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Charter for the Star of Elen drawn and signed by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson

The Star of Elen

Advisory Board and Central Global Website

of the

Fellowship of Isis

Formally Chartered by FOI co-founder Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson on

July 8, 2008

Please Note: The announcement for the Star of Elen is presented in two sections on this page. The text presented immediately below was dictated to Caroline Wise by Olivia Robertson during the creation of the Star of Elen in London, in the presence of other Star of Elen members. During dictation, Olivia Robertson announced the full list of names of members of the Star of Elen, all of whom she personally selected. Olivia read the announcement through and acknowledged to all present the wording and listing of her choices for membership were exactly as she wished. Olivia Robertson drew and hand lettered the Charter for the Star of Elen and personally wrote by hand the second part of the announcement, the full text of which is presented within quotation marks in italics.


The Star of Elen joins the Circle of Brigid, the Star of Isis and the Circle of Isis in the harmonious constellation of Fellowship of Isis Advisory Boards. All boards have equal standing within the Fellowship and work together in goodwill.

The Star of Elen, although international, provides a focus for members in the British Isles and Europe, especially those discovering and exploring the Goddess through the arts. The Star of Elen is limited to eight members.

Star of Elen Board Members include:

Olivia Robertson

Caroline Wise

Störm Poorun

John Merron

Laura Janesdaughter

Michael Staley

Celia Thomas

Linda Iles

Internet information for the Star of Elen will be provided shortly.


The complete text of Olivia's handwritten announcement appears below in italics:

Olivia writes: "The Star of Elen forms a global circle linking the Circle of Brigid in Ireland, and the Star of Isis and the Circle of Isis in the USA. Owing to the extraordinary expansion of the Fellowship of Isis, it has been necessary to form such Circles. The Circle of Brigid has been formed to facilitate events at Clonegal Castle, the others organise Global websites which have already brought the FOI to 123 countries.

Caroline and Olivia have exhaustively planned this new star, which will have a global website and magazine in the British Isles, which extends to any members throughout the world with goodwill to all.

The individual emphasis is on the arts so integrated with the culture of Europe, especially London with its links to the Golden Dawn and so many other distinguished societies." 

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