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From Olivia Robertson

Olivia Robertson at Isis Oasis, FOI Convocation, October 2012

Clarification of Adepti Spiral Training

Received January 2, 2012

"The Spiral of Adepti is vocational. It is not a prelude to training as a Priestess or Priest. Adepti training is made available for those who wish to serve the community through a specialized service (e.g. healer, astrologer, tarot reader, etc.), but do not feel the call to serve as Isian Clergy. This is the sole purpose of the Adepti Spiral." - Olivia Robertson, FOI Co-Founder

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Consecration of an Adept

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The Spiral of the Adepti is an Iseum based system of Initiate Levels. Spiral of the Adepti initiations are sought by those who feel they have a vocation to serve the Goddess, but do not wish to serve within the ordained clergy of the Fellowship of Isis. Adepti serve in the Goddess Community at large in a secular capacity. An Adept within the Fellowship of Isis offers a specific Specialty to the Goddess, such as herbalism, holistic therapy, etc. An Adepti has earned at least four Initiations from the Spiral of Adepti rites through study within an Iseum that is headed by an Adepti. Once an Adepti has gained four Initiations and been consecrated by the Consecration of an Adepti rite, they are qualified to teach the Adepti system within their own Iseum. Iseums are not required to offer Adepti courses of study. The Consecration of an Adepti rite may be performed by attunement or in person.

"Adepti training and certification is undertaken through an Iseum that is twinned with a Lyceum. Degrees are acquired under the tutelage of a Priest or Priestess Hierophant of the College of Isis. Hierophants are the College Preceptors." - Olivia Robertson, FOI Co-Founder, College of Isis Co-Founder

Consecration of an Adept

The Spiral of the Adepti contains 33 initiations, including 32 physical rites, and 1 Initiation of Divine Awareness without ritual. The experience of Divine Awareness without ritual, is considered private and no certification is issued for this Initiation. The Spiral of the Adepti rites are to be found in the following Fellowship of Isis books:

Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess (Rites 1 - 7 only)

Dedication of a Shrine to Isis

Dawn. Rite of Abundance

Evening. Rite of the Five Elements

Spring. Rite of Good Health

Summer. Ritual of the Sun

Autumn. Litany of the Earth

Winter. Star Rite

Gaea: Initiations of the Earth (Part II, Planetary Initiation, 1 Rite)

Isis & Osiris: The Judgment

Panthea, Initiations and Festivals of the Goddess (All Rites)

Psyche, Magical Journeys of the Goddess (All Rites)

Tara of the Oracles, The Alchemical Twins Face the Fates (All Rites)*

*Note: "Tara of the Oracles" may be used as an alternate to the rites in Psyche.

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