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Cover from Cesara Publications edition, 1992

The complete contents of the Handbook of the Fellowship of Isis, originally edited by Olivia Robertson, appears below. This edition was issued by Cesara Publications, the private publishing house of the Fellowship of Isis Foundation Centre, Clonegal Castle. The contents of this publication are included on this website by request of FOI Co-Founder Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson, AU, ADU, OT. The edition offered below was printed in 1995.

The Star of Ishtar Diagram, Handbook of the Fellowship of Isis

The Star of Ishtar Tiamat Dragon Diagram has the following caption:

"Diagram designed by Olivia Robertson, showing the eight Celtic seasonal festivals and the four stages of life from "Alma Mater" childhood through "Dulce Domum" to the Many Coloured Land of "Heart's Desire." Drawn by Chesca Potter."

Note: The equinox and solstice points on the Star of Ishtar have zodiac and stellar correspondences.



Edited by

Olivia Robertson

Cesara Publications


The Fellowship of Isis was founded at Clonegal Castle at the Vernal Equinox of 1976. The Founders were the late Rev. Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, his wife, and Olivia Robertson, his sister. The Manifesto of the Fellowship sets out the essential aims. It is headed with the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs which link the Fellowship with the love of the Goddess of six thousand years ago, and so have profound symbolic and occult significance. The hieroglyphs are translated as “Aset Shemsu”, the Retinue of Isis. Among the picture signs is that of Aset, the Throne of Isis, the Matriarchal seat which conferred power on each succeeding Pharaoh. The picture-word for Woman is presented as seated woman in profile; and the symbol of the Sun-God Horus, son of Isis and Osiris, is given in his bird form, in which he uses his Utchat eye. One may still see these symbols carved on the walls and columns in Egyptian temples and tombs. They bring members into relationship with their ancestors who loved the Arts and Nature.

The Fellowship is dedicated to spreading the religion of all the Goddesses throughout this planet. The Gods are also venerated. The Goddess is seen as Deity, the Divine Mother of all beings, as well as the embodiment of Truth and Beauty. Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, including Catholics and Protestants, and Spiritualists have joined. From many countries followers of the esoteric traditions have become members, including practitioners of Wicca, Qabalah, Rosicrucianism, Celtic Mysteries and the Zen, Sufi and Tao paths. The revival of the ancient Nigerian religion is under way.

The quick development of the Fellowship of Isis may be seen as part of the Renaissance of the Goddess now taking place all over the world. The unbalanced use of technology which puts at risk the very existence of life on earth, has in part led to this change of heart. The noble Classical Religions of the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus are being revived, along with the faiths of Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Chaldea, the Far East, Pre-Aryan India, and South America. That which is good and relevant for our age is being incorporated in our ways: unhealthy and unnecessary practices are discarded, particularly the cult of sacrifice, either actual or symbolic. Matriarchal ritual makes such practices not only repugnant but unnecessary. New cults are springing up, apparently spontaneously throughout the world, that appear to be inspired by prophecies of the future. These new faiths are frequently connected with the many U.F.O. cults, whose votaries claim to be instructed by Extra-Terrestrial beings. Many such followers have joined the Fellowship.

The Fellowship of Isis, as revealed during the last sixteen years, may be symbolized by the Marseilles Tarot Card “The Star”. This portrays a nude Goddess with her left gartered leg kneeling on the ground: her right foot is in a river. From one jar she pours forth water into the river: from another jar she brings water to the land for fertility. Above her head are the seven stars of the Hyades, dominated by the red and gold Aldebaran of Taurus, ruled by Venus. The river is Eridanus, river of the stars. Creativity comes from the harmony of the psychic and earthly spheres. The Goddess needs our help, that She may bring Her era of happiness, wisdom and creativity to this earth. Each member who chooses to join the Fellowship dedicated to the Goddess may give a unique contribution. Every talent is needed.

On the 1st October 1994 members numbered 12, 405 in 80 countries, including Japan, Nigeria and Yugoslavia. There are 447 Iseums in 37 countries and 63 Lyceums in 11 countries. The F.O.I. Priesthood has 252 Priestesses and 172 Priests in 21 countries. The Order of Tara has 18 Priories in 9 countries. The Druid Clan of Dana has 24 Groves in 8 countries, all listed in Isian News.

Parliament of the World’s Religions. Centennial Session, 1993. This was the first time in which the Religion of the Goddess has been publicly acknowledged as a World Faith. Olivia Robertson was with one other woman and sixteen men who addressed the Opening Plenary from the platform. She gave the Blessings of Isis to the world. A year later, on August 4th, her brother and Co-Founder, Archpriest Lawrence Durdin-Robertson left this world to join their fellow Co-Founder, his wife Pamela, in Spirit Sphere. His obituaries in main-stream newspapers dealt seriously with his life’s work promoting the Religion of the Goddess, acknowledging him as a major figure in the religious field.


