Fellowship of Isis Union Triad

Announcement from Olivia Robertson
FOI Co-Founder, Co-Founder Druid Clan of Dana, Chancellor, Noble Order of Tara, Clonegal Castle, Fellowship of Isis Foundation Centre
Friday, October 9, 2009

FOI Union Triad
Two New Fellowship of Isis Unions Join the ArchPriesthood Union
as Custodians of the Legacy of the Fellowship of Isis
As the Goddess Isis inspired the ArchPriesthood Union, so the Goddess Dana and the Goddess Tara have inspired the foundation of the ArchDruid Union of the Druid Clan of Dana and the Grand Commander Union of the Noble Order of Tara. This triad brings into harmony the Priesthood, the Mysteries and Philosophy, and Environmental Activity. The inspired guidance came through Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson at Isis Oasis, USA. The three Unions form a triad of equal importance, they are on the same level, share the same format and same scope of work. All three Unions are protected by the Wings of Isis, inspired by the Holy Grael of Dana and strengthened by the Sacred Mounds of Tara.

The Fellowship of Isis
Honours the Holy Triad of Deity
D  I  V  I  N  E      C  O  M  M  U  N  I  O  N
/    /                          |    |                          \    \
LOVE                     BEAUTY                 TRUTH
ISIS                         DANA                     TARA
The Priesthood               The Druids                The Protectors
     Vocational Service          Psychism, Spiritual Vision      Integrity, Moral Courage
           Goodness, Compassion       Creativity, Sacred Arts         Active Service for the Earth       
   Perception of the Innate           Nature's Magic and           Symbiosis of the Angelic 
     Divinity in All                        the Sciences                        with the Earthly    
The ArchDruid Union, the ArchPriesthood Union and the Grand Commander Union form the FOI Union Triad. They are overall Custodians of the Legacy of the Fellowship of Isis. To learn more about the three unions which form the Fellowship of Isis Union Triad please visit the pages below: