Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena: A Meditation on Pallas Athena

A Meditation on Pallas Athena - The Palladium

We Enter a New Aeon

Athena Palladium sketch by Olivia Robertson

The Parthenon is a fractal! She goes on forever - greater and greater - smaller and smaller; for She holds a small representation of Herself (as Nike of Victory). I wonder if this is teaching ourselves about something? We hold on the palm of our hands our past selves. But towering over us and round us is our future - our divine future, holding Us in the palm of Her Hands!

Owl of Athena Palladium, sketch by Olivia Robertson

Received from Olivia Robertson in 2010

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Received from Olivia Robertson by private letter for Fellowship of Isis Central Website, 2010.