College of Isis - Flamma Sacerdotae. Consecration of a Hierophant

Consecration of a Hierophant

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Flamma Sacerdotae


Priest Hierophant: (Invocation of the Goddess) Pallas Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, come to Your Daughter now that she may be inspired by Thy Divine Spirit! Endow us with Thy Wisdom and Thy Might that Thy ancient glories may once more shine before the world!

Oracle: (through Priestess Hierophant) It has been written that the Iron Age should prevail over the earth bringing with it suffering, toil and evil, through neglect of the Deities. Its darkness is not the holy night of the Owl of Wisdom, but the limitation of ignorance. Its light is the transient glow that comes from superficial knowledge gained from curious, probing, rather than the spiritual illumination that emanates from the Deities. It was not necessary for the world of men to choose the Age of Iron; but destiny that the choice be offered. For what goodness is there in worshipping the Gods and Goddesses when They reveal Themselves easily to all? It is simple to satisfy curiosity, but the labour of years of experience to gain wisdom! Sentiment is pleasant but passing: the warmth of love is ever-renewing.

Understand the meaning of what I am, and you will gain comprehension of your own lives and destiny. I am not divided against Myself: Bright Pallas with her Spear of Light does not war with the Dark Owl of Night. Nor do the terrible flames of the Inner Sun that are Veiled upon My shield attack Athena, the Teacher of philosophy and the arts. I am Holy. Be Ye Holy. Be at peace within yourselves and cease from your philosophical warring! In verity the catastrophes of the Iron Age are due to deep division between mortals and the Deities; between mankind and nature; and between differing ideas which are but the quivering reflections of absolute truth.

The veil upon My Shield is beginning to wear thin, and the glory of the Rays of Medusa become apparent to earthly gaze! The inner power of the atom has been violently exposed, and reduces the physical body to the shadow which in verity it is. My Spear of Light brings Divine Inspiration to the mind, while My Owl carries messages of warning from the dark Rulers of the universe, which will be known to be what it is: whole and perfect. On your troubled earth mortals struggle and learn through harsh experience to, put on Immortality; which in truth is latent in each creature. A bird knows more of Elysium than doth mankind! Do not reject any aspect of the universe, but recognise it as part of a glorious pleroma in which even suffering and evil are transformed through wisdom into good. Listen for My Voice. I speak in the silence.

(N.B. The Priestess Hierophant may channel an Oracle through trance)

Priestess Hierophants wear crowns and hold sistrums in Ankh form. Priest Hierophants wear Egyptian mitres and hold crooks. All wear pectorals. Magi wear star robes, Maga star crowns, Magus, star head-dresses. Companions wear robes in colours of the Lyceum and lamens of the Lyceum symbol. Psychopompos wears the insignia of Hermes and bears the Caduceus. Guardian as Anubis by doors. Altar with lighted candles, incense, oil, nearby are candidate's crown or mitre, pectoral, sistrum or crook. Outside temple door stands the candidate in priestly attire save for headdress and wand/staff, with two priestesses and two priests.


1st Priest knocks three times on doors.

Priest Hierophant: Who claims admittance to this holy Temple of ***.

Hermes: A Priestess/ Priest of our Lyceum who seeks Consecration as Hierophant.

Priest Hierophant: Let her/him be admitted!

(Guardian opens doors. Hermes conducts Candidates. Procession before Priest and Priestess Hierophant guided by Hermes.)

Priestess Hierophant: (shakes sistrum and uplifts it) I invoke the Goddess Isis and the Goddess *** of this Lyceum. Holy Isis and ***, be amongst us for the consecration of this Priestess /Priest as Hierophant of the College of Isis. Bring her/him Your vocation.

Priest Hierophant: (uplifts crook) I invoke the God Osiris and the God *** of this Lyceum. Divine Osiris and ***, inspire her/him for your Divine Service.

Priest Hierophant: What spiritual gifts has the Candidate to offer?

(Hermes from a scroll reads the encomium of the candidate)

Priest Hierophant: (to Magi and Companions) Is the Candidate acceptable as Hierophant?

1st Maga: In solemn assembly we have deliberated on the claims of the Candidate to guide and teach, and we accept *** (name of Candidate) as worthy to be Hierophant, dedicated to the aims of our Lyceum.

1st Magus: We have in careful council assessed the character of the Candidate, and deem *** (name of Candidate) worthy to be Hierophant, to show forth the aims of our Lyceum.

Hermes: (to Candidate) Stand forth! (Candidate stands before High Altar. Priestess Hierophant shakes sistrum and anoints him/her on head heart and hands with holy oil) In the Name of Isis and of *** the Goddess/Goddesses of this Lyceum I consecrate you Hierophant!

Priest Hierophant: (places crown/mitre on Candidate's head) With this Crown/Mitre I honour thy Spirit!

Priestess Hierophant: (places pectoral around shoulders of Candidate) With this Pectoral I consecrate thy heart!

(If the Candidate is a Priestess she is presented with a sistrum)

Priestess Hierophant: Accept the sacred sistrum that you may awaken those who sleep!

(If Candidate is a Priest he is presented with a crook)

Priest Hierophant: Accept the Crook. Care for those committed to your charge!

(Candidate is turned by Hermes to face company. Priestess Hierophant and Priest Hierophant on right and left)

Priestess Hierophant: (shakes sistrum) In the Name of Isis and of *** , Goddess of this Lyceum, I declare our Priestess/Priest Hierophant of the College of Isis!

Priest Hierophant: (uplifts crook) In the Name of Osiris and of ***, God of this Lyceum, I declare our Priestess/Priest Hierophant of the College of Isis!

Magi & Lyceum Companions in Turn Declare: I accept the Consecration of our Priestess/Priest as Hierophant of the College of Isis.

Hermes: May our new Hierophant give us her/his Oration.

(New Hierophant gives oration concerning aims for his/her Lyceum.


Reports on plans. Sending forth of Light and Wisdom to the College of Isis, the Fellowship of Isis and to the world. Hierophants give thanks to the Deities invoked. Procession to solemn music out of the Temple. Guardian closes the doors.

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