Mirror Magic with Olivia Robertson

Centenary of FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson

Mirror Magic

An Account by Linda Iles

Some years ago, in October, 2006, one early morning, Olivia and I were seated on the green couch in the Queen Tiye room in the Nesu House at Isis Oasis. We were enjoying a quiet conversation over tea, toast and scrambled eggs, while the other occupants of the Nesu House were still sleeping. I told her that one of the more common concerns of members was that many felt they couldn’t do enough, and wished there was some way to amplify their efforts.

To which Olivia replied, “There is!” And she explained that she and her brother Lawrence had learned how to multiply their intentions using mirrors in their temple. I asked if she could show how it was done. Olivia said she needed a candle and two mirrors. I found a tea light candle in the kitchen, and managed to produce two mirrors – my make-up mirror and a hand mirror found in one of the rooms. Although these mirrors were much smaller than the ones in the window shrines of her temple, when placed on either side of the candle flame, the effect was mesmerizing! Even in mirrors of this size, the flame reflected off one mirror to the other, back and forth, seemingly into infinity.

Olivia referred me to an earlier piece of writing she had published in Isian News, in which she wrote:

“In our temple there fortuitously occurred “mirror-magic. Owing to the thickness of the castle walls, we were able to put two large mirrors either side of a window in our temple. We did this with two windows to augment light. But we discovered that an image of Isis was multiplied in both directions, theoretically to infinity! We had stumbled upon a reflective fractal. If we could multiply our statue of Isis thus, how about one candle set in the window in the Irish signal to absent friends? At harvest we could multiply wheat - from a crop circle on occasion - to feed the hungry. What is performed magically can affect material events. So we now multiply a chalice of our holy well water in our Aquarian Grael ceremony.

The mirrors represent the moon - a candle, the sun, [they are] joined as if in an eclipse. We can place crystals, images of Deities, food, drink - anything that requires multiplication. But how to form our rainbow lines of communication with static objects? Simple. The smoke of incense coils and wreathes itself in unending spirals forming a spiritual network from a Goddess altar to altars around the world, and with spiritual spheres.” (Isian News, issue no. 94, 1999)

A few months later, Olivia sent these photos to illustrate the effect of candles and mirrors in the window shrine:

The Window Shrine of the Aquarian Grael. The dark sections on the walls on either side of the windows are in fact the two mirrors.

The same window shrine, with candles in honor of absent friends

Spiraling candle flames reflected in one of the mirror panels

“The Goddess does not subtract, She adds - ad infinitum!” (preface, Ishtar of the Starry Heavens)

And so today, we place a lighted candle and offerings upon our altar, to reflect the light of this flame and offering ad infinitum in memory of Olivia. While we do this, other members worldwide are joining with us today by attunement, and the light of their candles and offerings mirror that placed upon our own altars.

If you have access to two mirrors to place on either side of your altar, you can attain the same effect of “mirror magic” as utilized by Olivia and Lawrence in their temple!

As part of our candle and mirror magic, we remember Olivia, as she walks the starry pathways; and we send out spiraling radiations of joy, love, healing and abundance in the true spirit of the Fellowship.

Meditations & Offerings

April 1st - Day One

The religion of the Goddess centres around the Hearth. Whether this be the inner sun flaming within the matrix of our earth, or the sun itself, this is the source of manifested life. Within the body of all mothers, whether Goddesses, women, female creatures that give birth to egg or seed, the inner fire is the Divine Centre. In this nucleus is our own heart's life, that heart whose rhythmic beating keeps us alive and sets moving the rhythmic Dance of Creation. This Heart-beat of the Cosmos sets moving all heart-beats, even the tiny pulse within a blade of grass. On the earthly level the heart brings life. On other levels it is Love. For the Heart exists on all levels. (Introduction, Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess, FOI Liturgy by Olivia Robertson)

Offering: Plant or flowers

We offer this day, in memory of Olivia, this gift of the beauty of nature. May we walk in beauty this day and every day.

April 2nd - Day Two

This sacred flame may be represented by a lighted candle, an incense stick, a resinous torch or small fire. The smoke represents Air, the holy breath which keeps the fire alive, as does our breath combine with our heart-beats. By the divine law of correspondences, everything material in this world is a symbol for some reality in another sphere. When a fire, candles or incense are burnt with the intention of honouring Deity, a communication centre is created, which forms a link in a golden chain that brings through the fiery power of the Deity invoked. (Introduction, Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess, FOI Liturgy by Olivia Robertson)

Offering: Incense

We offer this day, in memory of Olivia, this incense, whose spiraling fragrance joins two worlds: the physical with the spiritual.

April 3rd - Day Three

Truly, when you give generously to your fellow humans, animals, all Earth's creatures, you suffer no loss, but rather increase! A candle flame is not lessened when light is taken from it to light many other candles. There is more, not less light. Yet all the candle-flames come from the same source. So is it with My Vestal Flame, which gives forth the white Light of Truth and the golden Fire of Love to all. And yet honour the darkness, for it is from the matrix of night that day cometh forth. (The College of Isis Manual, compiled by Olivia Robertson)

Offering: Candle

We offer this day, in memory of Olivia, this symbol of the Eternal Flame.

April 4th - Day Four

All spiritual and physical fires, whether animating the atom, the earth, the sun or the galaxies, emanate from My Eternal Flame. This is beyond both time and space. My Light is expressed individually through each creature, every atom: yet all are One in me. Share your light and Love with all and you will gain all. (The College of Isis Manual, compiled by Olivia Robertson)

Offering: Star (a picture of a star or constellation)

We offer this day, in memory of Olivia, our gratitude, for she taught us how to journey to the stars!

April 5th - Day Five

So make a shrine to me in a temple: a room or in a comer of a room. So shall your outer observance be a sign that you accept my grace. Wherever a Devotee places my picture, my statue, two candles, incense and a cup of water, there shall I dwell. There shall Joy, Health and Abundance be the gifts of my eternal Love. (Oracle of the Goddess Isis from Ritual One. Dedication of a Shrine to Isis, from Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess, FOI Liturgy by Olivia Robertson)

Offering: Image or Statue of Deity

We offer this day, in memory of Olivia, this (image or statue) of (name of Deity), whose visage and goodness now flows out into multiple spheres of existence.

April 6th - Day Six

'Night and Day are one.

'Sun and Moon are one.

'All things are One.' (Chapter Six, Initiation of the Moon, from The Call of Isis by Olivia Robertson)

Offering: Chalice

We offer this day, in memory of Olivia, this Aquarian Grael. May all true seekers find the Land of Heart's Desire.

April 7th - Day Seven

“…with meaningful symbols, with incense and candles, we make a temple that makes sense of the jumbled, apparently meaningless environment in which we have our physical being. Here in the temple, at any rate, is order, and no blind chance. There are no accidents, no irrelevancies in church or temple. The sanctified circle typifies a chosen environment. Bread and wine, paintings, stained-glass, colours for altar frontals, images, are put in a temple with specific intention. The intention is to express a chosen spiritual reality.” (Chapter Thirteen, Stones and Stars from The Call of Isis by Olivia Robertson)

Offering: Wand

We offer this day, in memory of Olivia, this wand. May it strengthen our will to the Higher Good.

April 8th - Day Eight

Heed my words! Within yourself is the sacred flame and only you can free it from impurities. Around you is all you require to awaken the Serpent which is Mine – and yours. The trees whisper to you – if you would only listen! The flowing waters would cleanse you from self-hatred, fear and anger. Your humble hearth-fire is the cosmos flame, which is shining in one candle-light – and in mighty stars. (Oracle of the Goddess Kundalini, Ritual 4. The Cobra Rises, Ishtar of the Starry Heavens, FOI Liturgy by Olivia Robertson)

Offering: Bell, Singing Bowl, Gong or Sistrum

We offer this day, in memory of Olivia, this sounding chime. May we open our hearts to the Voice of Deity within.

April 9th - Day Nine

So we sit in the center of the earth and we look at the fire, and gradually it changes and it becomes one candle, one candle. And we look at that and we see that a lot of people have candles, and to each of them it’s their one candle, the divine spirit. And we come back to our bodies fully, feeling a beautiful warmth, a shining light, a crown of stars on our heads, glowing jewels our throats, glowing hearts, sex centers, legs, feet, arms, we are back. And in this state we send out thoughts of healing and health, and ask for those who have been killed or maimed in the recent events, to all in need. (Excerpt from a transcription of a Guided Journey given by Olivia Robertson in Phoenix, Arizona, November 12, 2001)

Offering: Amulet

We offer this day, in memory of Olivia, this amulet. May we be granted the gift of healing and health in heart, mind and body.