(All new members receive and study this Manifesto and sign on the other side.)

Growing numbers of people are rediscovering their love for the Goddess. At first, this love may seem to be no more than in inner feeling. But soon it develops; it becomes a longing to help the Goddess actively in the manifestation of Her divine plan. Thus, one hears such inquiries as, “How can I get initiated into the Mysteries of the Goddess? How can I experience a closer communion with Her” Where are the nearest temples and devotees? How can I join the priesthood of the Goddess?” and many such other questions.

The Fellowship of Isis has been founded to answer these needs. Membership provides a means of promoting a closer communion between the Goddess and each member, both singly and as part of a larger group. There is also a communion experienced with Deities, spirit beings and all nature’s offspring.

The Fellowship is organized on a democratic basis. All members have equal privileges within it, whether as a single member or part of an Iseum or Lyceum. Membership is free.

The Fellowship reverences all manifestations of Life. The Rites exclude any form of sacrifice, whether actual or symbolic. Nature is revered and conserved. The Animal Family of Isis is listed in every Isian News. The Noble Order of Tara concentrates on working for Goddess and Nature.

The Fellowship accepts religious toleration, and is not exclusivist. Members are free to maintain other religious allegiances. Membership is open to all of every religion, tradition and race. Children, listed as “Children of Isis”, are welcomed, subject to parental consent.

The Fellowship believes in promotion of Love, Beauty and Abundance. No encouragement is given to asceticism.

The Fellowship seeks to develop friendliness, psychic gifts, happiness, and compassion for all life. The Druid Clan of Dana focuses on the development of telepathy, spirit communion and awareness of other spheres of being.

The College of Isis has been revived after its suppression 1,500 years ago. Like Aset Shemsu, the F.O.I. itself, it has always been alive in the Inner Planes. It is from these Inner Planes that its return has been inspired. As the College of Isis is part of the Fellowship, the ideal of the Manifesto also apply. The qualities of Goodness, Harmony and Wisdom are manifested through a multi-religious, multi-racial and multi-cultural Fellowship which honours the good in all faiths. Magi degrees may be conferred through Lyceums of the College. Correspondence courses are offered. There are no vows nor secrecy.

Iseums are the very Hearths of the Goddess, or the Goddess and God to Whom they are dedicated. These are listed, along with Lyceums and new members, in every issue of Isian News. Lyceums and Iseums are for F.O.I. members only.

The Fellowship of Isis Priesthood is derived from an hereditary line of the Robertson from Ancient Egypt. Priestesses, priests, every member have equal honour. Priestesses and Priests work with the Goddess-or Goddess and God-of their own Faith. Every human, animal, bird, tree is an eternal offspring of the Mother Goddess’s Divine Family of Life.


A solitary member sitting in a bed-sitting room or in a public park, may attain the beauty of communion with the Goddess. However, most members enjoy working with an Iseum. An Iseum is a Hearth of the Goddess around which the members draw strength, love and inspiration from one they accept as Mother. They are a family. The God is also given due honour. Each Iseum has its own magic, its own Divinity, and is dedicated to the Goddess, or the Goddess and God. The Goddess takes precedence in order to bring balance to our endangered earth, threatened by over-emphasis on male technology and power-games.

The aims of every Iseum are inspired by the Deity invoked. Thus a group working to help animals may be dedicated to the Cat Goddess Bast: nature conservation , to Cerridwen and Cernunnos: the occult to Nuit. An initiation rite, “Flamma Vestae”, is provided.

When the natural groupings of family was pushed aside by Patriarchy, the home as focus was superseded by meeting-house, church, hall. Whereas in a family easy affection and unspoken ways of behaviour bring happiness, hierarchic Churches and Orders were forced to impose rigid laws. Iseums on the other hand rely on psychic consensus of the group as to whether a member is attuned to the circle. Founders of Iseums act as friends and when they hand on to Elders, the same relaxed friendliness prevails. After all, if members do not like an Iseum, they can always join another one!

When the Goddess inspires someone to found an Iseum, Foundation Iseum is notified and when it is accepted, a Charter is issued. The Founders need not be ordained. The winnowing wings of Isis have proved effective in choosing not only new members of the Fellowship but also Iseums and Lyceums. The very foundation of F.O.I. (Faith) is in the Inner Planes. Members can practice any other religion or path in conjunction with Iseum work. Iseums are not enclosed circles keeping members in, and outsiders beyond the pale! They are spirals reaching out to the cosmos.


