Olivia Robertson: The Veil of Isis

Isis of the New Aeon, Veiled

The Veil of Isis

“I Am She Who Was And Is And Shall Be.

No Man Has Lifted My Veil And Lived.”

In the End is the Beginning

Overwhelmed by various disclosures about people’s personal lives in our country, Ireland – including the highest – Priests and Rulers – I felt in the mood for disclosure! Let the Truth shine forth! I work out things in our Temple. Magically I decided to unveil two statues: One, that of a golden naked Goddess which I placed strategically over our Holy Well of Brighid – the other, our Isis crowned with Sun and Moon, on our High Altar. Let Love and Truth be shown forth.

Winged Brigid by David Durdin-Robertson

I enjoyed unveiling the golden statue above the Well – The Goddess with six gold wings is now gazing down into the water. This would break our Irish taboo against NUDITY – which goes back to Pagan times. The hero, Cuchulain, had a “geis” – (a taboo against naked women). So he had to turn back when a group of women from his enemies took their clothes off and so barred his way! He and his men fled before the awful sight! Would this work with a modern army with strong religious convictions? We could try.

Well pleased with what I had done, I decided to write about the Unveiling of Isis of Truth in Ireland and everywhere else. We would forgo deception of any sort – secrecy, secret vows – secret rites. Not that we did any of these in FOI. We were “new age”.

A door is always left open at all our Castle ceremonies. At first the people of Clonegal looked in to see what we were at. Now they have exhaustive television coverage – and Blogs and U-tubes and Twitters and so forth ******* But, as so often happens when I prepare to give forth a good idea – its opposite hits me!

Just before sitting down to write, I paid my customary visit to our Temple. Suddenly, unexpectedly, I saw that our dungeon – our Matrix – our Cave of the Mothers – had lost all mystery! Plain to view, people would take photographs or film our Priestesses giving healing – for the doors had been taken away to show forth the granite dolmen-carved doorway.

I looked back. Daily I had declared: “I pass through the Portal of Death and enter the Matrix” – but there was no drama. There it all was, an obvious Chapel, with no nook or cranny concealed. What must I do?

The Fates and the Oracles have to be veiled: Only the true seeker may face Them. So I rushed upstairs and found a beautifully embroidered black shawl. I arranged it under a cloth depicting two huge Ancient Egyptian Eyes, so that the veils blocked the Portal. The effect was magical! To enter the Cave of the Mothers one now has to lift the veil concealing the Goddess of the Mysteries.

Veiled Entrance to Cave of the Mothers

So it is with Death. We need to face death before being re-born. What is the Veil of Isis? Mysterious and compelling, transparent yet concealing, it is the atmosphere that cloaks our earth. Psychically it is the radiating aura that surrounds each of us, wrapping us in our hopes and visions. Above all, the Mystic Veil gives us the promise of Divinity awaiting us just round the corner – if only we have the courage to lift the Veil.

Originally published in the Mirror of Isis, Beltane 2010

Volume V. Issue 1

Photos by Minette Quick

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