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Ascension of Isis (on Facebook)

An open discussion group for topics and ideas connected to the esoteric principles of ancient Egyptian Mystery schools. We respect all beliefs and reverence to the Goddess as well as the God in all forms. We hold dear a scepticism of all things as to question is to learn, there maybe nothing new under the Sun but it will not stop us asking. Facilitated by Ascension of Isis Lyceum founder Rev. David de Roeck, Wi nTraA.


Circle of Isis

Besides hosting a global website for the Fellowship of Isis, the Circle of Isis Advisory Board FOI/TOI also maintains an online discussion group. Group activity covers both queries on FOI related matters and topics of individual interest centered on the Goddess. You can subscribe at the address below:


Devotion to Isis

Focuses on the Goddess Isis, the religious and devotional practices of the Isian tradition, the relationship of Isis to other Great Goddesses of Egypt, Greece, India, etc., and the Marian tradition of Christianity. You can subscribe at the home page for this group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Devotion_to_Isis/

El Círculo de Isis

El Círculo de Isis has been born!!! This is a Spanish online community dedicated to deepen the relationship with the Goddess Isis in her ten thousand names. This community celebrates the New and Full Moons as well as the major holidays. Together, we learn about the Goddess, Her rites, astrology, tarot, runes, herbs, crystals, among many other things. If you speak Spanish and would like to participate, please find us in Facebook under Circulo de Isis or join our yahoo group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circulo_de_Isis/. We look forward to sharing the circle with you!

El Círculo de Isis ha nacido!!! Esta es una comunidad virtual dedicada a fortalecer nuestras relaciones con la Diosa Isis en sus diez mil nombres. Esta comunidad celebra las Lunas Nuevas y Llenas y las gran celebraciones. Juntos aprenderemos sobre la Diosa, sus ritos, astrología, tarot, runas, hierbas y cristales además de muchas cosas mas. Si hablas español y quieres participar, nos encontraras en Facebook bajo el nombre Circulo de Isis o puedes unirte a nuestro grupo en yahoo en la dirección http://groups.yahoo.com/group/circulo_de_Isis/. Te esperamos!

Fellowship of Isis

A world wide online discussion group for FOI members. This list was founded in December of 1998 as an informal forum intended to promote networking and discussion between members of the Fellowship of Isis. This list is one of the longest running (if not 'the' oldest) and has the largest membership of any FOI related group on the web. Owned/moderated by Laura Janesdaughter of Priestess of TOI/LA, Circle of Pelagia and Star of Elen; and Don Lewis, Priest of the Fellowship of Isis and HP of the Correllian Tradition.


FOI Tarot

The moderator of this list shares his knowledge of the tarot with members of the Fellowship of Isis. Each week three cards are drawn corresponding to signs of the zodiac. The cards are interpreted as a mythic story which is attuned and sent to list members. This list does not operate in a discussion format.


Guild of Hypatia

An e-group whose members are encouraged to set up and maintain their own Goddess shrine. Group members will then write liturgies and prayers to the patroness Deity of their shrine.The Guild of Hypatia is a center of faith and learning, placing emphasis on spiritual function rather than discussion. It serves as an online temple.


Iseum of Apollo and Artemis

An online discussion group for spiritual seekers of alternative gender (GLBT), their families, friends and anyone else who might wish to offer support. The group acts as a virtual FOI Iseum, offering membership to neophytes who wish to study the mysteries with people of similar backgrounds, and offering ritual mystery dramas to perform by attunement. It is an adult group, limited to people over 18 years of age. Consideration, care and respect of others is the prime focus, privacy and confidentiality is extended to all members.



Isis-Star has been set up to facilitate discussion and networking for those interested in Ancient Egyptian religion (Kemet), nature magick (Tameria), magick (Heka, Ceremonial), belief systems (Stellar, Hermetic), spirituality, philosophies and related Paganism. Isis Star online discussion group is currently based in Australia and available for all members of the international community to join. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Isis-star/

Isis, The Star of Sirius

The group is open to all who wish to seek out the Goddess Isis and have an intimate relationship with Her. She is the Goddess of 10,000 names, so if She is Diana, Hecate, Kwan Yin to you, please come in and share your experiences.


Listserves offered by the Fellowship of Isis in Chicago

There is a very active FOI community in the Chicago area. Please click on the link below to find more information about these lists on the FOI Chicago website: http://www.foichicago.org/listserves.html

Moot with No Name

The Moot with No Name meets every fortnight on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM at the Devereux in Devereux Court opposite the Royal Courts of Justice at the extreme eastern end of The Strand. Devereux Court is at the side of a pseudo-Elizabethan pub called The George. Nearest tubes are Temple (go north and look for Essex Street and turn right)and Holborn (go south and left until you see the George opposite you). An online discussion group for the Moot with No Name is provided: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/moots/

Psyche's Circle

An online message board and personal journal.


Shining Web of the Fairy Tree Grove

The focus is on Fairy lore and close encounters with beings from the Fairy realm and fostering worldwide interest in members sharing their experiences and ways of working in the realm of fairy, nature, animal and elemental spirits. Members may care to share their interests in related subjects through artwork, photographs, and projects of different kinds as the group develops. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SWoFT/

Tarot Traditions

A list designed for those interested in the tarot, the occult, philosophy, psychology or in any other area in which the tarot can be applied. All are welcome to join no matter what their level of skill or knowledge of the tarot.


Temple of Isis

An online discussion group sharing news, announcements, insights of Temple of Isis members and in particular the writing of Rt. Rev. Loreon Vigne. The focus is on Isis as Goddess of Nature and Creatrix of Life, celebrating the arts, creativity and caring for every living creature on the planet.


Temple of Isis/Michigan

The official online list for the Temple of Isis/Michigan, a Western MI based Temple/Coven rooted in the ancient Egyptian/Kemetic belief system with a focus on Isis & Osiris, but all God/desses of all Pagan paths are open for discussion. TOIM is an active group, we have functions, potlucks, rituals, parties & our presence is known in the Michigan/Great Lakes Pagan Community.


Temple of Isis/Utah

An online discussion group hosted by members of Temple of Isis/Utah, which was founded by Priest Hierophant and Solar Alchemist Kasey Conder. Events and everyday related items of discussion on activities centered around devotion to Isis.


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