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FOI Members Publications

The Goddess Times

Offered through The Rose Grove, Rosenallis, County Laois in Ireland. A lovely publication, highly recommended. Please contact Eileen for more details.

Contact: Eileen Lawrence, ArchDrs.

E-mail: rosemerta@eircom.net

News from the Cauldron

Editor: Nicki Scully. A yearly newsletter with an editorial and articles written by Nicki Scully and other authors and teachers. The topics include empowerment, healing and shamanic journeys, Egypt’s Mysteries and Deities, Alchemical and Planetary Healing, working with cancer patients and many other vital and interesting subjects. For more information please visit: http://www.shamanicjourneys.com

Study Guides and Manuals Written by ArchPriesthood Union Members

Fellowship of Isis Study Guides Series - includes "Solitary Rites" which is a special adaptation of a series of the Fellowship of Isis Adepti rituals designed for the explicit use of solitary practitioners. It contains mystery dramas that have been developed for performance by a single devotee, and a series of study guide questions for learning the background of the dramas. Also available is "Study Guide for Dea" which contains a set of study lessons with lists of questions based on rituals in "Dea" for the students of Lady Olivia Robertson's mystery dramas to research prior to performing the dramas. They are intended for use with the texts, which may be downloaded from the Circle of Isis website. These study guides can be ordered at: www.lulu.com/Starsheen

FOI Publications - Provides a series of manuals containing ritual correspondences for various branches of study within the Fellowship of Isis as developed by Crossroads Lyceum founder, Rt. Rev. Connia Silver, accompanied by additional materials from FOI co-founder and ArchPriestess Olivia Robertson. These manuals also contain materials compiled from the original Fellowship of Isis Handbook and original College of Isis Manual published by the FOI co-founders through their private press, Cesara Publications, at FOI Foundation Centre. In addition, the following books are available, written by FOI co-founder Olivia Robertson, "Isis of Fellowship, How the Fellowship of Isis was Founded" a sequel to Olivia's original spiritual autobiography and "Goddess Art of Olivia Robertson." All titles available through FOI Publications can be ordered at the url below: http://www.crlyceum.com/foi/publications.html

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