Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena: The World: Earthing the Mysteries

Olivia at Dolmen Altar in Abbey Ruins. Photo: John Merron. Used by permission.

Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena

Final Part: The World

Earthing the Mysteries: Bringing Our Spiritual Vision to Earth

Once I was sent a poem by a young man interested in the ancient Egyptian mysteries. He identified it as an inscription from the priestly college of the Temple of Horus, at Edfu:

“The Lamp of Wisdom burns steadily, If the soil that feeds it be reality. If the oil that feeds the lamp be Love, The beloved will meet the Lord or Lady and be blessed. If the air that feeds the Flame be Truth, The Breath of He who breathes will inhale Wisdom. If the Spirit enters the Flame, The Fire will be as bright as a Star.”

I was immediately reminded of another quote, ascribed to Guru Nanak: “The Lamp of Wisdom burns steadily if the oil that feeds the lamp be love then alone the beloved will meet the Lord and be fulfilled.”

How does one account for similarities between the two? The answer is simple: Deity has touched the minds and hearts of devotees the world over, in many lands and cultures. The inner truth of the Mysteries is always the same: Love is the key, Love is the answer.

I’ve traveled for years. I have visited with members in London and Glastonbury, in Germany and across the US. My friend Caroline has attuned to the esoteric mysteries of London. Claudia Wehmeyer in Germany has attuned to the Danaan current of the land in which she lives. I love visiting in the US, where the FOI has come into fruition halfway across the world from Ireland! I love visiting Chicago. My friend Deena is academic and she loves color and drama. When I visit California, Laura Janesdaughter offers Isian rituals by the sea, and my friend Loreon Vigne created Isis Oasis, whose temple and grounds are the new Philae. I foresaw this return of Philae, my brother believed it was Loreon’s destiny. Every day the Goddess is worshipped at Isis Oasis in ritual and prayer just like our temple at the castle.

How has all of this been accomplished? Deena tuned into the academic nature of Chicago which houses one of the great universities and museums. Laura heard the call of Isis of the Ships. My friend Loreon founded the Temple of Isis in northern California, a land of art and culture, amongst the vineyards. The temples of ancient Egypt housed statues, paintings and sacred writings of the highest quality, they owned the finest vineyards in Egypt. These priestesses became attuned to the energies of the landscapes in which they lived. They were inspired in the etheric and mental planes, and brought these energies into the physical, through real, actual work.

The land of Ireland originally inspired my brother and me. It was the energies of that land, the spirits of druids along the Slaney, and the elementals that first touched us. We became aware of a faith in the Mystic Realm so firmly rooted in the Irish people. We had our castle ghosts. All this introduced my brother and I to the psychic sphere. Together, along with my sister-in-law Pamela, who was also sensitive, we explored these unseen realms, and founded the Fellowship of Isis.


How can we as individuals co-operate with this great work? It is best, I feel, for like-minded people to combine into meditation circles. No special temple is needed: any room may be used in a friend's house. And for private daily meditation, one can set aside even a corner of a room for one's spiritual attunement with Divinity.

And through this habitual focusing of awareness, inspiration will come. Of course inspiration varies with each one of us: one may surprise oneself by developing an unexpected talent. Instead of specializing in one particular form of work or gift, one may discover pleasure in painting, writing, singing, dancing and modelling clay: and one need not mind about a lack of proficiency!

To evolve spiritually, it is essential to extend one's field of awareness. Once inhibiting self-consciousness is cast aside, latent talents may flower gloriously.

As a growth of consciousness takes place, small groups join larger ones, who tend to seek a beautiful area in which to live together. In such centres humans live in harmony with animals, birds, trees and plants, with the spirit of Nature Herself. A network of such centres may bring about a wonderful transformation of our earth. For in the depth of each one of us is a longing to live happily with all that springs from the source of Divine Life.

Life does not limit itself to form or time or space. It is eternal, ever-conscious, all-pervading. In unity with this, we realize the joy of immortality, and are in harmony with all that is.

*First part: Transcription from notes taken at the Nesu House at Isis Oasis in October, 2011.

Second part: quote from the final chapter of “The Call of Isis”. Chapter Eighteen: ‘Coming Down to Earth’ in which Olivia foresaw the founding of spiritual centers of like mind, more than a year before the founding of the Fellowship of Isis. "The Call of Isis" was first published January 1, 1975. The FOI was founded on the Vernal Equinox, 1976. The first iseums were announced in Isian News, issue no. 4, in the spring of 1977.

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