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Participants and Attendees after a Festival at the Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle

July 3, 2018, Minette Quick, honorary secretary of the Circle of Brigid retired her post. On Lughnasadh 2018, it was announced the Circle of Brigid formally dissolved back into the Priest/esshood of the Fellowship of Isis. They now operate as the "Rainbow Circle." The information provided below is for archival purposes only.

Original Announcement

Prepared by Olivia Robertson and sent out via Minette Quick

May, 2004

The purpose of the Circle of Brigid is to continue organizing the 8 yearly FOI Festivals after the passing of the Olivia Robertson, FOI Co-Founder.  Members will continue to be welcomed every day to the Temple of Isis from 1st June to 1st September.  Meanwhile Olivia is still around and active! (*)

The Circle of Brigid

On the 8th May 2004, during the FOI gathering and ceremony for Beltane, Olivia formally announced the sharing of her role as hostess with the newly formed Circle of Brigid. This circle is composed of eight members chosen by Olivia and accepted by the current owner of the castle, David Durdin-Robertson and his wife Moira. David is son of Olivia’s brother Lawrence Durdin-Robertson and his wife Pamela, thus, David is son of two of the FOI co-founders and nephew of the third. Together Olivia and David act as Trustees for the Temple of Isis.

Olivia sent out the following announcement, dated May 17, 2004: “At the time of the founding, Minette Quick, ArchDruidess, was appointed as Honorary Secretary. During our gathering she took records of all present who wished to attend future ceremonies. Minette, accompanied by  Archdruidess Eileen Lawrence, and Joan Hartigan, Priestess Hierophant, offered prayers for healing and guidance in three of our temple chapels, dedicated to the Mothers, the Stars and Healing. Those in attendance were delighted with our new circle!”

Since its formation in Ireland by the Co-Founder of the Fellowship of Isis, the late Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson, The Circle of Brigid, with its eight founding members, has assisted in hosting the eight seasonal Goddess Festivals held at Clonegal Castle. Rev. Cressida Pryor acts as sole advisor.

The Circle of Brigid does not, of course, intervene in the affairs of other self-regulating Centres.  Its Global function is to encourage and spread fellowship and inspiration in every way, especially through the Arts.  

From the start in Ireland, it has encouraged local and visiting members of the Fellowship  from the UK and beyond to share their talents and skills, offering music, healing and spiritual counselling at Festivals, but also giving exhibitions of paintings and sculpture, putting on story-telling and drum workshops and producing plays in local halls in cooperation with the local community.

The Circle of Brigid has now opened its Spiritual Membership to all who wish to join.  The Spirit of Brigid fights for Justice with her Spear of Light.  She offers the flame of Her hearth and home. Her warm hospitality and loving care for all are legendary.  She fosters good relations with the local community, of whatever faith, not only in Ireland but in every country where there are Centres.

She Blesses all Wells and Springs, throughout the world.  Her names are many.

She is Goddess and Saint: Brigid, Bridget, Britannia, Brigantia.  Many words are associated with Her.  She is the Bright One, the Bridge, the Bride.

Our aim is to bring the Spirit of Brigid from Ireland to all our Centres with Her inspiration, encouraging its members to take up Her flame and pass it on to enrich the lives of others.  Spiritual Members need no Certificate of Membership, but dedicate themselves to her Spirit and to Her Work as they feel inspired.

Come drink at her Well…

Seek healing’s true wealth,

Take courage her flame is still burning.

Seek justice and peace,

Come share in the feast

Her Spirit is now preparing.

                                                                       - Minette Quick, Hon.Sec. Circle of Brigid

Since the dissolution of the Circle of Brigid, invitations to the eight seasonal Goddess Festivals at Clonegal Castle may be applied for by snail mail to Huntington Castle, Clonegal, Enniscorthy, Ireland.   


The Hon. Sec. of the Circle of Brigid, Minette Quick, sent a lovely report on the activities of the Imbolc Celebration at the Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle in 2010, updated on April 10. It includes several beautiful photos:

Special Report: The Beginning of the New Aeon   (2010)

Visits to Clonegal Castle


 Received April 13, 2010

Minette Quick, Hon. Sec. Circle of Brigid


Reminder about the Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle, Ireland

The Circle of Brigid will continue to organize the 8 yearly FOI Festivals after the passing of the Hon. Olivia Robertson, Co-Founder. Members will continue to be welcomed every day to the Temple of Isis from 1st June to 1st September. Meanwhile Olivia is still around and active!



Received June 6, 2011

Minette Quick, Hon. Sec. Circle of Brigid


Note: 'Huntington' is the name used outside FOI venues

Now that the season for Guided Tours of the Castle and Grounds is open for the summer months of June, July and August, I would be grateful if you would make it clear under FAQ's that general questions regarding visits to Huntington Castle for Guided Tours of the Castle and Grounds, and non-FOI events such as concerts etc.,  should be addressed to www.huntingtoncastle.com.  


Members wishing to come to one of our Fellowship Festivals at Huntington should continue to contact hon.sec.circleofbrigid@gmail.com  for an invitation.  It should be noted that these Festivals are private events and are not advertised on-line anywhere.  The Castle is a private home and is not open to the public except for advertised events.   

Thank you so much. 

Minette Quick

(Honorary Secretary, Circle of Brigid)




Extension of Copyright of Olivia Robertson's Works

to Circle of Brigid, Ireland

Received July 10, 2010

I, Olivia Robertson, have extended copyright of my works to ensure that the aims and ideals of the Fellowship of Isis are available to as many people as possible worldwide. With this in mind I have given copyright of my works to the Circle of Brigid, Ireland, in the care of the Honorary Secretary representing the fundamental principles of the Fellowship of Isis.

- Olivia Robertson, Co-Founder of the Fellowship of Isis, 10th July, 2010

Change in Roster of Membership in the Circle of Brigid

Received March 28, 2014

There have been a couple of further changes to the membership of the Circle of Brigid since those I sent only recently.  Perhaps you would kindly update your website notices for us:

The Rt. Rev. Pat Griffin wishes to retire at this stage of her life, having worked with Olivia for many years and run regular Fellowship meetings in her home in Dublin until just a couple of years ago.  As she is not able to be with us on a regular basis any more, she is stepping down from the Circle of Brigid.  However, we very much hope that she will come whenever she can, and, of course, for many years she was our most senior priestess together with one or two others whose association with the Fellowship went way back.  We all love her gentle ways and genuine devotion to the Goddess which is so apparent when you are with her.

Her retirement meant that there was a vacancy in our membership to be filled, and we are all delighted that Maire Doyle, one of our loyal and much liked priestesses, has accepted our invitation to assist in continuing to run the 8 Annual Festivals held in The Temple of Isis, which was created by the Co-Founders of the Fellowship, Olivia, Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson in the basement of their home in Clonegal Castle, 

Many Blessings!

Minette Quick (Hon.Sec.Circle of Brigid)



(*) Note: The original announcement above was sent with the name of Brigid spelled with an 'h'. The spelling has been changed to match the form used in the name of the Advisory Board and the e-mail address of the Hon. Secretary of the Circle of Brigid.

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