College of Isis - College of Isis and First Lyceums (1986)

First Hierophants and Lyceums in the College of Isis

The founding of the College of Isis was officially announced in Isian News, Summer, Issue No. 37, 1986. Olivia sent the following list of the first lyceums and hierophants, as entered into records kept at Clonegal Castle.

Rev. Anne Morris, Prs. H. Lyceum of Vesta, Goddess of the Hearth, UK

Rev. Sandra and James Beard, Hierophants, Lyceum of Isis and Nephthys, UK

Rev. Vivienne O’Regan, Crys O’Regan, Hierophants, Lyceum of Isis-Sophia of

the Stars, Warwickshire, UK

Rev. Steve Wilson, Caroline Wise, Hierophants, Lyceum of Isis of Time &

Space, London, UK

(Caroline later founded Isis of the Thames Lyceum in London)

Rev. Kati Koppana, Hierophant, Lyceum of the Star Goddess, Finland

Revs. Werner Laesen and Ulrika Werner, Hierophants, Nuit-Isis Lyceum,


Rev. Swami Prem Sudheer, Hierophant, Lyceum of Brighid, Scotland

Rev. Kavina-Khandem Collyns, Hierophant, Lyceum of Isis and Ceridwen, UK

Rev. Morgan Benedict, Hierophant, Lyceum of the Veiled Isis, USA

Rev. Kenneth Arflame, Hierophant, Lyceum Alchymeia and Tomegatherion'Ra,


The College of Isis

by Steve Wilson, AU, H., ArchDr., GKC

First published in the Neptune Press edition of "The Call of Isis", December 1993. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Olivia had been receiving a series of rituals during her daily meditations in the Temple. These had first been published in the FOI newsletter and were then collated in booklets. While Olivia’s rituals seemed to present a complete magical liturgy, aft first many established practitioners were skeptical. They seemed to disobey certain hard and fast rules that had become rigid within the mysteries. They always included Goddesses and Gods from different pantheons, which alone was anathema to many. They were extremely elaborate, using words and gestures that sound antiquated. However, in 1986 Vivienne O’Regan and myself, having tried out one or two of these rituals, found that in fact they were extremely powerful. They worked extremely well and had a profound and beneficial effect on the practitioners. We decided to set up a group dedicated to carrying them out.

The result was the initiation of another phase in the development of the FOI. Lawrence and Olivia decided to revive the terms Lyceum and Iseum. The Iseums are those centres affiliated to the FOI as before, the Lyceums carry out the liturgy. In addition, the Priests and Priestesses, given the additional role and name of Hierophant, must carry out training for members wishing to join the priesthood.

Another Lyceum was formed almost simultaneously in the USA and soon they began all over the world. Training courses, run both by personal tuition and by mail, sprang up everywhere. One of these has already been published, Vivienne O’Regans ‘Pillar of Isis’ (Aquarian Press 1992). The College of Isis, the Hierophants and the Lyceums has moved beyond the Orders and Circle of more narrowly based groups. The personal aspect of the Fellowship allows each individual their own awakening at their own pace and the Magi Degrees were instituted to recognise this growth. Each degree is given when an FOI rite produces a mystical experience. Again, there is no cachet associated with these degrees, but they allow each individual to chart their own growth.

There are 33 degrees in all. These consist of the rituals of rebirth, ordination and marriage, the five Dea mysteries and the rituals in Urania and Sophaia. The 33rd degree is spontaneous and personal rather than ritual. The 33 are mapped on the diagram created by the intersection of the eight-rayed star of Ishtar with the fourfold coils of Tiamat. There is no strict order in which the experience may unfold. People wishing to undergo this course can either join a Lyceum or undertake one of the seven correspondence courses currently offered by various Lyceums.

Steve Wilson is an ArchPriest and Hierophant of the Fellowship of Isis. He writes: “My own path has become more public than privately spiritual - I now sit on local government committees representing our local Statutory Advisory Committee on Religious Education, where I in turn represent paganism - the first such person in the UK! Ours is the London Borough that is hosting the 2012 Olympics! This, and my fortnightly moot and (work in) Council of British Druid Orders takes much of my time!”

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