Divine Guidance and intuition is needed to find an Iseum relevant to the place, faith and ideals of a prospective member. The member can choose the degree of involvement. There are no binding oaths connected with any F.O.I. Iseum. A member may leave freely at any time, and may also join other Iseums. For instance, a student may wish to work with the Iseum of Athena, and practice healing with the Iseum of Bast. Initial contact may be through personal meeting, or through a letter to “The Honorable Secretary” of the Iseum concerned. These Honorary Secretaries are anonymous, for if admission is refused by group choice, no named individual has to make the refusal. Clearly any Iseum gathering has to be discriminating in choice of participants in ritual and group working. While the Fellowship is open to all sincere followers of the Goddess, each individual Iseum is a focus for work, and the workers must be in harmony. The Lady of the hearth chooses her guests, and the Host protects the home. Correspondence Courses are offered.


All beings are children born of the Mother Goddess, hence all are in essence Divine. Priesthood involves a voluntary acceptance of work undertaken for the Divine Plan of the Deities. Nor only human are called to do such tasks. Cats, particularly Siamese and Burmese who are descended from the Ancient Egyptian cats, give healing through their Mother, Bast the Goddess. Labrador and Alsatian dogs, who guide the blind, work with the jackal God Anubis, who guides souls through the Underworld.

Human beings attain Priesthood in various ways. Vocation is received from the Deities. Reincarnation brings memories of previous ministry. Initiation through an established priesthood is given through Rite or touch. Heredity gives family priesthood.

The Priesthood of the Fellowship of Isis is hereditary in source through the Robertsons of Strathloch, and is passed to priestesses and priests of the Fellowship through the Rite of Ordination, also through touch and oil. Vocation is essential. The Priestesses and Priests may in turn ordain others, either through ceremony or through oil and touch, as was the custom in Ancient Egypt. The ceremony may be conducted at a distance through mutual arrangement.

The priestly line comes to Lawrence and Olivia Robertson from the Egyptian Princess Scota - the Dark One - daughter of the Pharaoh “Cincris”. Scota was hereditary Daughter of Isis through her descent from Isis and Osiris, Queen and King of Egypt. Scota left Egypt with her Scythian husband Nel and gave her name to Scotland. The Gaelic race was named after her son Goadhal or Gaelglas. Lawrence and Olivia Robertson derive the titles “Priest and Priestess Hierophant” from Scota in another connection. “Those princesses who did not attain the rank of Queen by marriage...filled the office of Priestesses of the Goddess Nuit or Hathor and bore in their households titles which they transmitted to their children,” writes Maspero, in “The Dawn of Civilization.” Hierophant means a Guide, one who both leads and aids. “At the gates of the Other World...one often sees the dead being welcomed by a Goddess...who offers bread and water...the Deities who welcome the dead to Amenti are Nut, Hathor, Neith or Mayet.” Veronica Ions, “Egyptian Mythology.” Genealogical Sources: Manetho. “Lebar Gabala Erenn”, mediaeval.

All members of the Fellowship of Isis, whether Priestesses, Priests or Hierophants, Founders, Elders or new members, work on equal footing. Titles are descriptions of the work and responsibilities which their bearers undertake. The F.O.I. Priesthood involves acceptance of special work undertaken for the divine Plan of a particular Goddess-or Goddess and God. This can involve the dedication of one’s own daily work.

Ordination is bestowed by the F.O.I. Priesthood through the ceremony “Ordination of Priestesses and Priests”, the Rite inspired by Isis for the F.O.I. Liturgy. The same Ordination ceremony conveyed through Telepathic Attunement is as effective as the physical Rite. Telepathy is the language of the New Aeon.


Vocation from the Goddess is essential for candidates for the Priesthood. When this Vocation is experienced, the would be candidate should apply to a member of the Priesthood. Preparation varies according to the ways of each Iseum but an initiatory period of a year would be the minimum time needed. The candidate chooses the Goddess or Goddess and God she/he wishes to serve in order to help the Deity in the Divine Plan. Ordination by Attunement is only used when the applicant is in an isolated position. Preparation may be made through a Correspondence Course.


All members of the Priesthood have the right to use the prefix “The Reverend”. In the case of the Arch-Priesthood: the Right Reverend. Every Priestess and Priest and Hierophant are enrolled and listed and their names are published in Isian News.

The naming, baptism and blessing of children is conveyed through the Ceremony of “Alma Mater”. Matrimony is given through the Isis Wedding Rite. The funeral ceremony including burial or cremation is conveyed in hopeful and spiritualist ritual through the Ceremony of “Dulce Domum.” Although these ceremonies are usually conducted by Priestesses and Priests, members also perform them, especially mothers and fathers to introduce “Children of Isis”.

ARCH-PRIESTESSES & ARCH-PRIESTS This ancient Isian designation relates to the scope of work undertaken, involving a thousand or more members.

IMPERATOR The title, meaning Leader, Pioneer, is bestowed through consensus on those who face exceptional difficulties in their work for the Goddess and the Fellowship.

