Fellowship of Isis Policies

For All Fellowship of Isis Members and Centers

I. All members of any Fellowship of Isis center must be enrolled within the Fellowship of Isis as a member. All new members must agree to abide by the principles of the FOI Manifesto. An application form must include the "Aset Shemsu" Hieroglyphs of the Fellowship of Isis, and so must the Membership Certificate which is issued from the sponsoring center. The sponsoring center submits their total number of new members to either the Circle of Isis, Star of Elen or FOI Germany; or a member of the one of the Fellowship of Isis Foundation Unions: the ArchDruid Union, ArchPriesthood Union or Grand Commander Union.

II. New centers are formed by sponsorship and certification from an already existing, certified center within the Fellowship of Isis.

III. Appointments are conferred when the appropriate degrees, initiations and rites have been completed or achieved. The Appointments are given according to the discretion of the Head of the Presiding Center. The autonomy and judgment of each teacher within the Fellowship of Isis is honored.

IV. Members who manage or own other spiritual organizations are asked to promote and perform their work independently from any Fellowship center that they may head. Fellowship of Isis members are free to be part of other organizations, to create them or to run them, but should be aware that other organizations are separate and not directly affiliated with the Fellowship of Isis.

V. All administrators within the Fellowship of Isis must research and abide by all laws in their locale pertaining to teaching minors, including the "age of majority" for their particular areas. Training administrators of FOI centers must first obtain permission from the legal custodian/guardian or parent/s both in person and through written signature, before acceptance of a minor as a student within their center. They are also required to give full disclosure of their course of study for parental approval before any minor receives instruction within an FOI center.

VI. Degrees in any course of training or study in the various branches of initiation offered within the Fellowship of Isis are attained after completion of the work required. All certificates are issued through the sponsoring center. These certificates must include the "Aset Shemsu" hieroglyphs that are the official logo of the Fellowship of Isis, originally drawn by Lady Olivia Robertson. New centers and new appointments are to be registered with a member of the FOI Foundation Union Triad (ArchDruid Union, ArchPriesthood Union or Grand Commander Union); or through an officially authorized FOI central website: Circle of Isis (Fellowship of Isis Central), FOI Germany or Star of Elen.

VII. Although Fellowship of Isis rituals are requested to be performed only by FOI members, there are exceptions to this. Especially in the case of performing a public ritual, and/or events where FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson is present. Such events are open to the general public and promote awareness of the Goddess, and of the Fellowship of Isis. Non FOI members who are present as witnesses of the ritual will be introduced to the beauty and power of the Fellowship of Isis liturgy in these special instances. This promotes awareness amongst those outside of the Fellowship of Isis community and promotes good will in the Goddess community at large.

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