April 10th - Day Ten

Receive the fire of love that brings to birth the One who is hidden in Darkness. (Ritual Ten. Eleusinian Mysteries Autumn Equinox, from Panthea, Initiations and Festivals of the Goddess, FOI Liturgy by Olivia Robertson)

Offering: Natural Crystal or Stone

We offer this day, in memory of Olivia, this gift born within the darkness of earth.

April 11th - Day Eleven

To enjoy the creativity of the Deities you need to bathe in the fire of Spirit, and surrender your barricade of self. Within the heart of the fire of life and love you will find your true spirit, which is both individual and yet one with all. Hence you gain eternal life and love not through struggling for this for yourself alone, but through sharing in the infinite Being of the cosmos. You will then see through myriad eyes, sing with countless voices and dart through the skies with shining-tailed comets! (Oracle of the Goddess Haumea in Ritual Eleven. Pillar of Fire, Fortuna, Creation Through the Goddess, FOI Liturgy by Olivia Robertson)

Offering: Food (bread, fruit, etc.)

We offer this day, in memory of Olivia, these offerings of sustenance. May they strengthen our bodies as our souls fly skyward.

April 12th - Day Twelve

I am not divided against Myself: Bright Pallas with her Spear of Light does not war with the Dark Owl of Night. Nor do the terrible flames of the Inner Sun that are Veiled upon My shield attack Athena, the Teacher of philosophy and the arts. I am Holy. Be Ye Holy. Be at peace within yourselves … (Oracle of Pallas Athena, Flamma Sacerdotae: Consecration of a Hierophant by Olivia Robertson)

Offering: Feather of Truth

We offer this day, in memory of Olivia, this feather of Ma'at. May we continue our journeys, both terrestrial and celestial, in peace, harmony and balance.

April 13th - Day Thirteen

I am the Voice that calls you from afar, I am the blackbird that sings in the morning, and lures you back from wandering from the trodden path, I am the gleam of sunshine that speckles the hilly grove, and casts fitful shadows upon the wild flowers of the heath. It is the incense from My raiment that brings with it the scent of hyacinths and bluebells and wild lilies. When you seek Me without My calling you, I am not to be found. Yet I may manifest unexpectedly, in the heedless moment, as you put a foot into a fast flowing stream, or climb to pick red apples. My sigh is in the breeze that so tenderly moves your light hair, and I am the wild swan that with its mate flies high over the treetops beyond the river.

Yet also am I the darkness that enshrouds familiar forms, and makes sinister the commonplace things of day. Through the half-opened door am I sensed, and in the creaking of a gate leading into the wilderness: and I am heard in the hooting of the owl. I dignify with My moon-beams the ugly town: but I am also the shadow of the earth that falls upon Her in Her obscurity.

For it is in My mystery that lies My enchantment. To live perpetually in the daylight, boxed in a room, a house, a tamed garden and town is to lose your birthright of ever increasing adventure into knowledge and love and glory! And that may only come to you when you recover the adventurous spirit of the questing child, the curiosity of the cat, the courage of the wild beast. I am no Inspirer of coward souls! My wisdom and joy is gained through a generous acceptance of new understanding. Come with Me and I will show you the abyss, and you will befriend the dwellers in the hollow hills who are also my dear children! I will dance with you in the Many-Coloured Land of Youth, and study with you in the Solar Halls of Learning.

But when you raise your eyes to the star, I shall lift you aloft with Me to celestial realms, and with wings outspread you shall be transformed into shining swans! Yet within you always shall be your past, and from that you shall gain sustenance for your future growth into conscious Immortality. (Oracle of the Goddess Dana in Ritual Three. Porta Mystica, from Panthea. Initiations and Festivals of the Goddess, FOI Liturgy by Olivia Robertson)

Offering: Personal Creative Work(s) (writing, art, photo, or any other symbolic offering of your unique gifts)

We offer this day, in memory of Olivia, these gifts, in service, engendered within us by a unique spark of the Great Mother of All.

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