THE PRIESTHOOD HIEROPHANT. “Hierophant” means one who “shows forth”. Hierophants of the College of Isis are also ordained, and are 4th Degree Magi of the College. Thus they are qualified to bring Candidates through the College of Isis Magi Degree Course.


The College of Isis through its Lyceums, offers a structured Magi Degree Course in the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy. Tuition is given by the Priesthood Hierophant. There are 32 working degrees, the 33rd relating to spontaneous mystical awakening. Each Lyceum provides its own course culminating in a rite of Liturgy. The rites are based on the 33 intersecting points made by the 8 pointed Star of the Goddess Ishtar bisecting the 4-fold coils of the Dragon Goddess Tiamat. These are: the basic triangle of “Rebirth”, “Ordination” and “Wedding. Five Divine Mysteries in “Dea” 12 Planetary initiations in “Urania”, and 12 Cosmic Rites of the Zodiac in “Sophia”. Rites may be taken in any order suitable for the candidate’s progress.

Taking a degree can involve months or years. If Divine Communion takes place in some way during the period of working the Rite, a degree may be conferred. Hierophants confer Magi degrees with consensus from Candidate and Group. Magi Degree Correspondence Courses are listed in each Isian News.

The Sources of the Liturgy, given at the end of each Rite are from ancient texts ranging from India, China, Egypt and Europe, to America and Africa. These form part of recommended reading. Seven Correspondence Courses are offered in England, Scotland, Wales and the USA.


The Order came into being through the idea of Douglas Reagan of the U.S.A. who believed that an Order of Chivalry could be founded to inspire men and women to work at saving the environment from pollution. He requested Lawrence Durdin-Robertson to be Chancellor, as, being a Baron, he had the authority through his “Baronial Court” to bestow the accolade. Both Lawrence and Olivia agreed to be Chancellors. The Chivalric titles, as is customary are only used within the Order. Members of Priories perform hard work dealing with environmental problems in their areas. The Tutleary Goddess is Tara of Ireland and Asia, Tara of 108 Names. The Order of Tara, as with F.O.I. in general and the Druid Clan of Dana, is non-political and has no affiliations.


The emphasis of the Clan, based on the elemental powers innate in every sacred spot on earth, is to develop psychic gifts. Like the Order of Tara, the Clan is open to all races, paths and lands.


The F.O.I. yearly Convention is provided for members from all over the world to meet and exchange ideas in London. There are rituals, presentations and lectures. There have been five Conventions since 1990. There is also a yearly World Convention in Chicago, the first in 1994.


Consecutive volumes of the F.O.I. Directory provide a full list of all members who permit this, from 1976. Isian News contains lists of new members, and their book reviews, exchange magazine lists and notices. All notices of arts and crafts and psychic reading are printed free of charge. The Fellowship of Isis has no affiliations, but a regular list is provided of members’ particular Societies, Shrines and Temples.


Clonegal Castle, the Temple of Isis, 6:30 to 8:30 every morning and evening, and at other Iseums listed in Isian News. Members and others can link with this Rainbow Network at dawn and dusk all over the world for spiritual help and healing.


The Goddess Isis alone is Head of Her Fellowship. Within Her Family - Shemsu - all members will still have equal privileges. Membership will continue to be free. F.O.I. is not a Patriarchal Hierarchy, so no member can have spiritual authority over another. Iseums, Lyceums, Groves and Priories will remain on equal footing. Titles describe work undertaken, and are not a badge of authority over people or beliefs.

The Durdin-Robertsons, when ultimately Olivia Robertson enters Spirit Sphere, will do the practical work of issuing members’ certificates when the Manifesto is signed. Charters for Iseums, Lyceums, Groves and Priories will be issued on recommendation through existing centres. Certificates for the Priesthood will be issued when candidates have been duly ordained or consecrated by the Priesthood. Centralized lists are essential for an International Fellowship in nearly 100 countries. Legal status can only be gained state by state, country by country. Isian News and the Directory with their lists will continue to be published. They will still be restricted to members, because of the printed names and addresses. The secrecy of unlisted names will be protected.

The Durdin-Robertsons will continue to admit members to the Temple of Isis by appointment, and welcome them to the eight yearly festivals by invitation.

The Manifesto of the Fellowship of Isis, with its spiritual and democratic ideals, linking all religions, paths, races and beings, has already been accepted by over 12, 400 members, who have joined because of its assurances. Hence the Manifesto is perpetual and cannot be altered. Members who join the Family of Isis are in harmony through their love for the Goddess. Success and protection for Her Fellowship in the future is assured by Her Starry Wings.

Sources Volume I, F.O.I. Directory, 1980. The Manifesto and other leaflets and booklets.

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