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Olivia Robertson, Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle. Photo by Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality

Oracles for Noble Order of Tara Rituals

Olivia Robertson

The first of these oracles, Oracle of Tara, was given to Olivia by the Goddess Tara specifically for use in the Noble Order of Tara. The others are from previously published rites. While these oracles have been provided, Olivia has stated that oracles from other liturgy rites may be used. Druidesses and Druids who possess the oracular gift may use their own oracles if desired.

1. Oracle of the Goddess Tara

Invocation: Holy Goddess Tara, Bodhisattva of Active Compassion, Whose manifold forms embody all that is, help us to save our earth from pollution.

Oracle: All that you have wrought in the poisoning of earth, ocean and air, has emanated from your own minds. The purple mountains, the snowy plains, the dark oceans and the rich vegetation are created and maintained by Spirits formed by Divine Mind.

You yourselves are part of that Mind, which includes compassion, wisdom and creativity. Each spider weaving her web, every bird hatching her eggs yet has a spiritual existence in the realms of Eternity. All Nature is a living work of art whose source stems from the inner spheres of Mind.

Humans are, through trial and error, learning to act as mediators between the Creators, Goddesses and Gods, and those Spirits who are animating evolving life on earth. For you cannot make anything, whether computer or clone, without some spirit animating it, with its own agenda! Observe the evolving intelligence of the common virus. You cannot call your children your own. Each has an individual destiny of which earth experience forms a part.

To fulfill you hopes to create a better world, you need to consult the wishes of your fellows! Many are learning through cruel warfare: others experiment with the passions. And this is their right.

You need to attune to the Creators, the Bodhisattvas, in celestial spheres. So you may achieve the wisdom to give help effectively. Be hopeful! The world has not grown worse. Possibly you have grown better!

2. Oracle of the God Osiris

(Published in the rite ‘Isis and Osiris: The Judgment’

from “Gaea, Initiations of the Earth”)

Invocation: Companions who seek harmony through uniting Justice and Compassion, we are assembled to seek peace for our earth. We repent of the follies wrought by mankind upon earth's creatures and plants. We would face the judgment of Osiris, that we may learn what we may do to restore the balance of Nature. We seek the compassion of Isis so that we may forgive others and ourselves. I offer incense to Thee, Osiris, Judge of the living- and the dead! Only when we face Thee may we bring our earth and ourselves to new birth. Grant us Thy Oracle!

Oracle: My son, know that there are four judgments: the divine decree of the all-knowing Deities: the judgment of your peers: the judgment of those under your authority: and your own assessment of yourself. The judgment of the Gods you accept with awe and humility. Your mind and heart are deeply affected by the judgment of your family and friends: to be disliked by humble folk, children and animals is painful: but what hurts you to the quick is to look into a mirror and hate what You find therein! You call upon me to advise you on your situation, and that I shall do when you meditate. But it rests with your companions and you yourself what you do with the knowledge given.

3. Oracle of the Goddess Isis

(Published in the rite ‘Isis and Osiris: The Judgment’

from “Gaea, Initiations of the Earth”)

Invocation: Holy Goddess Isis, loving daughter, wife, mother, You know what it is to be human. Our hearts fail when we see the destruction we have wrought upon rain forests, oceans, animals. Though we strive to undo the harm wrought by man, because of conscience and duty, yet we need your hope and joy to give us the heart to persevere! Without You we would relapse into inertia and despair. Bestow unto us Thy Oracle!

Oracle: Happy am I that you turn to Me even at this eleventh hour! Know that My compassion is within your own selves. When you are angry at cruelty and greed, this is love changed to hatred. When you feel despair, this is because you once knew heaven. When you cease to feel, it is because you once have felt too much. Do not be afraid of your feelings! It is through your respect for honour and justice that Osiris brings true judgment to earth. For without justice, peace becomes weakness. But it is your love that brings ecstasy even if you live in a cardboard city, a polluted slum, a famine-stricken arid desert. Even could you open your hearts to me between two seconds you would know that all is well in eternal reality! Then you would see clearly how to bring this shadow earth into its true being, the Land of Heart's Desire! Know that Peace and Justice are One: Perfection and Nature are One: Osiris and Isis are One.

4. Oracle of the Goddess Hertha

(Published in the rite"Earth Magic of Transformation,

'Elemental Magic', "Urania, Ceremonial Magic of the Goddess")

Priestess: (Invocation) Divine Mother Goddess Hertha, we sing Thy praise, we glorify Thy creation.

"From a cracked egg’s lower fragment,

Now the solid earth She fashioned.

From the cracked egg’s upper fragment,

Rose the lofty arch of Heaven.

From the yolk, the upper portion

Now became the sun’s bright lustre;

From the white, the upper portion

Rose the Moon that shines so brightly;

What so in the egg was mottled,

Now became the Stars in Heaven.

When the ninth year had passed over,

And the summer tenth was passing,

From the sea Her Head She lifted,

And Her Forehead She uplifted,

And She then began Creation,

And She brought the world to order,

On the open ocean’s surface,

On the far extending waters.

