Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena: Weighing of the Heart

Plan for the Huntington Mystery Play

Guide for the new Mystery Play "Weighing of the Heart”

"Mask of the Medusa" by Olivia Robertson

Please see “The Medusa Labyrinth Trial" by Olivia Robertson

Olivia’s offering for the play.

Act 1.Pallas Athena - The past: the ancestors reveal themselves.

Honouring the Ancestors and Gods.

The Order of the Helmet, founded by Sir Francis Bacon, was guided by the voice of Pallas Athena. Sir Francis was also the founder of the modern Rosicrucian Order.

Members included Lawrence and Olivia’s ancestor, Lawrence Parsons, later Earl of Ross. Other members were Sir Walter Raleigh, and Sir Edmund Spenser, who owned the estate of Enniscorthy Castle, which included Clonegal. In the Order of the Helmet, we have one of the few true Goddess Orders at this time practicing in Europe. The Fellowship of Isis was through the ancestors of Lawrence and Olivia Durdin-Robertson, the Parsons family, of Birr. Wizard Earl of Desmond was also a member of the Order of the Helmet. Among the honoured ancestors were Grainneuile, through marriage. Her granddaughter Ailish, lived in Huntington from 1630. The connection continued at the turn of the 20th century, with the formation of the Golden Dawn. Olivia’s father was a worshipful master in the Maudlin Lodge, Oxford. Elizabeth St. Ledger was the only practicing female Freemason in the 1800’s. Therefore, the theme of the play should be Reconciliation of all genuine religions, and how to live happily, and generously. The title of the play has been given, It is the Weighing of the Heart – Balance – by the Egyptian goddess Ma’at. We are helped through the Golden Dawn and WB Yeats, a family friend.

Act 2. Dana - Return of the Goddess through her Priestesses and Priests and through all members who are warmly invited to join our Mystery.

Let the Play begin!

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Sent on behalf of Olivia Robertson, received October 12, 2013

Note: To view the entire ritual that accompanied the Medusa Labyrinth Trial please read the 11th rite in "Athena: Arcadian Awakening" located in the FOI Liturgy section of FOI Central Website.