Olivia Robertson: The Embrace of Nuit

Friday evening, October 10, 2008

FOI Convocation

Main Temple

Isis Oasis, Geyserville

New Moon in Aquarius

The Embrace of Nuit

A Guided Visualization

by Olivia Robertson

I wish to take us all on a journey - which is a holistic journey - because the ancient Egyptians were the last sane people as a culture who lived on this planet. They honored all of life, everything was related to the Gods and the Gods were all related to each other.

We shut out eyes, we come into the holy embrace of the Goddess Nuit. We repeat the experience of being born … (pause) … We scream, we cry, but now we come into a place where we face the fear of death, disease and selfish passions, everything we are deeply ashamed of, and we begin to descend. We are going down, down, to pull up all those things that have been rejected by our higher selves, all those things we don’t wish to face … within the depths of the earth we journey down …we enter the dark realm of the Mother, we ask Her for help. We have been abused, we abuse, we hate, we have been hated …

In silence we come to the divine Mother Nuit - Hail Nuit! We approach … tell Her … She loves all that is, She has brought forth all that is … tell Her what you long for, tell Her what you fear … She listens, She forgives, She heals. Now She says to face the Underworld is to face the human past. She tells us we have a totem animal. She says this creature will help us face whatever it is, this totem from the Otherworld will be your guide in the darkness… pause … it will appear to you now … pause … see it … No longer will you feel fear, that is something you can cope with. No longer will you be ashamed, or overwhelmed. You are not alone, you are loved, you are guided by this emissary sent by the Great Mother. You have a friend in the Otherworld sent to help you. You hear the voice of the Divine Mother … hear … listen … you are told before you sleep, call upon the Mother, you will remember in the morning that She embraces you, She loves you.

It is strange, a sensation comes now, you feel it in the base of your spine - a glow rising in you … feel this … the serpent Buto rising … You accept … you accept the energy brought to you freely, you do not refute, you surrender to the Great Mother, and you begin to rise up, to ascend from the abyss.

And from the darkness come all manner of colors, colored lights streaming around you. You are told that you are approaching the Realm of the Moon, the Mirror of Hathor. It reflects the sun and all the stars - here is a beautiful temple. You enter this temple of Hathor who is there with all the Moon Deities … you see a beautiful lotus pond, gleaming softly in the moonlight, and you are filled with this light. Look into the pool and see your immortal beloved, you reach gently down, the soft water falls through your hands. In silence now gaze into the pool and see your dream. It is here you find your angel guardian, bringing you joy and hope … your angel anoints your forehead from the sacred pool of Hathor, your future lies in this holy place, home of the Soul of Hathor. You feel indescribable joy, you feel a silvery light coming down into your forehead, it is glorious … you know this angelic being will guide you in your sleep. But you are told that you also cannot dream your life away! You are told to rise up …

You rise again, this time you ascend to the sovereign sun, to the temple of Ra. It is a golden temple with lions at the gates. You see the presiding Goddess - it is Sekhmet. She is crowned with the sun and sends out a glorious energy. It is the golden light that nourishes the earth. She asks you to help the earth. You want to know how to help the earth and all creatures upon it. She says to do this you have to find your true spiritual teacher.

In the silent temple of Ra you are given the answer from your Guide. And you feel a glow in your solar plexus … listen … You know this Guide, you know this teacher. “I was there with you at the beginning and I will be with you at the end. Harken to my words.” You feel a glow, an energy within your solar plexus and heart, you see the inner star, the immortal essence in all that is, feel it shine forth within you, as the Daughters and Sons of Ra … you can face evil and turn it into good … that is the true alchemy of Sekhmet. She is the true alchemist. She turns evil into gold. Now you feel strong, you could stay and be happy here … But you are told to ascend once again …

And you ascend, to enter the realm of soul and of spirit. You rise to Sirius, there are two stars, the Star of Isis in all Her bright glory and the dark star of Osiris. You see the forms of the Sahu, the Akhu, residing with Isis and Osiris. You are told to receive your own star deity, awakening within. Your own divinity … you feel as though you are crowned with life, you feel your spiritual heart awaken and shine. You have known this place, this destiny has come to you through the work of many lives … you are told to listen and hear, to behold the divine in all that is … you are surrounded with light, your body is made of only light, and you are told to enter the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Do not fear, enter the center and feel the crown center of your head and here the sun on your brow, you are crowned with stars and you stand on the moon. You are led back again to your earthly temple to send forth rays of energy to all in need with the aid of your Guide. Spread these rays out, feel them spread out … Now we will end this journey by giving thanks to the Deities, Isis, Osiris, Ra, Sekhmet and Hathor and most of all to the Divine Nuit, Who embraces all.

At this time Olivia asked for reports or experiences to be shared.

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