Whereso’ere Her hand She pointed,

There She formed the jutting headlands;

When towards the land She turned Her,

There the level shores extended."

Oracle: Whenever the longing heart turns to the Mother, there I take up My abode. I am the Hearth Fire, the Heart of Life, and the secure earth that is your home. And this My hearth is one, and yet manifest throughout the galaxies. Honour your home, the earth, not for its greatness, but for its littleness. For in this matrix is your protection.

Be as My children the animals, the birds and the plants. For they die not but live forever in My everlasting home. Their existence of birth and struggle and death are to them but dreams. Only humans believe they die. And through this delusion they suffer. Turn to My deeps and you will find My jewels. These many coloured gems are concealed in your own bodies. My rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds glow in your red Tree of Life: My veins of Gold and Silver flow in your blood: My Poles of Balance are fixed within your bones. Turn to your roots. Despise not touch nor smell nor taste. These bring you into communion with Me and with all My children. Know Me as the Earth Mother Who bringeth forth all things that breathe and move and have their being. My Body holds all the elements. So My children are of My substance. I am in them all. And I am Immortal.

5. Oracle of the Goddess Kundalini

(Published in the rite "Sun Magic of the Life Force"

'Elemental Magic', "Urania, Ceremonial Magic of the Goddess")

Priestess: (Invocation) Awe-inspiring Goddess of liquid Fire, Whose serpent doth coil Herself round the Tree of Life, harken to our prayer! Bring us the seven apples of Power; the Power to know, to love, to take, to give, to rejoice, to grow, to join in the Dance of Creation! Yet protect us, weak as we are, from the consuming fires of Kali, lest we be unprepared for Thy Awakening from the Depths.

Oracle: You do well to invoke My Power, for without Me, though you have thought, feeling and existence, yet you dwell in the delusion of sloth and death. Fear Me not! I would that all beings should enjoy the fiery breath of My serpent, that brings ecstasy and eternal bliss. Not from ambition, nor from end-seeking, nor from desire to probe My secrets shall You come to Me: for wrong motive will inevitably lead to your destruction, until you learn more wisdom, and tread the path of the Virtues.

To draw My Power from the Great Deep, revere the earth your Mother through the senses. Touch the earth with the palms of your hands and kiss the ground. To bring down My Power from the heavens look upwards and wonder at the sun and the moon and the stars. So by your gaze shall you feel their harmonious influence call Me to you. But understand that no prayers, no virtuous activity, no meditation, no aspiration, no self-inflicted penances, not even adoration will call Me forth from the Mystic Cave. For I came through My Will, to the foolish, to the wise, to the prepared, to the unprepared, to the Saint, to the criminal. None may tell the hour of My Coming, nor to whom I will come. Nonetheless the wise prepare themselves, lest their habitation be destroyed by My Fire. Whether through the rushing of a powerful wind; through thunder and volcano; or through the song of birds and the dance of butterflies, or through Silence; I must come that you may awaken and live.

6. Oracle of the Goddess Artemis

(Published in the rite "Lunar Magic of the Tides"

'Elemental Magic', "Urania, Ceremonial Magic of the Goddess")

Priestess: (Invocation) Divine Artemis of the Golden Bow, Whose silver arrows shoot into the brow of artist, poet and lover: under Whose powerful protection live stags and hinds, bears and wolves; bestow on us Thy inspiration. Give us understanding of all living creatures: bring us in harmony with Thy glorious Nature: remember us, though we have neglected Thee.

Oracle: You have done well. You have heard My demands. At the eleventh hour you turn to My ways. Be confident and walk forth in hope. For thousands of long earth years which to the Deities is but the passing of a moment, you have turned away from Me in the pursuit of your own artifacts. And this was intended, that you should learn the skills of Hephaestus the Smith; and the high thoughts of My twin Brother Phoebus Apollo. But now, sated with your own mechanical toys, frightened by the Nemesis of your own acts, you turn to Me.

In your wanton destruction of your fields and woods you destroy yourselves. In the death of wild creatures, you injure your own existences. In your proud separation from Nature, you alienate your souls. But you have turned to Me. Know that Nature also has a soul: that the earth is a living being too mighty for you to understand: that every creature, every stick, each atom, has its true being in the psychic realm over which I preside.

All the nature that you see is a mirage of My true nature. You gaze at that which is before your eyes: yet this is a phantasm of that which truly lies behind you. You would follow My ways? Shut your eyes that you may see. The future you will know when you gaze upon the past - and so walk backwards to the future. Use your right hand for the day and the left hand for the night. Turn to the right for the gifts of My brother Phoebus of the Sun: turn to the left three times with your eyes closed if you would travel to My Moon.

For My Moon is not the moon you see. And My arrows are not only moon beams, but rather are the shining radiations of the Spirit. Treat My children of the Wild with care and respect: not as pets, but as your equals. So you will be the friends of bats and toads: of deer and wolves: of foxes and badgers: of owls and snakes: and of My ethereal creatures that exists in the sphere of My Moon, and are seen by your young children, who are not yet blinded and deafened by your ephemeral world. The key to My sphere is through reflection.

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