Olivia Robertson

Olivia Robertson standing by dolmen altar, old abbey ruins, Clonegal Castle. Photo by John Merron.

Olivia Robertson, Co-Founder of the Fellowship of Isis, was an accomplished psychic, writer and artist. This page features a series of links to articles, letters and art, and transcripts from some of her guided journeys given during the annual FOI Convocation at Isis Oasis in Geyserville, California, USA. You may read her biography here - "Fellowship of Isis: Biographies of the Co-Founders"

Horoscope for Olivia Robertson (includes chart and readout)



Tribute to Olivia Robertson (1917 - 2013)

Olivia Robertson. Dulce Domum (Report by David deRoeck, 2013)

A Tribute to Olivia Robertson from Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki (January 2014)

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki: The Goddess in the British Mysteries (May 2014, London Gathering)

Mirror Magic with Olivia Robertson (April 1 - 13, 2017) A thirteen day series of meditations based on a magical technique employed by Olivia and her brother Lawrence in their temple, in honor of the Centenary of Olivia Robertson.

List of Written Works - Bibliography

The Writing of Olivia Robertson

Written Works Available on this Website (not part of the liturgy)

The Call of Isis (Olivia's Spiritual Autobiography) (1975)

Irish Bronze Age Art (Article from the Bell, 1952)

The Lightness of the Sidhe - by Olivia Robertson

Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales (2003)

On the Vernal Equinox (2003)

Mr. Fox: Amergin of the Slaney (2009)

How to Escape Control (Article and Drawing) ( 2011)

Court Circular (Article from The Bell, 1945)

The Veil of Isis (originally published in the Mirror of Isis) (2010)

Four Donkeys of the Zodiac (Article and Illustration) (2011)

Guided Meditations & Oracles by Olivia Robertson (Previously Unpublished)

I. Oracles

Oracle of the Goddess Airmed - Isis Oasis (2007)

Oracle of the Goddess Niamh - Isis Oasis (2008)

Oracle of the Goddess Morgan - Isis Oasis (2010)

II. Guided Meditations

Dawn of the New Aeon

(Transcript, FOI Gathering, Phoenix Azrizona, 2001)

Journey of Solar Alchemy

(Transcript, FOI Convocation, Isis Oasis, 2004)

Magical Journey on the Wings of Ma'at

(Transcript, FOI Convocation, Isis Oasis, 2006)

The Embrace of Nuit

(Transcript, FOI Convocation, Isis Oasis, 2008)

The Lightning Flash of Isis: Opening the Heart Center

(Transcript, FOI Convocation, Isis Oasis, 2009)

Shaman Poem for the Goddess Valdis, Shamanic Teaching, Journey: The Stars of Valdis

(Transcript, Nesu House, Isis Oasis, 2010)

Enfolded in the Wings of Isis

(Transcript, FOI Convocation, Isis Oasis, 2011)

Guided Journey for the Dark Time of the Year (2011)

(Transcript of a recording received from Olivia Robertson)

Guided Journey to the Sphere of the Full Moon (April 2012)

(Transcript of a recording received from Olivia Robertson)


Olivia Robertson's Art Gallery (featuring over a hundred examples of art in color and in black and white)

Fellowship of Isis

Creation of the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy (2005)

Olivia's Account and Oracle, Second Parliament of World Religions (1993)

Olivia's "Open Letters" from Isian News and Separate Announcements 1997 - 2009

The Founding of the Fellowship of Isis (2006)

Olivia's Druidic Initiation in Brigid's Well (2008)

Dulce Domum: David Durdin-Robertson (2009)

Special Report: The Beginning of the New Aeon (2010)

Olivia's Message from London FOI Gathering (2011)

Olivia Robertson's Online Log (2010 - 2013)

Samhain Mystery Play (October 2013)


Interview with Olivia Robertson conducted by Steve Wilson (1992)

Interview with Olivia Robertson conducted by Alex Langstone (1993)

Interview with Olivia Robertson - Chicago Reader (2000)

Midsummer Alchemical Wedding (2004)

Interview with Olivia Robertson at Isis Oasis (2007)

Interview with Olivia Robertson by Francesca De Grandis (Excerpt) (August 2013)

Birthday Celebrations (commentary and photos)

Olivia Robertson's 90th Birthday Celebration (2007)

Olivia Robertson's 93rd Birthday (2010)

Olivia Robertson's 95th Birthday (report from Minette Quick with photos!)

Olivia Robertsons 96th Birthday (2013)

Photo Albums

Photo Album: Olivia Robertson Through the Years (in honor of Olivia's 95th birthday)

DVD: Olivia: Priestess of Isis (created by Logic Reality)

Photos: Olivia Robertson at Clonegal Castle (photos courtesy of Logic Reality)

Book Launch Parties for "The Call of Isis" by Neptune Press (1993)

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