Ellen Cannon Reed - A Priestess Remembered

Ellen Cannon Reed and Friend

A Priestess Remembered

Ellen Cannon Reed was born on March 21, 1943. Ellen was a very active priestess, teacher and community leader for many years in Southern California. She became a member of the Fellowship of Isis in the 1970’s. Her lively exchanges on the Fellowship of Isis members online discussion group are greatly missed. Along with her many other accomplishments, she was also a well respected author. Her writings include a wonderful book about her work and experiences with the deities of ancient Egypt titled “Circle of Isis.”

Left: the cover of Ellen's book "Circle of Isis"

This book is based on her own practical experience as well as information she cultivated through scholarly research. Within it’s pages, Ellen shared meditations, songs, rituals and even instructions on how to make a sistrum. Through “Circle of Isis” she demonstrated that it was possible to incorporate a knowledge and love of the deities of ancient Egypt into modern life.

After a three year battle with leukemia Ellen Cannon Reed passed away on October 7, 2003. She is greatly missed in the Isian community. Those of us who have been touched by the genuine devotion that was the underlying theme of her work are certain that Ellen was granted a safe and sure passage to the “Field of Green Reeds” by her beloved Deities.

The Circle of Isis Advisory Board was founded on Sunday, October 10, 2004 through the Temple of Isis at Isis Oasis Sanctuary in Geyserville, California. It was created by FOI co-founder Olivia Robertson, who asked us on that day "What do you wish to call your Circle?" At that time it was just over a year since Ellen's passing. We were gathered at Isis Oasis to form an advisory board through the Temple of Isis. We were all members of the Fellowship of Isis and all ordained as Isian clergy. Things clicked into place, and the name came immediately. It seemed the 'logical' thing to do.

Ellen Cannon Reed Memorial Research Center

Ellen Cannon Reed and her husband Chris Reed donated their private temple library to the research center at the Crystal Cauldron in Pomona, California. In honor of this generous gift, the Crystal Cauldron Research Center was renamed in honor of Ellen.

The purpose of the research center was to facilitate the sharing of knowledge within the community. The research center included books, audio and more for use within the research center premises. The community was welcomed to visit the research center during store hours.

Future plans for the holdings of the entire research center included their being cataloged on a searchable database for anyone to review. Many of the books made available through the research center were out of print, and include first editions and books that have been inscribed by the author.

According to information provided to us, Willow's Crystal Cauldron is now closed. She does have a blogspot and is expecting to open another shop very soon.


Pacific Circle Gathering Retreat

The Pacific Circle Gathering Retreat was a family friendly event organized over 25 years ago by Chris Reed and his late wife, Ellen Cannon Reed. It included workshops and rituals. This event was held for over 20 years in Angeles Crest Forest at the Bandido Campground during Summer Solstice. After that it was moved to Gold Creek Ranch in Sunland, California.

Ellen’s books are available through local bookshops and booksellers online.

For information about leukemia and support for patients, please visit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society website:


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