Noble Order of Tara - A Link Between Heaven and Earth

Olivia Robertson walking in the grounds of Clonegal Castle.

A Link Between Heaven and Earth

By Olivia Robertson

The Noble Order of Tara provides a way to help, even in a small way, while enjoying the companionship of others. Work is done to cleanse pollution of the local environment - energy, hope and cheerfulness is preserved. Blessings come from the Earth Goddess Tara, whose hills and mountains are derived from Her Name: Tor, Tower, Tora, Tara. She helps us through invocation of Her Five Forms - the Five Elements of Earth.

Humanity forms a vital circle in the cosmic spiral between natural evolution and that of the angelic and Deific spheres. We ourselves grew like plants and animals. We were of the same evolution. Yet there was a bridging difference. We were able consciously to participate in the Divine Plan, and so undertake tasks beyond animals who lived only by instance. True, we misused our intellect. But intellect itself, could elevate itself into Mind. And that mind we shared with the Deities.

By restricting ourselves to the mundane, we were losing what was our true ability: to transcend the mundane! By dwelling exclusively on physical phenomena, we were losing control of the very earth we wished to improve. We were ourselves prisoners within a world created by ourselves. Through our very science we were sealing ourselves from our own souls. And only through using our souls could we attain the realms of Spirit.

The time had come when we could be both active as well as passive in the spiritual life. And so the aims of our FOI Noble Order of Tara, created for environmental aims, could be genuinely effective.

The truly enlightened individual could use telepathy rather than a computer. Using the more developed spiral of the etheric realm, so-called miracles could be accomplished. Why fight the big corporations, though this my often be praiseworthy, when you could change the minds of those active within these organizations? To do so would be to honour the spirit within all of us, including business-men and women. Those in an army can long for peace. Through telepathy, harmony may be brought to warring factions in equitable settlement. Telepathy is a modern word for prayer.

Even a few individuals dedicated to the work can bring change. My attention was drawn to the effect brought to us by a carpenter’s son in Nazareth, with a few fishermen as followers: to an Indian Prince traveling as a beggar in India: to Gandhi in his loincloth: to a man with no possessions befriending a wolf, and preaching to birds.

Spiritual awareness has every relevance because without it banners, protest marches, hunger strikes, have no lasting efficacy. That which is done on a materialistic footing will affect matter only for a brief time - you cannot force people to be “good.” Real change is brought by recognizing one’s own divinity and honoring this in others. Then you have collaboration, not confrontation.

The emergence of the Goddesses is the greatest change that can happen to the human psyche. Nature is not seen as an enemy to be conquered: the passions, as evil to be suppressed. Earth is enjoyed as part of the cosmic whole: not an embarrassing mistake, caused by the original sin. Deities are Beings from divine spheres, who can help to transform our earth into its true likeness. Earth is not a disgrace which we have to rectify. It is a living Being that is evolving as we are.

Tara is the Goddess of mountains and hills all over the world. A hill, whether Nun of Egypt, Mount Meru, Olympus, Mount Leinster, Mount Shasta, Glastonbury Tor, is based on earth, and is the place of Tara where earth meets sky. We need to climb our own hill to the sky; yet not forgetting where we came from - the earth.

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Photo provided by Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality. Used by permission. All rights reserved.