Isis - Modern Isiacism

Modern Isiacism ( Faith of Isis) in the new Millennia

Written by James Jacob Pierri

November 27, 2010

Amma Iset! Amma Iset! Amma Iset! Repeat this mantra a few times, see how you feel afterward. Amma Iset can be defined in a myriad of ways, just like The Goddess Isis her self through out Her very long history. Today, Amma Iset denotes a variety of blessings such as a greeting, "peace" or "love", or a good-bye as in "so long", in similar ways to the words Amen, Blessed Be, Shalom or Namaste. Modern devotees, priestesses and priests, who are followers of Isis, say this mantra hundreds of times a day, either to each other, when meditating, praying or simply greeting Isis of the 10,000 Names.

The history and traditions of Isiaiscm have a rich, long and undeniably mysterious past. The cult of Isis begins in a marsh along the delta in the sacred Nile river in Egypt over 5,000 years ago; and from there spirals through Europe, the Middle East, Asia and into modern day America. When being called to be a devotee of Isis, one must stretch back into thousands of years of religious tradition and become comfortable with constant change.

The sacred and holy Sistrum held in the hand of Isis - and flicked by her wrist - keeps life in perpetual motion to prevent it from stagnating. The sound of this instrument is hypnotic and alluring. The chimes resonate across time, vibrating with the hum of life and the universe, much like the Buddhists ‘Om’. Playing this instrument which bears a rattle-esque resemblance helps keep one in harmony with the heavens and Earth and is essential to the Ma’at or Balance of an Isiac today or of any era.

In this present day we are still closely dedicated to Isis via the many ways Her religion has flourished, syncretisiszed and found inspiration amongst the various people and nations that allowed it to take root and grow in a peaceful and gentle way. This unique spiritual faith has never been brought to its adherents by force, instead it has called on its followers, allowing them to choose this path and come together to serve The Goddess. Though there are guidelines to follow as a spiritual role model, there are no dogmas or punishments. However some of the orthodox levels of the faith can be compared to a blend between Catholicism and Buddhism for its desire for purity and for the personal disciplines performed in rites and rituals. There is confession, which comes as a surprise to many not familiar with the traditions in Isiacism and it can be conducted in two ways: one on one with Isis Herself or through a well trained and experienced Priest/ess.

As in other religious faiths, Isiacsm has many denominations and has different ways of practicing rituals, rites, meditations and prayers. From Wiccan, Pagan and Witchcraft followers to Catholics, Santero’s and Voodoo practitioners, Isis is the core Goddess adored and called on. It’s easier to define and recognize when one is an Isis Devotee and to see Her as the binding that holds all of our traditions together throughout mankind.

Magic, Astrology and holistic medicine all have their special place under the mantle of Isis. She shares with her followers these gifts in hopes that performing these gifts will help all of humanity and nature. Today the call of Isis not only comes through spiritually, philosophically and metaphysically but also asks us to assist in defending nature - the physical and all encompassing body of Isis, Her gift to humanity. Besides aiding people with the tools of divination, spiritual counseling and the art of magic, we must apply our experience to protect our Earth from further harm and contribute to healing the Ka (soul) of the planet and lead in regaining the balance and harmony - the Ma’at of unification between mankind and nature. Isis and our ancestral priestesses and priests and devotees have secured a path that at times, much like The goddess herself is veiled, revealing the road ahead when it is safe and the time is right. Though She may come to us and inspire in a myriad of faces and names, She has held her sacred promise to be the salvation and friend to humanity.

“No man hath ever me unveiled” – Isis, as inscripted at her Temple in Sais, Egypt.

This is but a brief introduction to a very indepth and multifaceted religion. So much of the initiations, rites and rituals remain silent and secret to the non initiated yet to this day. Over time I’d like to share facts, stories and experience and explore in more detail the beautiful, colorful and wonderful practice of Modern Isiascm.

About the Author: James Jacob Pierri is a Hierophant Priest within the Fellowship of Isis, an international fraternity dedicated to preserving and sharing the spiritual beliefs and practices of The Goddess in all her forms and worshipped as a single Godhead in the form of Isis. James presents “ The Isis Mysteries” a 4 week introduction to Isis and Modern Isiaiscm and leads private tours on the subject at The Metropolitan Museum in New York City (not affiliated with the museum). He is also working his way to a degree in Pagan Studies and Goddess related History. A published Astrologer, Tarot Specialist and well-known Palmist, James travels teaching on all of these subjects. For more information on Isiaiscm or to find out more about James visit:

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