Blessing of the Amulet

The Blessing of the Amulet

Devotee holds the amulet over the candle flame.

Invocation: Oh Isis, bless this amulet that whoever uses it may feel strength a kindness. May Thy son Kephera, the Sun Beetle, hallow this charm; He Who in the book of the Coming Forth by Day spake these words: "I am Tem Kephera, Who brought Himself into being upon the thigh of His Divine Mother. Behold I gather together the charm from every place where it is. I sail at night in the Makhent boat of Ra, as She sailest up the Pool of Fire in the Underworld. Behold I gather together the charm, the charm which created the forms of being from the Mother and which giveth the heat of fire unto the Gods. Behold the charm is given unto Me from wherever it is, swifter than greyhounds and quicker than a shadow."

Devotee places oil on the amulet and places it over the heart.

Thanks are given to Isis for the hallowing of this amulet through the charm of Tem-Kephera, the beetle that holds within Himself the Inner Sun. May our hearts be filled with Strength and Kindliness.

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Excerpt from "Spring. Rite of Good Health" from "Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess"