Olivia Robertson - Open Letters 1997 - 2009

Letters and Notices from Olivia Robertson
Featured in Isian News and/or Sent as Announcements
Some of the letters and notices included in this section appeared in Isian News Issue 83, Brigantia 1997 through Issue 110, Samhain 2003 when Isian News was printed and sent via snail mail, and therefore not originally published online. They are included here because up to this point Olivia's letters were "Open Letters to Members" and not the Reflections Articles that she creates today for each issue of Isian News. Currently her Reflections Articles serve as introductions to the latest liturgy rites, but in the past this was not always the case.
You will notice that some of her letters don't have a heading or title. In those cases, we have placed a "Re: ..." as a subject line to help you in looking up information included in these letters from Olivia. All titles and headings that were created by Olivia for Isian News will head the article centered above the text in bold letters.
The links for the years below will take you to pages featuring her Open Letters to Members, listed in order according to the year and issue of Isian News in which they were published. Sometimes Olivia provided other inspirational and interesting items, which have also been included.








Isian News 110, Samhain 2003
  Self & Shadow 
  The Emissary, a Tribute to Princess Diana
Isian News 109, Lughnasad 2003

  Flying with the Swans
Isian News 108, Beltaine 2003

  Re: Return to the Source of the Druid Clan of Dana

  FOI Credo
  The New Protestors
  Holy Earth, Glastonbury
Isian News 107, Brigantia 2003

  Imbolc, the Ascent from the Underworld
Isian News 106, Samhain 2002        
  Re: The Fates are Within Us

Isian News 105, Lughnasad 2002

  College of Isis

  Temple of Isis
Isian News 104, Beltaine 2002

  Hope for the Future of our Fellowship of Isis
Isian News 103, Brigantia 2002

  Vocation to the Fellowship of Isis

  Brigid and the Cosmic Sound & Rainbow
Isian News 102, Samhain 2001

  Last Open Letter

Isian News 101, Lughnasadh 2001
  Re: The Secret of Isis of Harmony

Isian News 100, Beltaine 2001
  Re: Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the FOI

Isian News 99, Brigantia 2001
  Re: Rainbow Network of Goddess Projects
Isian News 98, Samhain 2000
  Re: The Sun at Midnight

Isian News 97, Lughnasad 2000
  Re: Ending of the FOI Liturgy

  Structures for The Druid Clan of Dana & The Noble Order of Tara
Isian News 96, Beltaine 2000
  Re: Cosmic Language of the New Aeon

Isian News 95, Brigantia 2000
  Re: Spiral of the Adepti for Iseums
Isian News 94, Samhain 1999

  Re: Fellowship of Isis Ritual for the New Millennium
Isian News 93, Lughnasadh 1999

  Re: Olivia’s Hope for the FOI: A Rainbow Telepathic Network
Isian News 92, Beltaine 1999

  Re: Founding of the ArchPriesthood Union

Isian News 91, Brigantia 1999
  Re: Retreat Centres
Isian News 90, Samhain 1998

  Re: Letter to Members
Isian News 88, Beltaine 1998

  Twenty-first Anniversary of FOI Iseums
Isian News 87, Brigantia 1998

  General News. Diana and Isians

Isian News 86, Samhain 1997

  The Druid Clan of Dana

  The Isis Mystical Wedding
Isian News 85, Summer [Lughnasadh] 1997

  The Land of Isis. Philae is Restored in the New Atlantis!
Isian News 84, Beltaine 1997


Isian News 83, Brigantia 1997

  FOI Priesthood


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