Fellowship of Isis - Animal Family of Isis

FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson with family members

at Clonegal Castle & Otto, a Bernese Oberlader!

Olivia stresses the importance of animals in the FOI as equals. She speaks out against animal cruelty and shares with others that animals give love. She has often refrained: "Animals are Beautiful".

Fellowship of Isis

Animal Family of Isis

"Honoring Our Animal Friends"

“Every Being - human, animal, bird, tree - element - is an eternal offspring of the Divine Family of the Mother Goddess.” - Manifesto of the Fellowship of Isis

“The Fellowship reverences all manifestations of Life.” - Original version of the Manifesto of the Fellowship of Isis, 1976

From Olivia Robertson, July 21, 2011: "Autumn. Litany of the Earth is the standard Rite for the Animal Family of Isis."

"Autumn. Litany of the Earth" is from the FOI liturgy book "Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess".

FOI members who wish to honor their pet or an animal that is special to them are cordially invited to write to the e-mail address below. Your pet or special animal friend can be listed in the Animal Family of Isis section of Isian News:

Honorary Secretary of the Circle of Isis: isiscircleonline@yahoo.com

Please put "Animal Family of Isis" in the subject line.

Isian News

Olivia writes that a pet rat named Wilfred was the first member of the Animal Family of Isis when it was inaugurated so many years ago, in 1977. Wilfred was included with the announcement of the inauguration of the Animal Family of Isis in Isian News.

Boris, pot-bellied Vietnamese pig at Clonegal Castle.

Photo © S. Durdin-Robertson

A cat guards the entry way to the Old Abbey

Photo © MacLochlainn

Otto the Bernese Oberlader

Photo © C. West

Ducks in the River Slaney

Photo © C. West

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