Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena: Second Path

Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena

By Olivia Robertson

“Triple Moon Ngame” by Olivia Robertson

Second Path: Spear and the Moon

Seeking Direction, Honoring the Ancestors

“… People who wish can invoke ancestors significant to them.” - Olivia Robertson

The Athenaea, great festival of Pallas Athena, was celebrated after the dark moon, at the time of the new crescent. Ancients cited Aristotle, who declared Pallas Athena as the moon, and “more than moon.” The crescent of the new moon marked Her birth – perceived as Athena emerging from the brow of the Her Father, the Sky-God Zeus.

Ngame, Moon Goddess of Africa, guided my second cousin Robert Graves. He related Her to Neith of ancient Egypt. Michael Okoruwa, Archpriest in Nigeria, wrote to my brother Lawrence, holding a similar belief. These two Goddesses shot arrows of inspiration, Ngame as moon; Neith as solar deity. To some, Neith of Egypt and Libya was the origin of Athena of ancient Greece. Athena uses Her spear in much the same way as the arrows of Neith and Ngame – yet there is a difference. She projects energies of both sun and moon - gold and silver - in Athena these twin currents are united.

Many feel the call to follow the way of the Mysteries – only to find themselves on a path of doubt, despair – and yes, even arrogance! These types of temptations often beset a seeker. But the Goddess is always there to guide those who open their hearts to listen. During the times of dawn and dusk the veil between worlds thins. These psychic gateways open for those who truly wish to follow the Mysteries, to receive guidance and blessing at the beginning of a new day; to receive protection and blessing every night as the soul enters other realms in dreams. Although we cannot always perceive the Goddess with our physical senses, She is indeed always there. She is the Great Mother and She guides Her Children.

Deities use our perceptions to aid communication. Delivery of spiritual guidance varies - Gods and Goddesses take forms based on ideas we hold of Them. Athena was Goddess of Wisdom to the ancient Greeks, to the Romans She was Minerva. Sophia of the Gnostics was Mary in Rome and Isis in Alexandria; Isis of Egypt went through trade routes into China, where She became Kwan Yin. In the Americas She had copper-coloured skin and appeared as Maya. Our ideas can scarcely define the Deities. These radiate in rainbow rays a beauty of being beyond our limited scope. We each contain a spark of this divinity as children of the Cosmic Mother.

Her Guidance comes in many forms: kind words from a stranger; happenings in outer life relevant to one’s inner quest; unusual dreams –all may seem random acts, unless one is aware. Synchronicities often mark the Path of the Goddess. Not every message is borne directly by Deity. My sister-in-law Pamela, attuned to nature, could converse with spirits of trees and flowers! Helpers and Guides come in many forms - totem animals, nature spirits, angelic beings, shamans, teachers, and sages – and those who have ‘signed up’ for psychic rescue work! Our helpers and guides may change over the course of time. I’ve wondered why this is so - perhaps to avoid over-attachment. We must receive and grow, and learn to walk on our own. Divine guidance comes in many ways, offered in the guise best suited to the seeker.

Those who find and accept the divine are able to recognize and accept guidance when it comes. This sounds simple – but the first reaction of awareness of other spheres - no matter how keenly sought - may be that of fear. To experience beyond one’s normal scope often means suspending belief systems of the past. A great lesson on any spiritual path is that of discrimination.

Our Temple of Isis isn’t like ancient Egyptian temples at all. Theirs were laid out straight from beginning to end to receive sunlight on an enshrined image of Deity. No one else could see the end but the high priest or king. Ours is like the Cretan labyrinth. We have ancient tiles above the entryway and the Goddess Ariadne on the garden door. Everything inside is done with mirrors and interior windows painted with images of Goddesses and Gods. You can go round and round inside our temple. You can see the end and beginning - and you see yourself reflected with Deity.

Those who tread the labyrinth of the Mysteries may ask for direction, and they will receive it. Help may come directly from Deity, or Guides, Helpers and Ancestors of Wisdom. All have their part in the Divine Plan.

Ariadne on the garden door entrance to the Temple of Isis, by Olivia Robertson

*Note: Work in each path consists of psychic questing. “Athena: Arcadian Awakening” may be used, and oracles by Olivia Robertson – “unscripted rites” - development of one’s own rites and oracles is encouraged. The order honors and reveres all Athenian Ancestors of Arcadia, as the Goddess Athena shares Her inspiration and wisdom through spirituality and the arts.

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