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"The College of Isis has been revived after its suppression 1,500 years ago. Like Aset Shemsu, the FOI itself, it has always been alive in the Inner Planes." - Olivia Robertson, excerpt from Manifesto of the Fellowship of Isis

Pallas Athena is invoked and provides the oracle for the rite of consecration of a Hierophant, "Flamma Sacerdotae. Consecration of a Hierophant", into the College of Isis. The oracle reads in part: "Understand the meaning of what I am, and you will gain comprehension of your own lives and destiny. I am not divided against Myself: Bright Pallas with her Spear of Light does not war with the Dark Owl of Night."

The founding of the College of Isis was officially announced in Isian News, Summer, Issue No. 37, 1986. FOI co-founders Lawrence Durdin-Robertson and his sister Olivia Robertson sent out an invitation to Iseums inviting them to form Lyceums. It was a project dear to the hearts of the FOI co-founders Lawrence Durdin-Robertson and his sister, Olivia Robertson. The Magi Degree System of the College of Isis was the first corresponding of FOI rituals to the Star of Ishtar for the purpose of a structured course of study.

LYCEUMS, The College of Isis

The word "Lyceum" is an archaic name for a place of learning. A Lyceum can be a specific physical location with sacred space and an altar. It can also be a place in heart and mind where student and teacher meet. In the College of Isis, within the Fellowship of Isis, the Lyceum curriculum is utilized to develop intuitive connection to the Deity within. This is encouraged through guidance and self discovery. This is facilitated by the Hierophant who heads the Lyceum.

The Hierophant

A Hierophant is someone who has undergone much preparation and study. "Hierophant" literally means "one who shows forth." Hierophants of the College of Isis are consecrated in a separate ceremony following admittance into the Priestess/Priesthood of the Fellowship and subsequent training in the College of Isis. All titles within the Fellowship relate to the scope of work undertaken. Priesthood involves a voluntary acceptance of work undertaken for the Divine Plan of the Deities.

A Hierophant is a member of the ordained clergy who has earned four magi degrees. Magi degrees are received when divine awareness or divine communion is attained as a direct result of performance of one of the Magi Degree Rites. There are 33 initiations in the Magi Degree system, but only 32 rituals. The 33rd initiation being the attainment of divine awareness without ritual.

Purpose of a Lyceum

Every Lyceum is asked to provide a structured course of study which includes the Magi Degree System of rites. The contents of the study course should provide a culmination in a rite from the Magi Degree System of rites. There is no one particular established structure for the contents of a Lyceum study course. Each Lyceum offers a course of study that is brought through by inspiration from the Patron or Patroness Deity or Deities, making each training course unique to the particular Lyceum offering course work.

All Lyceums are paired with a Fellowship of Isis center called an Iseum. An Iseum is a Hearth of the Goddess, dedicated to a specific Patron or Patroness Deity or Deities. Iseums were the first FOI centers to be designated. A Lyceum, twinned with an Iseum, is therefore not only a teaching center within the Fellowship of Isis, it is also a Hearth of the Goddess.


Members of a Lyceum enjoy the same loving cooperation and companionship as members of Iseums. Teaching centers within the College of Isis also function as Iseums, the "Hearths of the Goddess" which nurture and protect the "sacred flame" burning within the heart of every FOI member. A Lyceum, twinned with it's Iseum, is also a branch of the Family of Isis. Members of a Lyceum are designated as Lyceum Companions.

Therefore the Initiation rite for admittance into a Lyceum is the same as that for admittance into an Iseum. This ritual is called "Flamma Vestae", interpreted from Latin it means literally “Flame of Vestae.” The Vestae were Priestesses of ancient Rome who guarded the sacred flame of their patroness Goddess Vesta, the Roman Goddess of the hearth and heart of the home. The Lyceum, like an Iseum, is seen as the spiritual home, a center where members gather together for friendship, teaching, ritual and to draw strength and comfort from the fellowship amongst Lyceum members. This ritual is found in the FOI Liturgy book "Panthea, Initiations and Festivals of the Goddess." A slightly altered version is used for admittance into a lyceum, which contains appropriate change of titles for the officiants of the ritual to designate their roles in a lyceum.

Please view the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy section to view the rites for the Lyceums of the College of Isis.

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