, is it earth and a little hut and a fire in it. And we feel an awe we never felt before the great temples. Because we know what this is. We approach the hut, we bend our heads to get in. It is the place of the Fates. There is a fire and three women are sitting round. One, young and dreaming, one kindly and loving and one very, very old. And they are weaving the web of the universe. And yet of each individual person is precious, every flower, every leaf, everything, it’s beautiful. Their fingers weave, they never speak. But we are told to sit down, and we may now weave our own destiny. (pause) And we see it’s beautiful on the whole, but incoherent, we haven’t done very much, we pull out some threads we don’t like, and we put in something beautiful, we begin to see a pattern in our own destiny that we haven’t made before. We begin to weave it into meaning. Because we could, yes, we could cooperate with other people. We see their patterns and we’re all intermingled and suddenly our own pattern has a meaning and it gets so interesting, we decide we could sit here forever. But when we think this, we are told ‘no.’ We must come back to earth, but first we must view Sirius, Star of Isis.

We do not rise, we do not travel, instead, we are told to look into the fire. And we see an expansion within, as we realize the universe is like a magical fractal. We look deeply at the little fire - three crossed logs tended by the three women. And as we look at the fire, to our amazement, the flames become the light of the star, Sirius. The flame is Sirius. And still the Norns, the Fates are there. And we begin to feel we are diminishing in consciousness as we begin our return to earth. But we will remember all of this.

The flame now becomes the sun, the place of energy, the sun is changing, it’s becoming the moon, and even as we look, it becomes the center of the earth, and then we are told to come back, back, back to a room with three women seated. And one woman is holding a magical little wand with a red flashing light, and that is the inner fire. And we are back. And in this state of peace and happiness, of eternal harmony, we know we are eternal beings. We live forever and we live now. And we send out thoughts of healing and help and hope to any who need this divine consciousness, for the divine consciousness is within you. And we give thanks to the Goddess in whatever form she’s come and to the God. Amen. Baraka. So be it.

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