Olivia Robertson - The Call of Isis 1975

The Call of Isis, cover, first edition, Cesara Publications, 1975

"The Call of Isis" has been included here by direct request of the author.

The Spiritual Autobiography of Olivia Robertson

Co-Founder of the Fellowship of Isis:

The Call of Isis


Olivia Robertson

In Honour of the Goddess of the Divine Wisdom:

She who is crowned with the Stars,

Is robed with the Sun,

And stands upon the Moon.

The book is divided into three parts. The first, The Temple of the Moon, deals with psychic development and the control of the emotions through the use of trance.

The second part, The Temple of the Sun, introduces ways of using vital force for healing and creativity.

The third part, Temple of the Stars, deals with mystical experiences, and the safe development of cosmic consciousness.